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Boost Your Content Sharing Experience In Twitter

Increase your post visibility & boost your social presence. No need to worry about the markup, per post image selection & description. Get automated approval in your Twitter Card Application.

Share Your Posts With Automatic Meta Tag

Adding Twitter Meta was never been easy. But we come up with every possible solution to help you out. Just Sit Back and See Your Twitter Grow.

Showcase Your Post The Way You Want

It provides outstanding Twitter card markups! You can display your content with the information you want.

Different Twitter Cards

Increase your Twitter interaction with a different type of cards. 100% validate meta according to
Twitter and get immediate approval within minutes

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Summary Card

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Photo Card

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Summary Card with Large Image

[Addon] Summary Card with Large Image

Twitter Summary Card with Large Image is one of the newest card that comes as an addon for Twitter Cards Meta. This is super useful for website who has content to share with good image.

In one word, Photo Card + Summary Card = Summary Card with Large Image.

You get the visual exposure of Photo Card plus content depth of Summary card, all together. Read details in Twitter Official site, we just automate the system and you dont have to code anything! But you must have free Twitter Cards Meta already installed, this is an addon.

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Advanced Features for Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards Meta gives the complete, easiest & simplest solution to visualize posts
on Twitter with advanced features of Cards

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Auto Add Twitter Cards Meta Tags

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Multi-Author Blog Support

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Add Twitter Cards meta tags

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Addon Supported

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Photo Card Support

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MetaBox For Post Panel

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Validate W3C Markup Service

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Summary Card with Large Image Added

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The Twitter Cards Meta plugin allows you to easily implement Twitter Cards into your WordPress website or blog. When activating the plugin, an options page within your WordPress dashbaord is being created. You can access it via the Twitter Cards admin menu.

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Twitter Cards Meta help your Tweets stand out in your followers’ timeline by adding images, a call to action or other features regular Tweets don’t have. Twitter Cards Meta takes care of the technical side of integrating the feature into your site. All you have to do is fill out a few boxes and you’re done.

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Twitter Cards Meta plugin makes it possible to add summary, photo, app, product cards, etc., to your blog. In this way you can increase your Twitter profile visibility, driving more traffic to the site.

New Twitter Cards Are Coming

This will fulfill the entire journey of post sharing from the WordPress site to Twitter

App Card

Coming Soon

Player Card

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