WordPress Core Updates

Core updates are released very often & minimum of 5 - 6 upgrades per year is anticipated , so keeping your core up-to-date is necessary. *Package includes unlimited upgrades throughout the year.

Theme & plugins Updates

Theme & Plugin developers release upgraded version to match up with Core updates , so upgrading this is also necessary to fall in line with the Website. *Package includes unlimited upgrades to existing themes & plugins.

Professional Sitemap Generation

Google & other Search Engines do use a generic algorithm to crawl your website pages , Sitemap makes it easier for the search engines to fetch content in an orderly fashion. *Package includes generation of XML Sitemap supported by Google Search Engine.

Scan For Broken Links

Sometimes website admin / webmasters do remove or delete pages without updating the Sitemap or without any proper 404 error handler , in such cases visitors from Google Search may end up with links that may not be available on the site , these are called broken links. *Package includes analyzing & fixing any broken links if found.

Malware Monitoring & Clean Up

SQL Injection / XSL Injection are common now-a-days & also hackers use back door entries to hack into the site / server & infect the site content with malware scripts. *Package includes monitoring & cleaning of such scripts to make the site more secure & clean.

Monthly Performance Report

A monthly report on the website's performance along with stats will be generated & mailed to the client for reference.

Mobile Responsive Conversion

Makes your site compatible & responsive to all devices including PC , Mobile Phone , Smart Phones , Tablets & other hand held devices. *Package includes converting your theme to mobile responsive one.

Site Speed Optimization

Website loading speed might be compromised by using unwanted plugins , post revisions , caching being disabled , using images without proper dimensions , third party scripts being loaded etc,.. * Package includes analyzing & optimizing the website for speed.

Cleaning Spam Comments

Sometimes posts might be dumped with junk comments that are not moderated & might also contribute to Site speed. *Package includes cleaning spam comments without removing genuine comments.

Cross Browser Compatibility

It is mandatory for the website pages & contents to be cross browser compatible , as people from different region use different browsers & the site has to look similar to all the browsers. * Package includes making the site to be cross browser compatible.

W3C Validation

W3C validation gives you better search engine rankings. The W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium and provides guidelines based on best practice, regarding how websites and web pages should be structured and created for long term durability * Package includes validating the Website for W3C standards.

Technical Support

Any website even if it is maintained , it may need technical support for fixing accidental errors / glitches.* Package includes monthly 2 hours worth of free technical support.* Additional support can be billed at nominal price.

85% of Hacked WordPress Sites are not upgraded

WordPress website maintenance protects the integrity of your websites security. The monthly service maintains the technical health of your site and provides you with a full analysis and monitoring report.


Responsive Design

Makes your site compatible & responsive to all devices including PC , Mobile Phone , Smart Phones , Tablets & other hand held devices. *Get free mobile responsive conversion & liquid layout friendliness report for your active theme.

What my customer says

  • Ellard Taylor,
    North Haven, Maine

    Sundar provided critically valuable aid in the launch and reworking of bugs for our WordPress site, Without fail, he responded promptly to every question, and set about to quickly solve problems as they cropped up. It was not only reassuring but absolutely critical to the project to have his diligent expert assistance at every turn when needed.
  • Ramin Parsi

    Sundar from is great to work with. As our website has grown, the need for Sundar's service has as well.Ramin He provides on time website maintenance for (2) of our Wordpress sites with his annual maintenance package. He keeps a back-up of everything, so we are never worried about the risk of losing our files. Glad to have you on our team Sundar!
  • Roy

    Sundar is fair and honest. The first job he didn't even charge me for! He has full access to my sites and makes documented repairs in a speedy fashion. Can't imagine anybody better than him.

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