How To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales in 2023 Using Social Proof

Let me ask you a simple question: if you have given two identical products which one would you buy? You might be looking for some extra information about any of the two products to declare one inferior to the other. And of course, you will go for the superior one that your friends or peer-recommended as social proof helps you to gain instant credibility.

How To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales in 2023 Using Social Proof 1

The most popular form of Social Proof is peer review. While shopping online we look for peer reviews as well as ratings to decide which product to buy. This purchasing behavior is on the rise for all the good reasons. When we are buying anything from an online store, we can never be too sure about the authenticity of the maker and whether or not we will be receiving the actual product displayed in the online shop.

This creates a big issue for companies that are trying to sell their products online. See every one of your potential buyers is in doubt. And they themselves try to resolve any doubt they have regarding your product by reviewing what others are saying about it.

What is Social Proof?

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Consider Social Proof as the most powerful marketing tool out there. Simply put, it is anything and everything your stakeholders are saying about you. You might be wondering where do you find these Social Proof. You find them in Social Media Platforms. In fact, Facebook has one of the most through reviewing methods for every page on the platform. Be it a review, rating, and check-in. All this information helps potential customers resolve any doubt they have and make the final purchase decision. Moreover, if you have an E-Commerce shop, you might receive reviews from your Online store as well.

Now how do you use these Social Proof to boost sales?

Boost Sales with Social Proof

  • Sales Notification– If you have an online store which gives the buyers a chance of placing orders on it, you can use sales notification to boost future sales. Sales Notification is a short message containing the name of the buyer and the product they have purchased. It also includes the time the purchase was made, which ultimately helps to create a sense of urgency and boost sales.
  • Ratings and Reviews– Ratings and reviews are a great way to compare two alternative products. We all use them.
  • PR Coverage– As a business, you might have a good relationship with other business owners. If they decide to feature you on their website that’s good news. But how do you use it on your website to boost sales? You simply display a pop-up box that contains information about the featured post.
  • Share Count– One of the greatest ways to increase view count for your blog is by sharing them on social media. But who said you have to do it. Why not let your viewers do it themselves. And how do you use it to boost view count for your product review blogs or any other post that is relevant to your product? You display a Social Share Count pop-up on your Website. This way newcomers to your website will get to know about the social share at a glance.
  • Success Story/ Use Cases– Your buyers will use your product and services for their own needs, and it’s not necessary it has to be similar to how others are using it. A good platform to curate success stories is on different forums. However, you can also expect to receive success stories on social media platforms.

Wrapping Up!

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Remember how important peer reviews are while making an online purchase? It’s not only peer reviews or ratings from familiar people that accelerate our purchasing decision. Reviews from completely unknown people can also help build credibility. In fact, people are more inclined to trust reviews from complete strangers, and that is for a simple reason. See, people who don’t know you personally can’t get any benefit out of posting fake reviews and persuading you to make a purchase. This is why you need a good WordPress solution for presenting Social Proof. Such a plugin is NotificationX.

The team behind NotificationX knows that 97% of your sales don’t take place because somehow you as a seller have failed to build credibility. But don’t you worry. With NotificationX, you will be in good hands. We highly recommend you get the plugin if you want to increase your sales. And you don’t have to spend a penny. NotificationX’s free version packs all the necessary features to boost sales and leverage social proof for good.

Afshana Diya

Afshana Diya

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