How to Design Homepage of Your eCommerce Website To Boost Sales

The Homepage of your Online shop is the first place where your potential buyers will land. Unless you clearly send out the message what exact product you are selling, you can’t expect to get high conversion rates. Apart from familiarizing your product, you also have to build credibility so that potential buyers find you trustworthy.

How to Design Homepage of Your eCommerce Website To Boost Sales 1

There are simple yet effective tricks that will help you make your Online Shop’s Homepage a killer marketing tool. Let’s get right into it.

Discount Banner

Everyone likes discounts. Displaying a discount banner on the Homepage of Your eCommerce Website is a great way to encourage more people to buy products from your shop. Target big shopping seasons such as Christmas, New years and Halloweens. But don’t leave too much gap between two consecutive discount offers. You can offer discounts on other random occasions such as when you reach a certain sales target.

Social Proof

Social Proof refers to the credibility and trustworthiness of your website. The most common form of Social Proof is Ratings and Reviews. You should also curate fresh and positive reviews and ratings about your business and make sure to display them on the Homepage of Your eCommerce Website.

How to Design Homepage of Your eCommerce Website To Boost Sales 2

Mobile Responsiveness

Every day more and more people are switching to Smartphones for tasks they previously used to do with their Laptop. Why? Because smartphones are smaller in size but come with almost the same functionalities and computing power as a Laptop. That is why you should always make your Website Mobile Responsive.

A/B Testing

What influences conversion? There are a lot of factors that convert into sales. But how do you find them? There is no definitive guide on how you can create the best Home Page for your online shop. Then how do you find out what works best for you? You design, test, redesign and test again until you find the homepage design that best works for you and appeals the most to your clients. This practice is called A/B testing, where you put up two versions of your Homepage simultaneously and see which works best for you.


On your online shop, you should always have a header that contains all the Product categories that you have on your Website. This way you can make it easier for your potential customers to jump back and forth between all the products and pick the one that best suits them.

How to Design Homepage of Your eCommerce Website To Boost Sales 3

Build Credibility

How do you increase sales? You do it by building credibility and brand loyalty. And how do you do that? You do it by adding testimonials in the form of both reviews and PR coverage. And as your visitors land on the Homepage first before going into any other page on your Website, you have to use it to lay the foundation of brand loyalty there.

How to Design Homepage of Your eCommerce Website To Boost Sales 4

You can easily do it by displaying what other people are talking about you and how often they talk about you. Moreover, if you have any other online portal has written about you as PR coverage, you should also display them on your website.

Lead Magnet

It is not important that every person that lands on your Website buy something. It takes time. Don’t expect to turn site visits into conversion in the first go as well.

But try to add value to their lives. You can put up a little subscription form at the footer section of your Homepage. But why would buyers sign-up? You can influence your site visitors to sign-up to your newsletters by offering them a brochure of your product catalog or any other digital copy of a book that will help to add value to their lives.


If you have a SAAS tool, expect to receive hundreds of support request every day. Don’t expect your clients to start using your software like a pro all by themselves. Moreover, your solution might need fixing from time to time. So it all boils down to this, your buyers need support and unless they get it, you can’t retain them. If you already have a support team that is great news. But do make sure you inform your site visitors about this. A good way to inform your site visitors about 24/7 support is by adding a simple banner on the Homepage of Your eCommerce Website.

How to Design Homepage of Your eCommerce Website To Boost Sales 5

Wrapping Up!

Apart from your online shop’s Homepage, The Products Page also has a significant influence on conversion. In case you are new to WordPress, you can follow us through a blog on how to create the perfect Shop Page for your Online Shop.

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