Best Sites To Find Free Stock Photos For Your WordPress Website or Blog

Pictures enhance the effectiveness of blogs. By using simple images you can turn the blandest of write-ups into something interesting. But only if you were a photographer. Moreover, not every one of you might have the resources to arrange a photo-shoot as the needs arise. This is where Stock Images come in. There is plenty of free stock photos website that give you access to free image archive for free.

Best Sites To Find Free Stock Photos For Your WordPress Website or Blog 1

Why would you need Free Stock Photos Website for Blog?

This is a very valid question? Why would you take the hassle of finding Free Stock Photos Website, when you can simply download one from Google. Yes of course you can do that. But be prepared to get sued. Using pictures without permission from its source is illegal. It violates the trademark policy.

How does Stock Image Websites work?

Stock image website is kind of a match-maker. There are primarily two parties involved in every Free Stock Photos Website. First are the Photographers, who provide their pictures for anyone to use. And the other party is people like you, who frequently need photographs. Maybe you need images for using in your blog, maybe you need it while creating a website, for social media and so on.

Now you might be wondering what is in it for the photographers? Most of the time the only requirement for using a photo is giving proper credit. And that’s it. Once you acknowledge the owner of the picture you can use it for any purpose. However, giving proper credit is not always mandatory either. But that’s the least you can do.


free stock photos website

What I personally like about Unsplash is it doesn’t stop you from downloading images unless you sign-up or get the Premium version. The only condition they give you is, you use proper credit for the images.

If you have a large need for Stock images, I would recommend you open an account. That way you can create your own collection of images. While you are browsing the website, you can save any picture for later use.

Unsplash is a big name in the Stock Image industry now. Recently Unsplash struck a deal with Timberland. In a nutshell, Timberland sought professional images for its 45th-anniversary global marketing campaign. At the end of the campaign, Timberland uploaded all the images it used in its campaign back to Unsplash for others.

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free stock photos website

Every image on Pexels comes with the option of up-vote and reacting to the photo. This is very helpful for filtering the images. If you see an image has high likes, it means it has high quality as well. It is also likely that the image is being used by a lot of others.

Similar to Unsplash, Pexels also lets you create your own collection once you create your own account. Unsplash and Pexels are very similar, so given that you would have to pick only one, that would be a hard decision to make. However, why not use both of the websites.

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free stock photos website

Canva is more than just a free stock image website for the blog. You can use Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and layouts to design, share and print business cards, logos, presentations. So why would you use it, given that you are only looking for a stock image solution?

Well, apart from design functionalities Canva also provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. There is a separate Tab for Stock images, click on it and you will find premium quality photos right in front of yours.

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Adobe Stock

free stock photos website

No doubt, Adobe Stock is a top Website for Stock Images. You will find both free and premium photos, 4K videos, Templates, Vector, and illustrations as well as Templates. Most interestingly, Adobe Stock also features hundreds of 3-D models. However, there is no Free version of this website. The lowest pricing for Adobe Stock is $29.

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Pixabay is different from Unsplash, Pexels, and Canva in a sense that it gives you access to 4K videos as well as Vector illustrations for free. You can quickly sort through the giant images gallery by using the categories.

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free stock photos website

Another good Website for free stock image website for the blog is Burst. Although there isn’t an option to create an account, you can sign-up for their newsletters and get access to the first access to free photos and other Burst content.

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Wrapping Up!

Up until now, you saw websites, that didn’t place sponsored images on their website, but there are other Stock Image Websites that do. We didn’t include them in the list above because we believe along with getting access to free images, you would also prefer an Ad-free browsing experience. Who likes to be bombarded with irrelevant Ads.

Howe ever, if you fail to find the right image in the Websites listed above, you are better off knowing about some other Stock Image Websites. Here is a list of Stock Image Websites that place Ads on their Web-pages- Morguefile, picjumbo, Stockssnap.io, Shutterstock, NegativeSpace.

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