Essential Elements To Create High Converting Landing Page For Your Business

How much your eCommerce shop is selling depends on the quality of your products and service! Yes, that is correct but that’s only half the truth. Majority of the orders placed on your Website are due to user experience. Users feel more comfortable buying from a website that appears more credible and professional. And with the right guidance, you can turn your not-so-good Landing Page into a High Converting Landing Page overnight.

Essential Elements To Create High Converting Landing Page For Your Business 1

But before we dig right into the elements that make a high-converting Landing Page, let’s talk a little about what are the tools that you can use to place these elements on your Website. And you’d be surprised to know you will only need one tool-Elementor.

CTA Button

Essential Addons For Elementor

Every High Converting Landing Page has at least one CTA Button. We use CTA Buttons to persuade site-visitors to perform a certain task or take a certain action. For example you can add a button on your Landing Page with a label, “Sign Up for More” or “Get The Discount”. This way you are offering something of value to your site-visitors soon after they land on your website. This helps to create a positive vibe.

There is no definitive guide on how many CTA Buttons you can put on your Landing Page. Just add the appropriate amount of buttons with a clear purpose and it should do it.


Popup Optin

Pop-Ups are a new form of content display. A Pop-up only appears when a certain task or action is taken. For example, you can make your Pop-Up trigger only when your site-visitors reach a certain point on your Website. Or you can also make the Pop-Up trigger when a CTA button is clicked. Whatever way you might use to trigger the Pop-up, once it’s triggered it will take up the entire screen and display the content it holds. You can use a Pop-Up to display discounts offers, you can also use a Pop-up to display your News-Letter Sign-up form.

Newsletter Form

If you are running an online store or an online marketplace, chances are no user will make a purchase the first time they arrive on your site. They might take the first visit to find out about you. If they think your shop is trustworthy and credible they might start buying on their second visit. But sitting in your office waiting for users to visit your site for the second time isn’t what a proactive person would do.

Essential Elements To Create High Converting Landing Page For Your Business 2

A person who is dedicated enough to increase sales will try to document the credential and contact information of people visiting their sites. The most common way to do that is using a Newsletter Subscription Form. Usually, you will find such Forms at the Footer of a Website. But you can also use a Pop-Up to present the Subscription Form to your visitors.


Essential Elements To Create High Converting Landing Page For Your Business 3

Think about your Website as a Book. How do you navigate through a book? You read the Table of contents. Website Menus are similar to the Table of Contents found in Books. Both are used to let readers know what information it holds. However, there is a slight difference, in case of a Book’s Table of Contents you have to read the page number and use your hands to turn the pages to reach a certain point. Whereas on a Website you just have to press a button.

Website Menus usually sit at the Top of every Web-Page and contain all the main parts of the Website. This way site-visitors can easily jump back and forth between pages. If you have a Blogging Website, it is recommended to add a Tab on the Main-Menu containing all the Blog Categories.

Section Drop

If a blog exceeds the usual length, you can increase user experience by adding an internal scrolling bar. Some people refer to it as a Section Drop. And this is how it works, once a site-visitor click on a certain part of a Web-Page it takes them to a different part of the page by auto-scrolling.

Essential Elements To Create High Converting Landing Page For Your Business 4

You can accomplish this feature by using the Menu Anchor element in Elementor. However, you can also link the Elements to create a Section Drop. How do you do it? You copy the section ID and paste it in the Link field of the destination Part of the Web-Page.


Words fall short to evoke emotions in your readers. Imagine this you have access to the same number of words and phrases just as any other content creator. This makes it highly possible that you might end up creating wording that sounds the same to that of others.

Essential Elements To Create High Converting Landing Page For Your Business 5

An effective way to bring variation into it is by displaying FOMO messages. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) can be used to display Comments, ratings, what others are reading, what others are buying, the very last purchase and so on. This information can make the difference between a successful conversion and a bounce.

Catchy Visuals

There is a difference between images and visuals. Although both complement the text part of any Web-Page, they have a slight difference in their appearance. Visuals comprise of mostly digital illustrations. Which might not seem like the most effective way to give a human-like feel to your website. But they are the perfect solution for breaking down difficult concepts and walkthroughs.

Pricing Plan

Pricing Plan is an important part of your Website. It is highly likely that you have multiple pricing plans with different specifications. Having multiple plans is great, this way you can serve a bigger segment of your niche, but you should also put enough effort into presenting the pricing plans in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

EA Content Toggle

Here are some of the essentials of a Pricing Plan. You should always include the Refund Policy in your Pricing Plans. And always present the different pricing plans side-by-side. This way your users can easily compare between their available choices.

Trust Certificate

You can push conversion rates upwards if you can make your site visitors trust you. People will buy from an online shop they trust. You can display Social Proof in the form of testimonials on your site. Also, make sure you check for new ratings and reviews about you on a regular basis. Another good way to create credibility is by displaying trust certificates from different Listing Sites.

Essential Elements To Create High Converting Landing Page For Your Business 6

For example, Prodcut Hunt picks one product as the product of the day. If your product gets this award, do make sure you mention about it in your Website. Take a screenshot and display it on the Landing Page.

Use Cases

You might have a breakthrough product. But it’s not necessary that your stakeholders will also believe in its potential from day one. You will have to make them think as you do. How do you do it? You already know about the features of your Product. Now all you need to do is put it into context. The right context can help people realize the actual benefit of a product. You can do it by presenting Success Stories and Use Cases of your product/service on the Landing Page.

Wrapping Up!

We recommend you use your own best judgment and come up with the right combination of the elements listed above. There is no definitive guide. You need to first make a few changes, track how the changes have altered your conversion and then test again. Do let us know what are the techniques you use for a high converting Landing Page. 

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