Monster’s Award 2023: WPDeveloper Wins 3 WordPress Community Awards

The conclusion of 2023 has brought extra brilliance to WPDeveloper as we gear up for 2024. Thanks to the prestigious glow of three Monster’s Awards 2023, we’re infused with heightened energy and motivation for the upcoming year. It’s not just about turning a new page; it’s about entering the future with a trio of victories that echo our commitment to excellence.

Monster’s Awards 2023

In a triumphant sweep, WPDeveloper Blog emerges as the Best WordPress Blog—a celebration of shared insights of the WordPress ecosystem and a thriving community. Not to be outdone, BetterLinks secures the runner-up position for Best Optimization Plugin, showcasing its prowess in effortless link management, shaping a seamless experience of WordPress enhancements. Meanwhile, Essential Blocks secures 3rd place for Best Design Plugin and enhances the artistry of Gutenberg web building.

What Is The Sole Objective Of Monster’s Awards

The Monster’s Award, an annual competition orchestrated by TemplateMonster, serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate the finest WordPress products. Focused on showcasing exceptional WordPress products, this non-commercial event grants winners both the prestige of the accolade and increased visibility. This includes features on TemplateMonster’s official blog, social media channels, PPC ads, and email newsletters.

The award operates with transparency, utilizing a sign-up option for voting to ensure the integrity of the results and prevent manipulation. Ensuring confidentiality, participants’ personal data is safeguarded from promotional activities or sharing with nominated product authors. This emphasizes the award’s dedication to fairness and impartiality.

In our journey, we are proud to have triumphed, securing three prestigious awards in the process.

Crowned Glory: WPDeveloper Blog Takes The Best WordPress Blog 

Our triumphant saga unfolds with WPDeveloper Blog being crowned as the Best WordPress Blog, a victory achieved amidst fierce competition. 

monster’s award

From insightful tutorials to in-house events and real-time updates on everything WordPress, our blog is like a lighthouse for enthusiasts and experts alike. With a user-centric approach, rich visual content, and a vibrant community of avid readers, we tower above and we strive to empower and inspire the WordPress community at every step.

Heartfelt thanks to each one of you who played a pivotal role in securing our place atop the WordPress podium with your continued support. This achievement doesn’t belong solely to us; it’s a testament to the steadfast support of our valued customers and readers, turning this triumph into the ultimate success.

BetterLinks: Runner-Up As The Best Optimization Plugin

BetterLinks, clinching the 2nd spot in the optimization plugin category, emerges as a powerhouse offering users unparalleled assistance in link shortening, link cloaking, A/B testing, and an array of unique features. We are dedicated to providing a reliable and excellent environment for managing WordPress links, and BetterLinks takes the lead in offering users advanced capabilities to optimize their marketing campaigns effectively.

Monster's Award 2023

BetterLinks, the optimization powerhouse, has unleashed a wave of innovation in 2023. Effortlessly organize with Link Categories, streamline workflow with Auto Link Creation, and ensure security with Password Protected Links. Ensure transparency using clear Affiliate Link Disclosures. With GA4 Integration, gain comprehensive insights, and mark Favorites Links for unparalleled efficiency.

Essential Blocks Clinched Third Place Among Renowned Industry Giants

Essential Blocks has carved its place among giants like Elementor, securing 3rd place as the Best Design plugin for WordPress. This recognition is more than just a nod to aesthetics; it’s a validation of Essential Blocks’ ability to seamlessly blend style and substance, uplifting the visual appeal of WordPress websites.

Monster’s Award 2023

In a remarkable journey, Essential Blocks has scaled new heights in 2023, introducing Essential Blocks PRO and achieving milestones that speak volumes.

Introducing many premium blocks, from dynamic layouts to enhanced functionality, we’ve reshaped your Gutenberg experience. Surpassing 100,000 active installations stands as a testament to the plugin’s popularity and reliability, a milestone fueled by the unwavering trust of our growing community. As user satisfaction echoes in over so many resounding 5-star reviews, we’re humbled by the acknowledgment from our dedicated users.

This victory isn’t just an accolade this is a celebration of our dedicated users who’ve crafted thousands of Gutenberg websites using our fantastic plugin.

Closing The Curtain with Gratitude: Thanks to the WPDeveloper Team

In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each member of the WPDeveloper family. To our dedicated employees whose tireless efforts and passion have sculpted our success, we say thank you. The Monster’s Award 2023 isn’t just a reflection of the past; it’s a promise for the future. As we are undertaking the journey ahead, we carry the lessons of 2023 with us, steadfast in our commitment to delivering excellence to the ever-evolving WordPress community.

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