How To Automatically Tweet on Twitter When Publishing New Blog Post In WordPress

For years, bloggers have been looking for a solution to automatically tweet their scheduled posts on social media platforms. Since social channels give authors the chance to reach out to wider audience, it’s absolutely crucial to share content on popular media on a regular basis. Hence, it’s not surprising to see people sharing their articles on Twitter or Facebook to generate more views on their website. For WordPress users, you either will have to do this manually or rely on third-party plugins for the same case.

However, with the introduction of WP Scheduled Posts 3.0, (now rebranded as SchedulePress), you no longer have to use additional plugins to automatically tweet your content on Twitter or Facebook. Along with its amazing scheduling features, you can now share your scheduled WordPress posts on your Twitter all from one place. By using this tool, you can certainly increase your productivity and help your blogging site to perform well. Let’s take a deep dive into how you can easily share your scheduled WordPress blog post automatically on Twitter.


Automatically Tweet

How To Increase Blog Engagement Using Twitter?

After finishing an article the first concern for bloggers is how quickly they can increase the engagement and spread it as much as they can. One of the most popular ways to increase engagement on your Blogging site is by sharing blogs on Twitter. Since it opens up the opportunity to reach out to a far wider audience, it is a great way to engage more users on your WordPress website. Not only that, you can easily get new customers, active readers and make them follow you in the process.

It allows you to get connected with a variety of people over this platform to share your latest news and spread it in a wider range. By adding instant social proof, this can massively help to increase the blog engagement rate. This is why you should definitely consider using tools to automatically tweet your content

on your Twitter account. With the help of SchedulePress PRO, you can now easily take care of this hassle and share your scheduled blog posts on your Twitter profile in an automated process.

Automatically Tweet WordPress Posts On Twitter Using SchedulePress 

To share your scheduled posts on Twitter, you need to simply just connect with your Twitter account. To do that, you have to get the API Access Key from the Twitter developer account to share blogs. Afterward, you need to just go ahead and paste the respective API keys in the ‘Twitter Form’ section under the ‘Integrations’ tab.

How To Automatically Tweet on Twitter When Publishing New Blog Post In WordPress 1

 Not only that, you can design your Twitter feed from the Social Template features. You can select your category as tags to generate automate hashtags for your posts in an organized way. There are a lot more other advanced features that might help you schedule your blogs more efficiently.

How To Automatically Tweet on Twitter When Publishing New Blog Post In WordPress 2

After finishing all the setups, you can simply go to your desired content and schedule it. Afterward, the post will be live on your Twitter account. This is how you can easily share your scheduled WordPress posts on your Twitter profile using  SchedulePress. For further assistance, you can check out this documentation on how to share WordPress blog post on Twitter.

Exclusive Features Of SchedulePress

Apart from the social share integration, SchedulePress makes your content planning process smooth with its amazing features. You will get your hands on four advanced features such as Auto Scheduler, Manual Scheduler, Schedule Calendar, and Missed Schedule Alert. It is the ultimate all-in-one tool that can massively boost your content planning strategy. Even with the free version, you can take a glance at the contents you have scheduled so far and make your thought process easy in the process. Overall, by using SchedulePress, you don’t ever have to rely on additional plugins for your content planning ever again.

How To Automatically Tweet on Twitter When Publishing New Blog Post In WordPress 3

Wrapping Up

To sum this up, the social share integration is a remarkable feature of SchedulePress. Especially if you are running a blogging platform, you should definitely consider trying it out on your site and engage viewers by sharing your WordPress blog posts on Twitter. With its automated process, it’s gonna take away a lot of the workloads and save a lot of your productivity.

Haven’t tried out SchedulePress yet? Get started with the free version and share your experience with us in the comments section.

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