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We are a team of fun-loving individuals who love to show productivity and performance in not only work-related tasks but also in cultural programs, tours, sports, and all. Explore more about us, WPDeveloper culture, office environment, and happy customer reviews.
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We Enjoy Immense Perks & Benefits

WPDeveloper leads a workplace full of convenience so that we, the entire team can enjoy the work and maintain work-life balance too.
Profit Share We, the full WPDeveloper team enjoy the perks of generous profit sharing each year as a part of incentive. See Perks & Benefits
Tour We, team WPDeveloper organize yearly foreign retreats where members can experience diverse cultures together. See Perks & Benefits
Macbook Each member of our team gets a chance to receive a MacBook after completion of a certain period. See Perks & Benefits
Food Besides breakfast facility, we relish in-house cooked meals featuring lunch  and snacks at the workplace. See Perks & Benefits
Sports We always stay fit and active with in-house sports facilities, including cricket, football, table tennis, & numerous indoor games. See Perks & Benefits
WP Cafe We satisfy our coffee cravings at WP Cafe with a diverse selection of coffee options for a caffeine boost during work hours. See Perks & Benefits
Provident Fund We enjoy financial security with generous provident fund, a treasure chest of opportunities that empowers us with peace of mind and stability. See Perks & Benefits

We Love To Contribute To Community

Team WPDeveloper always excitingly contributes and sponsors to the community including WordPress core, events, global WordCamps, meetups, helping small businesses, and more.

Proud Sponsors Of Numerous WordCamps

We hosted 100+ WordPress meetups and other events. Besides, our 49+ contributors are actively engaged in the ‘Five For The Future’ initiative to help contribute in coding, translation, documentation and other sectors.

We Relish House Parties, Sports & WPCafe

The ambience of WP Cafe, arranging in-house parties, and enjoying different types of sports are some regular things of our life at WPDeveloper.
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Our Users Always Inspire Us To Move Forward

We have a huge collection of appreciation from the customers for the exclusive products and the active customer service of WPDeveloper.
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There are only a few Elementor plugins I use and this is one. Plus the customer service has always been very responsive and helpful.

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Beautiful templates! Great design with no glitches. Plus very cheap price. Also great service from the team! They answered all my concerns swiftly.

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Chris Carlevato

WordPress comments are great, but not every site needs them. This plugin makes it dead simple to quickly and easily disable comments and silence spam in the admin. The post type setting is convenient because it lets you leverage the plugin on specific post types while keeping comments on only the posts you to discuss.

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This plugin is very useful and I install this plugin to every WordPress site I have designed. Elementor is a great page builder and I use it every day. Essential Addons is a must-have companion plugin to work with Elementor.

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Yes we love Essential Addons for Elementor! It integration adds so much more functionality to your development, a must have for your toolkit.

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Wether you want to disable media comments only or posts, pages and media, or even rest api comments….or even all of them all together. This plugin will do the job with a click..! Very useful.

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I was frustrated with trying to organize pages and view only via categories. I messed around with it, within Elementor for several hours and then I decided to see if there was a plugin. The clouds parted and I discovered this plugin, AMAZING, within 10 seconds I accomplished what I wanted done. The only problem, I wished I would have had this inspiration sooner.

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Exactly what I needed Thank you. This plugin is simple to use. I was published with docs in 30 minutes.

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Easy to use and does exactly what it is meant to: offering a calendar view of planned posts, with the ability to drag and drop to review schedules.

Loving Our Life At WPDeveloper? You Are Welcome To Join Us!

We are eagerly waiting to get new teammates who are similar to us, ever more joyful to add more power to the company!
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