How To Design a Landing Page For Your Art Gallery Using Elementor

Art enthusiastic people always try to find out their time to visit an Art Gallery exhibition. But nowadays, it can be very hard to manage that time for a heavy workload. That’s why in today’s world, online art gallery website makes that work easy for art lovers. In an art gallery website, visitors can easily visit and see different sort of collections, offerings and also do purchase as per their desire.

If you are a painting exhibition provider or want to showcase your own artifacts, in both cases you can easily go ahead and use Elementor to design an inspiring Landing Page for your Art Gallery.

art gallery landing page elementor

What are the Advantages of Art Gallery Landing Page?

In the online art gallery exhibition, art enthusiasts get the opportunity to see a variety of beautiful paintings images comfortably and appreciate the artist during their leisure time. It’s a 24/7 service for the visitors. At a glance, you can also view all the upcoming events, shows or any offers updates in one platform. Other than that, if you have multiple artistry gallery events at the same time and both are carrying the same value for you. Then in online craft showcasing, you can solve that problem instantly, also save your time and energy.

You can also buy or sell those creative works just within a click. In the online art landing page, you can also get the option to refund the paintings within 5 days, 3 days or on the delivery day. You can check and match that you are getting the exact one you ordered or not.

Suppose, you like a particular painting from the online gallery. Now you want to see the creator details or want to purchase it. You can immediately click on the image link or call to action button, which will redirect you to the artist website. Where you can buy the workpiece by directly contacting the artist and also have the option to see their bunch of good collections. And if the landing page owned by the creator itself, then you will have the option to directly get connected with him/her.

How To Create Art Gallery Landing Page Using Elementor?

By using the Elementor template library, you will easily get a beautiful pre-made layout design for your art gallery landing page. You Just need to click on the insert section and get the entire landing page view.

art gallery landing page elementor

After choosing the template, you will get all the pre-made blocks for creating your art gallery landing page easily. Where you just need to edit and set the contents as per your desire. You can give an attractive intro, add beautiful images, upcoming event schedules, social media links or creators name, information and many more in the landing page.

art gallery landing page elementor

But if you want to enhance your landing page outlook, you can use Essential Addons advanced gallery element EA Filterable Gallery.

EA Filterable Gallery

In EA Filterable Gallery, you can insert your all high-resolution images there without affecting the image outlook. It will help you to showcase your art gallery outstandingly with animation effects.

art gallery landing page elementor

You can divide your works into different categories easily from the Content Tab>Filterable Control section. Here, you can only see one filter named by Art Gallery. Like this, you can add other new filterable controls too. For instance, you can categorize your entire exhibition gallery based on oil paintings, Glass Paintings, Sculptures or other creative options with ease.

You can also style each section of the art gallery landing page with advanced options of Style Tab. Besides that, if you want to know more, you can check out this Doc for Filterable Gallery.

Wrapping Up

Now people can easily see the exhibition images, news, and upcoming events by Online Art Gallery landing page. They can quickly view and buy the desired one just with some simple clicks. But if you want to create any image scroller landing page, then you can read this image Scroll Blog.

So just don’t wait and try out Elementor pre-made template design and Essential Addons special gallery elements, and leave a comment below!

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