How To Create Creative Portfolio Page In Minutes Using Elementor [Without Coding]

Whether you are a Photographer or a Writer, a nicely built Portfolio Page will help you to showcase your works. You can think of the Portfolio Page as a digital resume of your work. Using the Portfolio Page, you can let potential clients look into your skills and expertise any time and from anywhere.

Portfolio Page

Create Portfolio Page For WordPress

You should consider Portfolio Page For WordPress as the only Marketing tool you need. If you can build a good and interactive Portfolio Page, it will be enough to land you more work. Don’t worry, you don’t need to hire anyone to help you build a Portfolio Page. You can do it all by yourself, from the comfort of your living room.

In fact, if you are using Elementor, you can create a Portfolio Page in minutes as it comes with the right elements and appropriate templates. 

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Pages>>Add New.
  • Name the Page “Portfolio” and save it.
  • Open the Elementor Editor.
  • Once you are inside the Elementor Interface, open the Elementor Template Library. 
  • Search for Portfolio inside the search bar. Elementor will load Portfolio Pages for you.
  • Pick one and hit the Insert button.
  • After you have inserted a template, you can make adjustments to it. You can choose to remove existing elements on that template and add ones. After you are done making adjustments hit the Save button.
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Create a Portfolio Section on your Website

If you would rather place a small Portfolio Section on your Website instead of creating a completely different Portfolio Page, you can do it too. There is a Portfolio Element as well. This element is like any other Elementor element.

After you specify the posts you want to include in your Portfolio, you can filter them by using Date, Title, Tags, Authors as well as Categories. After you have set the selection criteria, you can set an order for the posts- ascending or descending. You can also use the Image Gallery element to display screenshots of your work.

Wrapping Up

If you want you can set the Portfolio Page as your Website homepage. To do so, go back to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Settings>Reading. From the Your HomePage Display drop-down select the page you just created. Scroll down and hit the Save Changes button. And that should be it. From now on, clients will see your work Portfolio the first thing after they land on your Website.

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