How To Create Your Own Bakery Website Using Elementor [Without Any Code]

Celebrating any important events like achievements, anniversary, birthday or special occasion without cake or any other bakery item sounds a little weird. It interconnects people emotionally, which helps to share happiness and spread love to others. Nowadays, online bakery shops are popular for convenience.

Because your customers can easily order online whenever they want to fulfill their crave just with one click. They don’t need to travel the whole just to buy a cake. In one place, you not only choose the desired cake but also get the fresh one within the required time. It saves energy and reduces hassle both for the customer and the backer.

So, if you are thinking to create your own Bakery website without having any coding knowledge, then you can choose Elementor to ease your work! 

bakery website elementor

What Is Essential To Create A Bakery Website?

The first thing you need to do is to install the Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce to your WordPress site to create your own bakery website without coding. Let’s jump into the topic now!

Online Order Placement Using EDD or WooCommerce

You can easily set your payment system for your customers using EDD. You just have to set your settings>payment section. Then you have to choose your payment gateways like Paymay, Amazon or both. For your customers, you have to choose the accepted payment methods like Master Card, Visa or other options. This will be visible when your customer will purchase the product.

bakery website elementor

Easily Deal With Online Customer Payment

The next process is the online customer payment system. After click on the purchase section, you will get the payment methods to choose and complete the payment process. After that, you will get a confirmation email which you set to complete the payment step. You will also get a full payment history online to check all information is inserted right or not.

bakery website elementor

Now you are ready to build your own bakery website with the help of Elementor, also to add and display your products on website by using WooCommerce.

Easily Create Bakery Website With The Help of Elementor 

By using the Elementor Library, you can easily choose the pre-made perfect template design for your Bakery website. You just need to edit or insert your desired content as per your requirements. 

bakery website elementor

Here you can showcase all available or special bakery items on the layout, also you can create separate pages to give all details about the Menu.

bakery website elementor

At first, to do that you have to go to the WordPress Dashboard, create new pages with the desired name and then click on the Appearance.

bakery website elementor

There you can easily add the pages on the menu and select sub-menu within that page. Where you can display all the items like Black Forest Cake, brownie or any items for your customers to see the whole description on individual pages.

EA Product Grid

Another element is Essential Addons Product Grid, by this, you can display your bakery items using different style format. 

bakery website elementor

EA Gallary Elements

You can also use the Essential Addons Gallery elements like Filterable Gallery to display the offered foods with a high-quality image, description, and style it in an advanced way. You can check out our documentation of EA Filterable Gallery to know the use case properly. 

bakery website elementor

Wrapping Up

If you are running an online bakery shop, then you will feel the necessity to display your bakery shops specialty or item list on-site for your customer to know about your service facility or affordability. Essential Addons Pricing Table and Pricing Menu comes with this function. 

Suppose you want to inform your customers about any special offers on specific cakes with extra essence, then you can easily do that with EA Pricing Table.

bakery website elementor

On the other hand, you can display your whole bakery item list along with details and price using the EA Pricing Menu element. Also, you can attract your customers by giving a discount offer on-site and style it beautifully. 

Without having any coding knowledge, you can easily create your own Bakery website by Elementor. So, Try out Elementor and it’s ultimate library Essential Addons and leave a comment below, if you want to know more!

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