How to Increase Your LearnDash Course Enrollment Rates With NotificationX

LearnDash is one of the most popular Learning Management solutions for WordPress. It is equally suited for Educational Institutions, Non-Profits, Developers as well as CEU Training Organizations. If you have an MOOC website similar to Udemy that you have created with LearnDash, then you know how tough it is to reach out to potential learners. But not anymore! Using NotificationX, you can increase the enrollment rates on your e-learning platform with real-time social proof popup.

learndash course notificationx

Learners want to Reduce Information Clatter

The most widely used and effective way to grow your Enrollment rate for LearnDash Course is by displaying how many people are signing up for courses on your LearnDash Website and who they are. New learners will want to know if real people are signing up for your online courses. Why? The answer is pretty obvious. Currently, there is an over-abundance of online resources. There are Online Courses, Blog content, Video walk-through as well as instruction Info-graphics. Amid all these clatters, learners will want to go for those resources that will add actual value to their lives. And one of the easiest ways, they can do that is by checking who is signing up for a certain LearnDash Course.

The Credibility of your Certification

There is another concern among your potential online learners for your LearnDash Course. There is a specific reason why people resort to Online Courses. The most obvious reason is, people, want to learn a new skill on the fly. Often they don’t have the time to enroll in a course that mandates them to be physically present at the classes. But this doesn’t mean they will compromise with the content provider for that course. At the end of the course, all the learners expect to receive a certification that they can show to potential employers. The way they can judge the credibility of your online LeanrDash Course and its certification is by seeing if actual sign-up for your courses.

How to Increase Your LearnDash Course Enrollment

learndash course notificationx


NotificationX gives you this amazing facility to showcase your LearnDash Course Enrollment alert on your website. This impressive FOMO marketing approach will definitely grab the attention of your site visitors and increase your course enrollment rate massively.

To create a LearnDash Course Enrollment Notification for your Website, access to your WordPress Admin panel. Install & activate NotificationX plugin and when you are done, navigate to NotificationX>>Add New and Create a new Notification.

Afterward, navigate to the  ‘Source’ Tab page of your NotificationX. Simply put a Title and use the drop-down menu to choose ‘Sales Notification’ as your Notification type. Afterward, simply just pick ‘LearnDash’ as your Source.

How to Increase Your LearnDash Course Enrollment Rates With NotificationX 1

After selecting LearnDash, you will get to configure the design and content just the way you want. You can also customize the display setting and how frequently you want to showcase it. For details instructions, you can check out the tutorial video below.

Wrapping Up!

There is thorough walk-through documentation on this topic at NotificationX doc page. You can also check that out and do leave a comment below if you need further assistance with creating your first NotificationX message for your LearnDash Course Enrollment.

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