Create A Killer Landing Page For Restaurant Business Using Elementor

With the rising popularity of Smartphone, we are giving more and more priority to our virtual life. This is true for your restaurant patrons as well. New customers would like to learn about you before they make their visit to your restaurant. And existing customers might visit your Website to learn about new discounts and offers.

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If you own a restaurant business and don’t have a Website yet, you are doing it wrong. Everyone is taking their business online. It’s not necessary that you start generating revenue from the Website right off the bat, but it can be used as a great marketing tool. And the low price of launching and maintaining a Website makes it all more necessary. Small business owners feel like they can’t afford to have a website. But price should not be an issue, as you can use Free WordPress solutions to create a stunning Website.

And about maintenance, whoever has used Elementor knows how easy it is to create a Website with this Page Builder. And of course, you don’t need to know a lot of programming languages. In fact, you don’t need to know any of the programming languages and still make a stunning Restaurant Landing Page for your Restaurant Business from home. If you still have any doubts check out our blog where we have recreated the Home Page of Apple and come back.

Using Elementor Template

To create the Restaurant Landing Page we are going to use Elementor Template. Open your WordPress Dashboard and launch the Elementor Library. Search for Restaurant Templates. Pick one and hit insert.

Create A Killer Landing Page For Restaurant Business Using Elementor 1

Populate the template with your own content

Now be very cautious as you fill up the template with your own content. You can’t afford to keep any of the dummy contents that came with the Elementor Template itself. Just imagine the damage this can do. A great way to avoid such mishaps is by using the Elementor Navigator feature.

With Elementor Version 2.2, the Elementor team added a useful design feature to help users clear their pages clutter. Navigator is a navigation tree panel providing easy access to every element on the editor with just one click.

Create A Killer Landing Page For Restaurant Business Using Elementor 2

Using Elementor Blocks

The template you pick might not have all the necessary sections for a good Restaurant Landing Page. But that doesn’t mean using Templates isn’t worth it. See you can easily add new sections to the template instead of removing the entire template and looking for the perfect one. You can use Elementor Blocks to compensate for the missing parts on the Elementor Template.

For example, the template you pick might not include a pricing section. But you might consider having one of utmost importance. What do you do then? Simple! You use Elementor Blocks. To add blocks to templates, open the Elementor Library and navigate to Blocks. You will find blocks for every one of your needs, be it a CTA section, a Features section or a Pricing Section.

Create A Killer Landing Page For Restaurant Business Using Elementor 3

Wrapping Up!

After you are done creating the Restaurant Landing Page save it and come back to WordPress Editor. Now that you have the page, you need to set it as your Website’s Homepage. To do so navigate to Settings>>Reading. From that page select the Page you just created as your Home Page and you are done.

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