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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Job Title
Technical Support Engineer (Full-Remote)
1000 - 1200 USD Monthly
Office time
[Monday to Friday] 2:00 AM to 10:00 AM (GMT +6)
Job Type
Permanent Remote
31 July, 2024

Company Description

Startise is a software product company focused on WordPress & SAAS products. We strongly believe ‘good for the business' should also mean ‘good for the customers’ and we build tools that can help both small businesses and individuals to grow their websites. 


With 6 million + happy users from 180+ countries worldwide, WPDeveloper is growing exponentially & offering solutions to enhance web building experience.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Problem Solving
  • Shopify
  • Customer Service
  • support

Job Description

At Startise, we are looking for a dynamic and experienced Technical Support Engineer to join our team. We need someone who has proficiency in Shopify, and SaaS applications and can effectively help customers with their queries to improve their experiences. If you have a passion for assisting customers with their inquiries to enhance their experiences, we strongly encourage you to apply now! 


Job Requirements

Technical Skills: 

  • Demonstrated expertise in Shopify platform, including configuration, customization, and troubleshooting in Shopify Apps
  • Must be able to manage the Shopify store by obtaining collaborative access from the client.
  • Diagnose and resolve technical issues related to Shopify platform functionality, third-party integrations, and customizations
  • Offer timely and effective technical assistance to Shopify merchants via various support channels, including email, chat, and online meetings.

Communication Skills: 

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • Ability to articulate technical concepts to non-technical users.
  • Educate merchants on best practices for using Shopify features, optimizing their stores for performance, and addressing common technical challenges
  • Provide feedback to internal teams on product usability, feature requests, and areas for improvement based on customer interactions and support experiences.

Customer Focus: 

  • Strong commitment to customer satisfaction and the ability to empathize with clients' concerns. 

Proactive Approach: 

  • Proven ability to take initiative and address potential issues before they become critical. 

Remote Work Skills: 

  • Self-motivated and capable of working independently in a remote setting.
  • Comfortable using remote collaboration tools for communication and project management.
  • Must be willing to work the night shift

Problem-Solving Skills: 

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to think critically under pressure. 


  • Previous experience in technical support or a related role is preferred.


  • 2+ years' of technical support experience
  • Customer service oriented
  • Strong written and verbal and troubleshooting skills
Job Responsibilities

Customer Support:

  • Respond to customer inquiries and technical issues promptly and professionally.
  • Assist clients with both pre-sales queries and technical support issues related to our Shopify, and SaaS applications.
  • Provide clear and concise instructions to clients, guiding them through problem resolution.

Technical Expertise:

  • Utilize your in-depth knowledge of web development to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues efficiently.
  • Collaborate with the development team to escalate complex technical issues and provide detailed feedback.


  • Communicate effectively with clients, both verbally and in writing, ensuring a high level of professionalism and customer satisfaction.
  • Conduct scheduled meetings with clients to address their concerns, provide updates, and gather feedback.


  • Create and maintain detailed documentation for common issues, solutions, and best practices.
  • Contribute to the development of knowledge base articles to empower customers to find solutions independently.

Proactive Support:

  • Identify potential issues before they escalate and proactively address them.
  • Stay updated on industry trends, product updates, and customer feedback to continuously improve the support process.
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