How Does NotificationX Increase Sales on WordPress Websites?

NotificationX is a FOMO and Social Proof Marketing Plugin that lets you display Social Proof pop-ups on your WordPress Website. This way you can create urgency among your potential clients and ultimately increase sales on your WordPress Website.

As you will learn in the later parts of this blog, this plugin works perfectly with all popular e-commerce solutions such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads.

How Does NotificationX Increase Sales on WordPress Websites? 1

So without any ado, let’s start today’s blog where we will be talking about how urgency, peer pressure and social proof can help you increase sales on WordPress Website. After that, we will see how NotificationX can help you.

People have grown accustomed to online buying. And why shouldn’t they? It is easier, takes less time, and you can shop from the convenience of your living room. If that’s the scenario why do owners of WordPress Websites complain about failing to make enough conversions? The answer is very clear. As buyers cannot physically examine the product they want to buy, they feel concerned about its quality. Who would like to end up buying something that looks nothing like its online images? But of course, there are proven ways for removing your user’s concern regarding the quality of your product. Buyers rely on Social Proof to validate the product and its seller.

There are many WordPress Plugins that help you create beautiful Product Galleries for your Online shop, which ultimately helps you create a friendly website. But when it comes to conversion, Social Proof is a must. It helps you increase sales.

Displaying Social Proof for Increasing Sales

There are multiple areas of the selling process where NotificationX places its impact. The very first one is by building credibility. Remember the actual reason why buyers hesitate to purchase online, its because they cannot physically examine the product. But what if they could hear what others are saying about this product.

In present times, everything is influenced by the presence of the internet and smartphones. In fact thanks to these two innovations, there is a completely new way of purchasing products. This new buying behavior, online shopping, gains its validity by social proof left by buyers in the form of comments, ratings, and reviews. People are more likely to buy something if they see someone else is also buying the product, it’s not necessary that they must know each other personally. NotificationX lets you display all kinds of Social Proof in any Web-Page on your Website.

Social Proof  Triggers FOMO

Even if Social Proof fails, there is another kind of marketing tactic that will not. And that is FOMO, which is an abbreviation for Fear of Missing Out. But how can you generate FOMO given your business is completely online.

The best way to create FOMO is via the display of Social Proof. By displaying the number of products in your stock and the high quality of your product, you are making your potential buyers feel that there are only a limited number of units available. This is the Fear Of Missing Out phenomenon. And its proven that people are more likely to buy your product given there is only a limited number of them available. It is also related to the exclusivity of products. Everyone likes to buy products that are one of a kind.

NotificationX for WooCommerce Site

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress. If you are using NotificationX and WooCommerce on your site you can integrate them together. Afterward, you can display any new sales notification made on your site as a pop-up sales notification.

Thanks to this amazing  FOMO Technique, you are able to immediately grab the attention of your visitors & increase sales & your conversion rate. With NotificationX, you can easily design a fascinating Sales Notification on your WordPress website to keep everyone engaged.

How Does NotificationX Increase Sales on WordPress Websites? 2

NotificationX for E-Commerce Site

Not only WooCommerce, NotificationX is the ideal Social Proof plugin that works perfectly fine with other e-commerce solutions for WordPress such as Easy Digital Downloads. NotificationX lets you display the recent product purchase made by the customers as a notification popup on your website. Using NotificationX, you can easily design a fascinating EDD Sales Notification on your WordPress website to keep everyone engaged.

How Does NotificationX Increase Sales on WordPress Websites? 3

Increase Donations

NotificationX also works with GiveWP, which is the most popular donation plugin for WordPress. This is a great plugin if you want to receive donations on your site. Using NotificationX you can increase donations received on your site by displaying who else is also making donations and in what amount.

If you are selling WordPress Plugins and Themes and using Freemius to do so, NotificationX will also help you in this regard. You can fetch in download stats for your WordPress plugin directly from Freemius using NotificationX.

Increase Course Enrollment

If you are using LearnDash, selling more course enrollment means more revenue. LeanrDash is the most popular LMS plugin for WordPress. Many 500 Fortune Companies, as well as major universities, use this plugin on their WordPress Website. If you are using LearnDash too, NotificationX will help you grab the attention of your site visitors and increase your course enrollment rate massively.

Sell More Digital Assets

Envato is undoubtedly the largest collection of Digital Assets. Starting from Video, high-quality images, audio, graphics, logo design, website templates, email templates, you name it, it has it all. Moreover, this is an open online marketplace, any talented digital artist can sell their assets via this platform.

If you are using Envato you can use NotificationX to display FOMO Sales Notification Alerts for your Envato platform. You are able to customize the sales popup anyway you want and make it appealing to increase your conversion rate.

Wrapping Up!

NotificationX is the ideal solution for exploiting Social Proof and FOMO to increase sales & your conversion. Apart from displaying recent sales notifications, you can also use this plugin to display other notification types as well as custom notifications.

There are four types of messages you can display using NotificationX. They are Sales Notification, WP Comments, Notification Bar and, Subscription Alert. All these four types of messages have different benefits, but the ultimate goal is the same, and that is to increase sales and conversion for your WordPress Website.

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