How To Make Your Blog Less Boring With Quick Image Slider Using Elementor

Now here is a funny thing about Image Extensive Blogs, multiple Images enrich a blog but on the flip side they take up too much of the space. But that’s the price you have to pay when you are using Image Slider for WordPress Blogs. However, your readers might not be willing to pay the price.

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You have to remember, as a blogger you have to make your reader’s experience as smooth as possible, and Image-Extensive sections kill that. How? Think for a second, if you place Images on top of each other, that means vertically, your readers will have to make multiple scrolls to cover the same amount of space that could have been covered with just one scroll. Now, that’s the issues. So if we further break it down, the problem arises if you place Images on top of each other.

Nobody Likes Meaningless Scrolling

So this means Image-Extensive Blogs are not a bad thing at all. But vertical arrangements of the images are. What’s the solution to this? The solution is very simple. The solution requires giving your readers the option of either taking the time to go image by image or completely ignoring them. Yes! You might be wondering after all the long hours you put it to curate just the right images for your gallery, why would you want to include a feature that lets your viewers completely ignore them! How heartless is that!

Yes, it’s heartless but it’s the reality. You don’t want to include so many images that it leads to a high bounce rate. Instead, you want to keep the images but place them inside a gallery layout. This gallery layout will have a certain portion of your images visible. If it is enough to intrigue the interest of your readers they can make it take up the full-screen for further inspection.

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Create Image Slider For WordPress Using Elementor

You can create an Advanced Image Gallery using the EA Image Accordion. Why is it advanced? Generic Image Galleries will place images in a layout. That’s exactly what you expect from a Gallery right? But EA Image Accordion not only places the images side-by-side but also adds a nice animation to fuse them all together.

Open your Elementor Editor. While working with the EA Image Accordion, the first thing you want to do is set the number of Images you want to use for your Slider. If you want to use one image twice, you can simply duplicate it and not have to worry about its styling. However, if you plan on adding different pictures in the gallery you can simply hit the Add An Item button. Use the cross icon at the right-hand corner of every card to remove it.

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Now after you have added the number of cards for your Slider, it’s time to add the Content. Every image on the gallery will have a separate Card. Click on the Card to open it. Each card will have an image and a text field. Use the Text field to add your Title for the image.

If you feel unable to express your message only by using the Title field use the mini WordPress Editor to add a Sub-Text for the Image.

While you are setting the styling, remember to use distinct colors for both the Overlay and Hover Overlay.

How To Make Your Blog Less Boring With Quick Image Slider Using Elementor 3

After you are done with adjusting the normal styling, it’s time to adjust the Color and Typography for both the Title and Content.

Wrapping Up!

The EA Image Accordion requires very little input from you. Start off by uploading the images for the gallery, then select an Animation Style. And lastly, tweak a few bars to create the perfect styling that complements both the images and the Blog content.

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