EleMart: Best Multipurpose Templates For Elementor To Build Any Website Without Coding

If you use Elementor and you get to make different types of websites then it might get hectic. Have you ever thought about a multipurpose templates for Elementor which will provide you multiple niche website template in one place? Introducing EleMart from Templately, the first multipurpose template for Elementor so you can build any type of WordPress website without depending on theme.

Multipurpose Themes Templates Elementor

Templately has introduced more than 1000 ready Elementor templates and counting, so that website creators like you can build stunning pages with ease. Today, we are excited to bring you the very first multipurpose templates for Elementor with 7 different layouts. Find out what makes this such a versatile and flexible templates pack, and how you can use this multipurpose Elementor templates to build any kind of WooCommerce website.

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Introducing First Multipurpose Templates For Elementor

Designed specifically for e-Commerce stores, EleMart is a beautifully designed, fully responsive templates pack that comes with several different home pages for any kind of e-Commerce business. 

Whether you are running an online grocery shop or an electronics store, EleMart has something for everyone. Take a look at these stunning multipurpose templates for Elementor below.

EleMart: Best Multipurpose Templates For Elementor To Build Any Website Without Coding 1
EleMart: Best Multipurpose Templates For Elementor To Build Any Website Without Coding 3
EleMart: Best Multipurpose Templates For Elementor To Build Any Website Without Coding 5
EleMart: Best Multipurpose Templates For Elementor To Build Any Website Without Coding 7
EleMart: Best Multipurpose Templates For Elementor To Build Any Website Without Coding 9
EleMart: Best Multipurpose Templates For Elementor To Build Any Website Without Coding 11

Differences Between Multipurpose Templates & Niche Templates

Before we go into more details, let’s be a little more clear on the differences between multipurpose templates like EleMart, and niche templates

Typically, most website templates are designed for a specific audience or niche. For instance, most fashion and clothing store website templates will have a specific style and layout that is suited for only those types of websites. That’s why they are called nice templates because they are designed to be used only for that specific purpose or audience.

On the other hand, multipurpose templates can be used by anyone for different purpose. Take EleMart as an example. You can use this multipurpose template pack to create websites for fashion and clothing stores, grocery stores, toy shops, electronics, beauty and skincare, and much more.

There are no limits to what you can create with a multipurpose template and with EleMart, you can now take your design and page building skills in Elementor to the next level.

EleMart: Multipurpose Elementor Templates Pack For WooCommerce

As we already know about the differences between multipurpose templates & niche template, let’s get to know 3 major advantages of choosing multipurpose templates to build any type of website. Take a look at these advantages below.

All-In-One, Responsive Templates For Creating Any Website

Multipurpose Themes Templates Elementor

All-in-one multipurpose templates stand out because they are versatile, responsive, feature-rich, and can be used to design any website without coding. They are easily customizable to serve all purposes. You won’t have to spend time looking for different templates; you get them all in one pack with multipurpose templates. 

Here are some reasons why people want to use EleMart, an all-in-one template packs for Elementor.

✅ You can create any kind of e-Commerce business with a versatile multipurpose templates pack. 

✅ 100% responsiveness on all devices & fully customizable without coding.

✅ Varieties of ready templates collections are beautifully designed.

✅ All advanced, up-to-date features to fulfill your needs.

✅ Get powerful integrations to related third party supports.

✅ Affordable, save money & time to design any website.

Create Websites Without Coding In Elementor Editor

Fitness website Elementor

If you want to create professional-looking, stunning, and stylish websites with multipurpose templates, you can now do just that in Elementor. Since EleMart is completely compatible with Elementor, you can use it to build any kind of website without coding.

With ready multipurpose Elementor templates, you can design any website with just a few clicks. You will also get all the advanced element supports too, to design a user-engaging website without adding a single line of code.

Multipurpose Elementor Templates Open Up Your Design Scope

The main focus of multipurpose Elementor templates is to give you the complete freedom to create and design any websites without coding. You can customize the look, add any new pages, revamp the overall design anytime you want. You won’t get restricted to input any advanced designs. Just  choose the best multipurpose templates to serve your your website category.

EleMart: A Stunning Multipurpose Elementor Templates Pack For E-Commerce

Now that you know why multipurpose themes are so popular, let’s dive into EleMart from Templately, a fully responsive, versatile, multipurpose Elementor templates pack for e-Commerce websites. With this template, you get a total of 17 stunning ready page templates to create a fully functional e-Commerce website of any category.

What You Get With EleMart Ready Elementor Templates Pack

You will get all up-to-date, easy-to-use, ready Elementor multipurpose templates to create beautifully designed web pages for your eCommerce site. Whether you need to create a single store page, a blog page, or even a  Checkout Page, you can do that with only a few clicks using EleMart

7 Beautiful Home Pages For Different Types Of Businesses

With EleMart, you get access to seven ready, beautifully designed home pages to design your beauty health, electronics, toys, or other e-Commerce store landing page without coding. You can now serve your multipurpose business demands just by getting this one complete solution. Each of the ready page designs comes with attractive sections, animated widgets, call-to-action buttons, and more to make a standout, user-friendly website.  

Completely Compatible With Elementor And WooCommerce

EleMart multipurpose templates are completely compatible with Elementor, and WooCommerce to help you make all-in-one e-Commerce websites on WordPress. You will get all the flexibility to customize your multipurpose e-Commerce website anytime you want. With one complete solution, you will get this exclusive support.

Ready WooCommerce Checkout Page, Cart Page, And More

You will get separate ready page designs for WooCommerce Checkout Page, Cart Page, Product Single Page, Shop Page, and more. You just need to add your own content to it, do a few modifications if necessary, and you are there to make it publish. 

Multipurpose Themes Templates Elementor

Full Responsiveness On All Devices And Web Browsers

EleMart multipurpose templates are 100% responsive for all types of devices and have cross-browser compatibility. This ensures that your multipurpose website can easily be viewable for any browser. It will help you enhance the browsing experience and shopping experience for your website visitors.

Deep Dive Into EleMart Multipurpose Templates Pack For Elementor

As you already know all the exclusive features of this ready Elementor multipurpose templates pack, now it’s time to know how all the beautifully designed home pages work in  Elementor pagebuilder. 

Multipurpose Themes Templates Elementor

1. Stunning Beauty Health Store Landing Page Design

Interactive, ready to use creative sections with animated widgets are presented stunningly in EleMart multipurpose templates pack for beauty and health websites. All you need to do is insert this ready Elementor template, and customize it just the way you want to make your online beauty and healthcare store with 1 click.

Multipurpose Themes Templates Elementor

Exclusive Highlights:

☑️ Beautifully designed header section with a call to action button.

☑️ Separate section for your all beauty products.

☑️ Highlight new beauty products collection.

☑️ Showcase your sales promotions, discounts, and more.

2. Get An Attractive Electronics Store Landing Page

You can have a compelling electronics store landing page with EleMart multipurpose layouts. Where you can display all electronics products beautifully in one place. This will help your customers to know what you are selling and get them immediately from there.

Multipurpose Themes Templates Elementor

Exclusive Highlights:

☑️ Share your business story beautifully with an interactive header.

☑️ Highlight new features, popular electronics products in separate creative sections.

☑️ Display your products up-to-date news, offers, discounts, or more in this stunning layout.

3. Create A Complete Fashion Store Website With EleMart

EleMart multipurpose templates can help you to create a complete home fashion store business homepage. With this ready landing page, display all home fashion products, beautifully in one organized page to drag your customer’s attention at a glance.

Multipurpose Themes Templates Elementor

Exclusive Highlights:

☑️ Creative sections with smooth scrolling effects to engage your customers.

☑️ Showcase all types of home fashion products, updates, & more.

☑️ Responsive, fully customizable, & flexible to make a stunning homepage.

4. Make An Attractive Furniture Store Homepage With EleMart

You can create and design your own furniture store homepage design with EleMart without coding. This will help you to display your all exclusive furniture products by using this all-in-one multipurpose templates pack.

Multipurpose Themes Templates Elementor

Exclusive Highlights:

☑️ Grab your audience interest with beautifully designed ready sections.

☑️ Smooth animation effects, call to action button, & more.

☑️ Get full freedom to add preferable content, and customize it anytime.

5. Build Your Own Grocery Store Website Using EleMart

If you want to create your own grocery store online, you can also do this without coding with EleMart. You just need to insert this particular ready home page design and make it the way you want it for your customers.

EleMart: Best Multipurpose Templates For Elementor To Build Any Website Without Coding 16

Exclusive Highlights:

☑️ Get separate blocks to display all grocery products, highlights, & popular ones.

☑️ Instantly make your audience engage with your animated landing page designs.

☑️ All separate sections ensure responsiveness on all devices.

6. Create An Impressive Online Sports Store Without Coding

You can now build an impressive online sports store homepage without coding to display your all products related to sports in Elementor. You will get full control over your site design, customization, and more.

Multipurpose Themes Templates Elementor

Exclusive Highlights:

☑️ Highlight your online sports store products with their separate creative sections.

☑️ Flexible, powerful, versatile design to engage your customers at the very first look.

☑️ Animated widgets, call to action buttons, and more in one exclusive design.

7. Have Your Own Toys Store Online With EleMart

EleMart multipurpose templates pack will help you to create your own online toy store without codes. Just insert this ready homepage design, showcase all your toys there, and make it publish right away.

Multipurpose Themes Templates Elementor

Exclusive Highlights:

☑️ Each creative section has smooth scrolling effects.

☑️ Get full freedom to make any changes anywhere.

☑️ Design your landing page the way you want.

Other Ready Pages From EleMart E-Commerce Multipurpose Templates Pack

Besides having all 7 landing page multipurpose templates,  EleMart offers several other essential ready page templates to help you create stunning, fully functional e-Commerce websites of any kind in Elementor. 

👉 Pre-designed ready templates for About Us, Contact Us & Login Page.

👉 Interactive, user-friendly templates for Shop Page, Shop List Page & Product Single Page.

👉Fully functional ready templates for WooCommerce Cart Page and Checkout Page.

👉 Engage your audience with creative content on Blog Page, & Blog Details Page.

How To Use EleMart Templates Pack In Elementor

If you want to use EleMart on your WordPress website, make sure you have installed & activated some essential plugins to use this multipurpose templates pack in Elementor without coding.

Checklist Of Things You Will Need

☑️ Elementor: Make sure that you have already activated Elementor on your WordPress website. 

☑️ Essential Addons: You also need to activate Essential Addons for Elementor.  This is the best elements library for Elementor with 900K+ active installations, and comes with essential elements to help you create a fully functional WooCommerce website with Elementor.

☑️ WooCommerce: Since this multipurpose templates is built for e-Commerce stores, you have to install & activate WooCommmerce & create a WooCommerce shop page for your products. 

☑️ Templately: As EleMart is only exclusively available with Templately, you need to install Templately WordPress plugin on your website to access this stunning, Elementor multipurpose template.

Setting up these plugins will only take a few minutes. When you are done, follow the step-by-step instructions below to use EleMart on your WordPress website.

Step 1: Insert Your Preferred Page Template From Templately

First create a new page from your WordPress dashboard and then click on the blue ‘Edit With Elementor’ button from the top right corner as shown below. This will open the page in Elementor Editor.

EleMart: Best Multipurpose Templates For Elementor To Build Any Website Without Coding 17

Afterward, you have to click on the blue Templately icon on your web page. It will open up a popup window. There, you will see all the beautifully designed ready templates from Templately.

Search for ‘EleMart’ in the search panel. It will automatically then show all the ready landing page designs & blocks.

Pick any template you like and hit the ‘Insert’ button to load the landing page template on your website. For this tutorial we will be using the EleMart Home Beauty Health page tempalte.

EleMart: Best Multipurpose Templates For Elementor To Build Any Website Without Coding 18

Just like that you have inserted the template in your website. Now all that’s left to do is adding your content and styling to your page.

Step 2: Customize The Design Of Your Page Template

Using the Elementor Editor on your left-hand side, you can add your own content, and personalize your e-Commerce page. Change the typography, background colors, and much more by clicking on any section or element, and tweaking the settings under the ‘Content’ tab and ‘Style’ tab.

EleMart: Best Multipurpose Templates For Elementor To Build Any Website Without Coding 19

Step 3: Save Your Design On MyCloud

If you want to save your design, you can easily do that with ‘MyCloud’ storage of Templately. Just right-click anywhere on the page and choose ‘Save Page to Templately’. This will save your website design on Templately’s cloud storage. You can later reuse this design or keep it saved as backup.

EleMart: Best Multipurpose Templates For Elementor To Build Any Website Without Coding 20

If you want, you can also use Templately WorkSpace to create collaborate on cloud with your team by sharing your ready designs that you have saved on MyCloud. 

Keep adding as many pages as you want and repeat this process to create and customize your e-Commerce website with this multipurpose templates for Elementor & WordPress. When you are done, you can publish your website to share it with the world. Take a look at the beauty & health website that we created in this tutorial to get an idea of what your website’s final outcome may look like.

Get Access To EleMart: Exclusive Multipurpose Templates Pack

The best part? You can use this EleMart multipurpose templates pack and follow the exact steps shown above to create several different kinds of e-Commerce website. Just insert the Home Page template that fits your business, add your content and style to it, and you are good to go.

Moreover, if you are running an e-Commerce store that sells a huge variety of products, then this multipurpose templates pack is the perfect choice for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get access to EleMart multipurpose templates pack today. 

If you have any suggestions or feedback, let us know your experience by commenting below. You can also contact our support team anytime you want for further assistance, or join our friendly Facebook Community to get the latest updates.



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