Pagelines Theme Customization on


Home Page:
Restyle the bottom of the home page to look like the jpeg below.

First Box (double span):
Need to update images from time to time
Create an email capture and submit – he wants this to go to constant contact

Second Box (quarter span):
This box will link to review pages, the client want’s them to rotate – there are three logos art attached. The link will go to an un-built page.

Third Box (quarter span):
Create as seen and use the three graphics below to create a rotating banner – 5 seconds on rotation here between slides

This graphic with email catcher (See First Box) will be used across the website as shown. I placed it in Widgets as a graphic for approval. I gave you a higher res graphic for book image.
Again, at some point he will need to update the image.

Problem & Solutions

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  • I have customized the given wordpress pagelines framework theme as per the above requirements.
    I have created some special widgets/shortcodes in wp-admin, through that admin can control the home page wodgets & email capture form.

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