Catch Your Customers’ Attention Easily With Advanced Menu for Elementor

From the business perspective, keeping your customers engaged in your website is the very crucial thing. It only takes a few seconds for users to lose interest & quit the site altogether. However, if you have a concise & organized navigation bar, it increases the chances of the visitors staying on the page massively. Ultimately, they go on to buy the products they were looking for & keep coming back. In this article, we will give you an overall idea of the significance of an ‘Advanced Menu’ on your site & how you can catch your customer’s attention easily using Elementor.

Catch Your Customers' Attention Easily With Advanced Menu for Elementor 1

Importance of Using an Advanced Menu on Your Website

Without proper site navigation, visitors will feel lose interest on your website no matter how good your products or business is. Implementing an Advanced Menu gives people an overall idea of what they can expect from the site & make the site easy to navigate.

For instance, if you are running an e-commerce shop, you need to highlight the products through the ‘Advanced Menu’. You may ask, why? Well, it gives you the opportunity to highlight certain products through navigation bar and makes thing eeasier for people to be able to easily find what they are looking for. This is what massively increases product sales.

Moreover, ‘Advanced Menu’ allows the consumers to follow the navigation process & get their desired items without facing any difficulties. Suppose, you have listed a certain category called ‘Shirts’ in the menu. By adding relevant sub-categories into it such as Casual, Formal & more, it will let the customers to easily view what you are offering & make them purchase as well.

Furthermore, quality navigation encourages your visitors to explore more and increase your sales rate as well. Besides, having an ‘Advanced Menu’ gives you the opportunity to retain your visitors & make them return too.

To design a breathtaking navigation panel for your WordPress, you should definitely try out the ‘Nav Menu’ & ‘EA Advanced Menu’ elements provided by Elementor & Essential Addons respectively. You have the chance to build a consistent, appealing & easy-to-follow navigation by using the features offered by the mentioned Plugins.

Advanced Menu

What You Can Do with Nav Menu of Elementor

Before you even begin, the first thing you have to confirm that you already have created a Menu on your WordPress website. Thanks to the ‘Nav Menu’ feature of Elementor Pro, you can design an impressive navigation menu. It gives you the capability to place it across anywhere on your site & grab the attention of your visitors.

You can play around with the structure & layouts as get your base ready for the navigation. Besides, you have the freedom to choose transition effects on how you want your menu items to appear. You can even change the indicator icons & the alignments of the ‘Nav Menu’ as well.

Advanced Menu

From the ‘Style’ tab, it gives the chance to customize all the features as per your preference. You can easily modify the typography, padding, colors & many more from here. Basically, ‘Nav Menu’ allows you to comfortably get your desired outcome & enhance the navigation of your website.

Advanced Menu

How EA Advanced Menu Works on Your WordPress Site

If you have activated the Essential Addons Pro, you can now easily add an Advanced Menu on your website in only a few steps. With the help of EA Advanced Menu, you will get the chance to massively improve your user experience thanks to its ease of navigation.

Afterward, go to the page where you want to add ‘EA Advanced Menu’. Once you are inside that particular page, then you can simply just enable the element from the Elementor Panel. There are two Layouts available for you to choose from Vertical & Horizontal. Besides, you can easily get started by picking any of its amazing Skin options.

Advanced Menu

The most amazing thing about EA Advanced Menu is that it lets you style all the features. It basically gives you the freedom to personalize the navigation menu as per your preference.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to modify the color for each Menu items. You can even add borders & shadows to it and choose your preferred transition effects as well. On top of that, ‘EA Advanced Menu’ gives you the responsive controls over the navigation panel. As a result, you can easily manage the way how you want the ‘Advanced Menu’ to display on small devices.

Advanced Menu

After you are done with the configuration & styling, you will get an amazing looking navigation menu like this. You can showcase your creativity and personalize the ‘Advanced Menu’ to make it eye-catching with ease.

Advanced Menu

Final Thoughts

We have already talked about how well-structured & easy-to-follow navigation bars allow your visitors to easily get to know about your company & business information. Most importantly, it gives your business a major sales & traffic boost as well. To wrap this up, we hope that this article has helped you to effortlessly build an astonishing Advanced Menu on your website & catch your customer’s attention.

Getting stuck? Feel free to let us know your questions in the comments section or contact our Support Team.

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