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WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials:

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Have used it for a few things–no complaints so far!

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 3


Works perfectly for me. I tried other redirect solutions and plugins that didn’t work before trying this one. Thank you for making an awesome plugin.

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There are only a few Elementor plugins I use and this is one. Plus the customer service has always been very responsive and helpful.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 5


It’s worked straight out of the box and instantly everything was on my web site in simple easy seconds and an only two three clicks of the mouse button. Thanks it embeds Google spreadsheets perfectly in WordPress. That’s all I used it for so far I will do more thanks.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 6


Great platform with great WordPress integration. It really worth the price, you will get tons of great features for an affordable price. Highly recommended!

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 7

Lincoln Islam

I just started using it for our online shop. I love the features it offers and the integrations. Exactly what we were looking to boost our website sales showcasing social proof from different channels.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 8


Beautiful templates! Great design with no glitches. Plus very cheap price. Also great service from the team! They answered all my concerns swiftly.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 9


This is what I was searching for. Makes it possible, to work with the data like in a database. Easy to use. I immediately bought it for 3 sites – it is all the money worth.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 10

Chris Carlevato

WordPress comments are great, but not every site needs them. This plugin makes it dead simple to quickly and easily disable comments and silence spam in the admin. The post type setting is convenient because it lets you leverage the plugin on specific post types while keeping comments on only the posts you to discuss.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 11


Essential for any website and the support team are tremendously helpful.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 12


I’ve not used Elementor before but had to take over another developer’s site and I was having trouble getting the license changed. Support took care of it for me. They even agreed to review all the Elementor plugins that were installed to let me know if I needed to purchase any other premium licenses. I’m impressed.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 13


After some teething issues, the product has hit it’s stride. Can only get better from now on! Highly recommended.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 10


Excellent and very modern plugin. Easy to setup. Works as expected, no issues, modern interface for both admin and users. Very configurable also. Support is also excellent and very professional.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 11


Flexia is a unique theme in the sense that, compared to many other theme, Woocommerce products and their descriptions are nicely presented in balanced proportions. Support is professional, fast and very cooperative when it comes to solving some esthetical matters.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 10


I use the Hello Theme and Elementor Pro for my Ecomm/education website. I have been searching for nearly a year for a plugin that fulfills the following criteria: compatible with my setup(elementor + hello + woocommerce), easily customizable and easy on the eye. I experimented with many of the popular plugins, but none could fulfill all my needs. Finally, via the essential addons for elementor plugin and WPdeveloper website, i came across this gem of a plugin. It has everything i have been looking for and a lot more. I received over 50 product reviews within the first few days of using this plugin and I’m sure it is going to drive more sales as the review count rises! After having such a positive experience i decided to purchase the pro version, but before that i had many queries. The support, Naim, was patient and helpful. He addressed and resolved all my queries. I now use the Pro version of this plugin and must say that it high value for money!

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 17


NotificationX is perfect for social proof and its clean design makes it more appealing. This plugin will surely help with social proof and improve conversions. 100% recommended!

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 18


Wether you want to disable media comments only or posts, pages and media, or even rest api comments….or even all of them all together. This plugin will do the job with a click..! Very useful.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 19


This plugin is very useful and I install this plugin to every WordPress site I have designed. Elementor is a great page builder and I use it every day. Essential Addons is a must-have companion plugin to work with Elementor.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 20


Barely even remember writing a review for a plugin, but this one is so amazing and well-made that I have no choice. Spectacular work you guys. This is one of the best designed and finished plugin ever, and I’ve been in WP world for 15yrs+.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 21


EA plugin contains all the essentials tools needed for a pixel perfect WordPress site, and the support is also very friendly

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 22


This plugin has made embedding my Google Docs and Sheets Etc a No-Brainer. I love it.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 23


Another great work by WPDeveloper. Easy to use and lots of excellent blocks for Gutenberg editor.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 24


Yes we love Essential Addons for Elementor! It integration adds so much more functionality to your development, a must have for your toolkit.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 25

Akhi Joe

I was on other 3-4 plugins with same functionality. Finally stop here.

UI is simply the easiest to handle > work like charm > just do the thing it should. often the other plugins getting hay-wired here & there when activated.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 26


From all the Elementor plugins, this one is one of the best!

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 27

Sergey Komlev

Really useful for e-commerce.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 28


Love It! Its the most attractive freemium doc base. I’m purchasing the full version. I love the internal library option available there.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 29


This plugin is one of the best Elementor add-ons out there! Highly recommended

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 30


Tried several other plugins with no success, but this one worked first time, really simple to install, and worked first time

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 31


Very simple and easy to use interface. Find it better as a one place to manage all affiliate links.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 32


Surprisingly powerful customizer options and everything is customizable. Better than any premium theme out there. Best thing is it’s very light and fast.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 10


Used it for an e-commerce store I created for a client. Doesn’t disappoint, and my client loves it!

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 34


Very easy to use. Love all the customization options. Using it to increase followers and subscribers and it’s definitely making an impact.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 10


After some time to enjoy this plugin, free version, nothing more to say than : useful, easy, customizable. Thanks for this plugin

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 36

Rahul D Sarker

I must say that this Plugin works like charm. Very Well crafted and backed by an awesome support team of WPDevelopers. There maybe a few plugins which are in the same domain of social Proofing and FOMO, but none of them is as good as NotificationX. I would personally recommend it to anyone. It’s worth using and also I would suggest for upgrading to the pro version. Thank you Team WPDevelopers. Best Wishes.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 37


Exactly what I needed Thank you. This plugin is simple to use. I was published with docs in 30 minutes.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 38


Easy to use and does exactly what it is meant to: offering a calendar view of planned posts, with the ability to drag and drop to review schedules.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 39


It has helped me a lot to work with my WordPress page.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 40


It is excellent and easy to use. It makes my WordPress page fancier ever!

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 41


This is a great plugin. It extends what you can do with Elementor Free by providing a few more awesome elements.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 42

Daniel Hendricks

One-Click Easy. A must have for any site that uses an external comment system. Perfect for headless sites!

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 43


Great plugin with good features! Congratulations for the great job! Thank You a lot!

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 44


I was frustrated with trying to organize pages and view only via categories. I messed around with it, within Elementor for several hours and then I decided to see if there was a plugin. The clouds parted and I discovered this plugin, AMAZING, within 10 seconds I accomplished what I wanted done. The only problem, I wished I would have had this inspiration sooner.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 45


SchedulePress Plugin helped us a lot for our social media accounts. We were not able to manage the daily postings due to COVID-19 pandemic, our office was closed and still its not fully operational. Thanks for making such a great social media sharing plugin.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 46


Its so nice to see a plugin offering such a great cloud service for free. The templates offered are great and you build numerous sites using those.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 47


A very handy tool as WP plugin no more need of hassles in embedding things into our BLOG. Thank you for the tool.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 10


The only plugin that makes my videos work! WordPress. Wistia. Put these two things together and you most likely want to install EmbedPress.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 49


Essential blocks is the only plugin that has a flip box with the exact features I was looking for. Support is excellent and very responsive!

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 50

k creates

This is a good plugin, I really like the set up of everything. Thank you for this plugin

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 12


love this plugin so much! the ui is really good, all features is available, and the best part is they have really fast and friendly support

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 52


This plugin is a gem! We installed on our site yesterday and already seeing a great amount of conversions 🙂 Definitely recommended!

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 53


This is a very solid and good plugin. I am using it on my Woocommerce webshop and i have more orders because of it. I can easy see how many total views it has and how many clicks it has. You can also see the click through rate. This is very nice and good and you can modify plenty of things. Only thing i wish it was in Dutch or you could choose it at least in this free version. Very Nice keep up the good work

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 11


Easy to use and helps a lot with the sales.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 55

Usman Khalid

I would say that’s an amazing experience using this plugin on my website! The team behind the plugin is proactive to add more and more value and services. The plugin is pretty easy to use! I hope this would add more features with respect to E-commerce Market fit. Highly recommended for people who want to have a social proof for their customers.
easy way to increase conversion

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I bought the Essential Addons for Elementor primarily to get user support. Two components I needed (Woo Cart and Woo Checkout) where actually free to use… My first experience with fine tuning of Woo Cart was satisfying: EA user support is really fast and efficient! Thank You.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 56


Love the support for this plugin – the author is very easy to connect with and totally committed to make this great plugin work as intended!

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 57


I was struggling to solve a problem with Filterable Gallery but gave up and messaged the support. They patiently were replying to my messages and finally, I was able to fix the problem! Awesome and friendly support! I will def. consider buying a product from them in the future.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 11


I had a compatibility issue with my theme and support helped me with an immediate solution! Very good, I recommend it to everyone.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 50


Essential for any website and the support team are tremendously helpful.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 12


I ran into a minor conflict issue. The support was very helpful. I would definitely recommend.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 10


Amazing Support !!!. This plugin is awesome. It’s very easy to use and set up. I forgot to check some settings. So, i have contacted them. They have resolved the issue within 1 day. Fantastic support and a nice plugin. ALL THE BEST !!

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 62


I asked Gary if Elementor Elements would create a certain Testimonial style.. within 30 minutes he had create a file for me to upload and use in Elementor.. thank you so much, your help was fantastic.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 63


The developers are always online to help you out with any issue you have. The greatest fact is that they got the solution in minutes (for me was like seconds). Keep up the good work. Thanks for the awesome plugin. Congratulation to all of you.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 64


I found a problem that the countdown block doesn't show style in the frontend, but looks fine at the backend. The support team answer my mail and help me out immediately. The change from HTTP to HTTPS solves the problem. And the team show me the solution by a video which super clean and high-efficient.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 65


Great that they support on a free plugin! Not everything was fixed at once, but at the end it didn't take that much time to get things working, so that's amazing!

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 11


Support from Florence was not only super helpful, saving me hours of headache and stress, but their demeanor was warm and welcoming. I was a bit worried about asking for help and this person did a great job to not only provide multiple solutions, but when asked, was able to provide their expertise that made a world of difference.

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 67


I found an issue with advanced headings and reported it to WPDeveloper and they responded really quickly. Not only did they fix the issue straight away but they also made sure that my site was updated properly and checked to make sure that it didn't have any problems. I am very impressed with their support and would recommend their products to anyone. Thank you SO much guys!

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 68


Help via chat picked up some messy custom CSS which was preventing the plugin from functioning properly. Swift and accurate customer service, they fixed it and resolved the issue with minimum fuss. First Class product and service

WPDeveloper Reviews & Testimonials 10


I had to give a review because I just got one of the best customer support experiences in my life. The waiting times for checking more complicated stuff were around 24h but some issues got solved within hours. The support staff seems to have good knowledge about their product, they are also able to connect with the developers for further questions. They also did a proper investigation about the issue by logging into my site. What was also nice is that the support agent told me every now and then that he still needs bit more time to solve the issue. Very professional.
Five stars.

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