How to Design Beautiful Real Estate Landing Page Using Elementor

Real Estate Business is different from other businesses in terms of the customers it serves. Most of its beneficiaries are in their mid-30’s and above. And anyone in that age range must struggle to balance work life and personal life. If you have a Real Estate Company, you should expect your potential clients to be super busy, so busy that they might not even have the time to come down to your office. So what can you do to solve this? How about creating an estate landing page that will be accessible 24/7.

How to Design Beautiful Real Estate Landing Page Using Elementor 1

Use Elementor Template

Elementor is a great tool for creating Web-Pages. In a nutshell, it gives you important blocks for building your Website, but it also gives you Templates. And luckily there are Elementor Templates for Home Pages, About Pages, Pricing Page for any type of business. It is true for Real Estate landing pages as well.

If you are already using Elementor, launch it and open the Template Library. Search for “Real Estate” and you will see beautiful templates appear on your screen. Pick one, edit the content and you are good to go.

How to Design Beautiful Real Estate Landing Page Using Elementor 2

One of the drawbacks of the Real Estate landing page Templates on Elementor is, they are not suited for Real Estate Listing Sites. Other than that they are the perfect and easiest way to create a Landing Page for your Real Estate Business.

Emphasize on Your Agents

Real Estate Agents are important for buying and selling of properties. On behalf of you, they negotiate, they execute any inspection and repair work required on your property, and finally prepare the purchase agreement. And at many times, your potential buyers will not have any direct contact with you, your Agents will take care of all the communication.

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This makes it very important that you let your potential buyers know about the people they will be dealing with. You can easily do it by placing a Team Member section on your website. Make sure you highlight the qualifications your agents hold clearly, as well as include their contact information correctly.

Must have a Newsletter form

Just like any other type of business, Real Estate companies also need to reach out to their potential clients. The most formal way to do it is via Email. And when you are in the Real Estate business, you should always go with the Formal channels of communication. The simplest way to collect Email IDs of your potential buyers is via placement of a News-Letter sign-up form on your Website.

How to Design Beautiful Real Estate Landing Page Using Elementor 4

Use Filterable Gallery for filtering

Your potential buyers will not make a purchase without first comparing the available options. And there is nothing wrong with it. It’s a very common consumer trend. And honestly, you are the one who needs to make sure they can easily and effortlessly make a comparison between alternative options.

How to Design Beautiful Real Estate Landing Page Using Elementor 5

What you see above is a Filterable Gallery. All the images in the Gallery have specific credentials such as Apartments or Condos, which sit at the top of the gallery. Once clicked, the images reshuffle to show only those images that fulfill the criteria.

You can include an advance search section on your homepage. But it is only recommended if you hoping to create a Real Estate Landing page. Your potential buyers will be looking for suitable places that suit their income, location, and other such criteria. And they would be delighted if they can start doing that soon after they land on your Website. By placing a Search Box on your Homepage you are helping in just that, making the website surfing for your site visitors as seamless as possible.

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Virtual Tours-Embed Videos

With the recent advancements in technology, you can offer an interactive tour of your properties. This way individuals can better compare the alternatives. In case you are willing to offer that virtual experience to your potential buyers, you are going to need some equipment.

The first thing you are going to need is a 360 Degree Camera. After you capture your tour-video, simply upload the Video on YouTube or any other Video Sharing Platform. And in the last step, simply embed that video on your website, as simple as that.

Wrap Up!

In conclusion, we want to remind you again that Elementor Templates are great for creating your Real Estate Landing Page. They are not at all suitable for creating a Real Estate Listing Site. However, if you looking to create a Website for your Real Estate Company, then the Elementor Templates are the best option.

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