Icegram: Get Complete Email Marketing And Retargeting Solution With EA for Elementor

Today, we are excited to announce that you will get the complete Email marketing solution, Icegram for Free with the Essential Addons Exclusive Bundle. With this Black Friday offer, you will be able to enhance your website performance and set your email marketing strategy in an advanced way. You can both save your money and boost your site conversions with this sizzling deal. Besides, Icegram is also offering 30% discount on its all premium packages. So, don’t forget to miss out on this exciting deal with Essential Addons and Icegram.


Just think, how your audience will get to know about your latest blogs, offers or special discounts? It’s not likely that they will automatically get attracted to your products and keep eyes on your website! You have to impress them by implementing different & exciting marketing approaches. But how you are going to reach out to your potential buyers or blog readers? You need to target your audience with email marketing and retargeting tactics to generate and maintain leads to boost conversions. Without running a spontaneous email marketing campaign you won’t be able to establish your footsteps strongly at online medium.

That’s the reason people are now searching for advanced and feature-rich email marketing and retargeting solution. The best solution would be from which they can run, analyze, track and convert their visitors into their permanent blog readers and customers. Eventually, it will help you to grow your site conversions and engagement massively. Icegram would just be the perfect tool that you have been searching for since it offers all in one package of premium email marketing plugin for WordPress. Most impressively, it will boost your clicks, leads, and conversion on the spot. Let’s find out more details about what you can achieve with this ultimate email marketing plugin.

What Is Icegram?

Icegram is more than just an email marketing plugin that will only generate leads for you. It offers you a complete combined package of email marketing and retargeting solutions. You can run a campaign, analyze your user experience and retarget them to grow your business with this innovative tactic. You will be able to create message campaigns to sell your products, services, or latest blog news initially to engage and convert your audience’s attention.


Moreover, you can set your targeting rules with this plugin. It will make them notice your latest campaign with amazing popups, exit intent or other premade design templates on the website. It will not only impress them but influence your visitors to become your permanent customer as well. Thus, it can sky-rocket your conversions and take your business to a new height.


Icegram allows you to promote your latest updates to anywhere of your website and remarket your offers news anytime you want. The most amazing is that you can create stunning popups using different themes and layouts it offers. If you want, you can even edit your designs with shortcodes, and apply different targeting rules with Icegram. For instance, you can showcase your latest flaming deals news as featured, action bar, exist intent, messages, toast notification and many more to go with.

Perfect Email Marketing Solution For WordPress

Well, you have to put a lot of effort into your marketing plans to target your visitors to engage with your newsletter subscription, latest blogs or special services. Icegram easily takes care of this hassle and saves a lot of your time in the process. Because of its simplicity, this tool will surely make you one step ahead of your competitors. Without further ado, let’s get into more details about how IceGram will power up your email marketing and retargeting tactics.

Engage, Convert & Inspire Audience To Increase SignUps

A wonderful thing about Icegram is that you are able to do a lot of experiments with your email marketing and retargeting tactics. With beautiful template design for different campaign messages, you can influence your website visitors to be your lead very easily. It provides beautiful popup windows, email subscription form or automated messages on websites by displaying important news with attractive CTA. You can schedule your campaign message to choose animation and make it display as per your desired time. Surely this will help you to get more leads and conversions by applying advanced targeting plans.


Exclusive Lead Generation Features

Icegram message comes with 12+ readymade exclusive features like Action Bar, Toast, Messenger, Popup and more. You just have to customize it and integrate the message having 120+ premade Campaign options. You can choose your email marketing and retargeting campaign amazing premade themes from the Gallery section. Besides, you can decide where you want to display your news alert as well. After running a campaign you can check the bounce rate, hygiene your lead list automatically and can target geo-based audience. Not only that, you will get the full authority to set your retargeting rules with A/B testing in its premium support. You can analyze your audience’s impression on your email campaign through Analytics.


What Makes Icegram an Exceptional Tool?

In the WordPress marketplace, you will find lots of marketing tools that you can use. However, most of them are either very expensive or don’t have enough functionalities to experiment with your campaign performance and remarket it. Whereas, considering its exciting features we have mentioned already, Icegram would be a perfect plugin to run successful email marketing campaigns without any hassle. With different types of Call to Action notification types, you can easily do A/B split testing and check how your campaigns are performing. Along with its 120+ ready-made templates, you can also use Icegram for reducing bounce rates, geo-targeting, and many more amazing things.

Grab Icegram for Free with EA for Elementor

We are delighted to make a partnership with this amazing marketing tool, Icegram. You can now grab Icegram for FREE with Essential Addons for Elementor PRO. Exclusive Bundle of Essential Addons will include 1-year license of Icegram. So, if you are searching for way to boost up your Elementor powered website and sky-rocket your conversion, hurry up! Don’t dare to miss out on this marvelous Black Friday deal only for $119.

Final Words

To sum up, Icegram gives you full access and control to track, analyze and boost your sales lead and conversion. So, if you want to power up your email marketing and retargeting experience, you should definitely consider using this excellent plugin and take your business to the next level.

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