Interesting Ways To Use Gravity Forms In Your WordPress Website With Elementor

If you are searching for a platform which can provide more functionalities than just simple contact forms, then Gravity Forms would just be the perfect solution for you. Since the introduction in 2009, it has completely revolutionized the WordPress form management. Aside from on-page surveys and polls, you can also enhance your marketing approaches through its analysis based outputs. In this article, we will share some of the interesting ways you can use Gravity Forms on your WordPress website.

Interesting Ways To Use Gravity Forms In Your WordPress Website With Elementor 1

What Can You Do With Gravity Forms?

WordPress offers plenty of Plugins which you can use to insert neat & simple Contact Forms on your website. However, what if you want to build an advanced form that can do a lot more than just making contact and building an email list? Then, you definitely need to use Gravity Forms to quickly build complex & powerful forms.

First of all, Gravity Forms gives users the Drag & Drop capability. As a result, you can quickly create a wonderful form using this awesome interface. The best part of Gravity Forms is that it has integrations with a huge number of well-known web applications and services. By using its amazing Add-ons, you can quickly integrate your form with the third-party services.

For instance, you can use the Gravity Forms to collect payment and send the invoice to your customers. As soon as they successfully pay the bill, a payment receipt will automatically be generated and be sent to your clients. By creating a survey form, you will have access to the data and analysis it for further improvements for your business. Thus, Gravity Forms plays a crucial role in effortless marketing research.

Gravity Forms

Apart from these impressive features, you can build Gravity Forms for plenty of other fascinating use cases. Let’s dive deep into some of the interesting ways you can use this amazing Form on your WordPress website:

1. Student Enrollment & Tuition Payment

By using the User Registration Add-on, you can make your visitors sign up for your site. You can create amazing login forms through it as well. Besides, collecting payments through Gravity Forms has completely erased the pain of gathering money from your customers. It also provides add-ons for payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe which you can easily use to integrate with your form. Implementing this process for Educational Institutions would be a great example to follow. For instance, by using these stunning features, students can choose a type of membership and pay their Tuition through the payment gateways.

Gravity Forms

2. Assign Tasks to Your CRM Contacts

Agile CRM is a popular platform for contact management and lead generation. It is a fantastic solution to automate your sales and marketing process. To make your life easy, Gravity Forms offers integration with this amazing program. The Agile CRM Add-On works as a bridge between the form you have created and Agile’s Sales & Marketing CRM. As a result, you will easily get to access and manage the clients you have gathered. Through this astonishing widget, your visitors will be converted directly to leads and then you can even assign tasks to each of them as well.

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3. Define Coupon Code Expiration

Offering Promotional offers is a well-known effective technique to generate sales on your products. If you are using Gravity Forms for the payment process of your items, then the Coupons Add-on would come very handy for you. It allows you to instantly implement the discount offer functionality on the order forms you have created. The best part is, you will have complete control over setting up the price reduction rate, expiration dates, how many times it can be used and many more.

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4. Conduct & Evaluate Quiz Results

Conducting quizzes on your website massively helps to increase engagement with your site visitors. It can immediately get your users interest and keep them on your website for a longer duration. Gravity Forms allows you to easily produce tests on your site so that you can easily make an assessment of your client base. By using the Quiz Add-On, you can quickly prepare quizzes which are automatically graded or scored as soon as the form is submitted. Besides, it gives you the freedom to easily put together the answers and questions as per your preference.

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5. Track Successful Transactions in Google Analytics

If you do not know this already, to check the Progress your business is making, you should definitely implement Google Analytics on your website. It offers valuable insights that can help you shape your marketing strategy. It is quite remarkable that you can now generate detailed statistics & reports about your customers & transaction data through Gravity Forms. Thanks to Gravity Plus Add-on,  you can effortlessly monitor the E-commerce Conversion Rate of your site in graphical details. With each successful payment submissions, you would easily understand which product is being purchased by your customers frequently, the average order value, revenue, and other key information.

Gravity Forms

6. Represent Data in Graphical Detail

To save hours of your time and make the most of the Gravity Forms, you must try out GF Chart Add-on on your website. It will represent your data in a visual context for effortless analysis through form surveys, quizzes, or feedback. With the help of this extension, statistical data are illustrated in a professional manner for further inspection. You can easily check the progress of your program and offers you more insight into your client base. As a result, it will help you realize which steps are necessary to take your business to the next level.

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7. Manage Vacation Requests

Wouldn’t this be amazing to ask for permission to take days off through form submission? Even though you can do that through default Gravity Forms but the Gravity Flow plugin gives you advanced features to manage vacation requests from your users. This is a very helpful tool, especially for the HR Manager. Employees will be asked to fill up the form with expected date of absence and submit it. HR would then have the option to either approve or reject the request in one click. If you are using an ERP system on your website, Vacation Requests will be the perfect solution to ease your Employee management procedure.

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How You Can Design Gravity Forms on Your Website Using Elementor Page Builder

By default, Elementor Page Builder only allows you to insert Gravity Forms into your website through either shortcode or add form options. It doesn’t give you the options to style the form as per your preference. So, if you want to design Gravity Forms using Elementor, then you can definitely use Essential Addons. With the help of EA Gravity Forms, you can easily add your own styling and personalize it. As a result, you will be able to effortlessly implement an attractive Gravity Form on your WordPress website and it’s totally FREE.

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Final Thoughts

To wrap this up, we have already talked about the fantastic features of Gravity Forms and how you can use them to build mind-blowing forms on your website. From generating leads to marketing analysis- the list of superb stuff you can do with it is absolutely magnificent.

So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you get started with Gravity Forms and let us know if you any have feedback in the comments section?

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