Rebranding Announcement: WP Scheduled Posts Is Now SchedulePress

With the beginning of a promising new year, we are thrilled to unveil SchedulePress, a rebranded and revamped version of WP Scheduled Posts, one of the most popular content planning tools for WordPress. By giving it a refreshed new look and identity, we are excited to share that from now on, WP Scheduled Posts is SchedulePress, and comes with new improved design and tons of enhancements to help you take your content management to the next level.

WP Scheduled Posts Is SchedulePress

Despite the change in name, the original features of WP Scheduled Posts will remain the same, but with a more with a more attractive and modern design. In terms of user experience, SchedulePress will have all the amazing features that you enjoyed about WP Scheduled Posts. This includes the interactive drag-and-drop Schedule Calendar, the advanced Auto Scheduler for for automatically publishing your content and Manual Scheduler that gives you full control over managing your WordPress posts. 

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In other words, if you have used and loved WP Scheduled Posts, then you will be delighted with the new, advanced user interface in SchedulePress. It will come with all the features and tools that you had in WP Scheduled Posts to boost your content planning strategy.

So what exactly is new? And why are we rebranding to SchedulePress?

A Brand New Identity: Now WP Scheduled Posts Is SchedulePress

Here at WPDeveloper, we are constantly trying to find ways to enhance your WordPress experience with our products. When we first launched WP Scheduled Posts FREE back in 2012, we were overwhelmed with the support and love that we received from the community. Since then, we have been adding new features, fixes and improvements to make WP Scheduled Posts your ultimate, all-in-one content planning solution

Now that WP Scheduled Posts is SchedulePress, we are hoping to make this popular plugin faster and better than ever before by redesigning the entire coding structure, and introducing new enhancements.

Introducing SchedulePress: New Improvements & Fixes To Boost Your Content Planning

SchedulePress comes with several improvements and fixes to enhance your experience while still keeping all the things that you loved about WP Scheduled Posts. In other words, all the features that you enjoyed with WP Scheduled Posts, such as the drag-and-drop Schedule Calendar, the Missed Schedule Handler, the Auto Scheduler and Manual Scheduler, they will all remain the same. We have only made some tweaks here and there so that you can use these features in a better way.

Revamped Coding Structure With React JS 16.7

The entire coding structure of WP Scheduled Posts has been revamped and changed with SchedulePress, due to the implementation of React JS 16.7. This is a modern web framework and is the best practice for creating more intuitive user interfaces. 

To put it simply, now that WP Scheduled Posts is SchedulePress,  you will notice that the plugin user interface is a lot smoother than before.

Improvements With A New User Interface

WP Scheduled Posts Is SchedulePress

The new user interface for SchedulePress is designed to help you find all the tools you need to boost your content planning all in one place. This time, the SchedulePress dashboard is more organized. For instance, the Social Templates tab has been revamped so it not only looks better, but is easier to use as well.

WP Scheduled Posts Is SchedulePress

Now, you can easily customize your social share template for every social media platform supported by SchedulePress straight from your dashboard. This gives you more control on how you want to share your WordPress content on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest to boost engagement. 

You can connect your WordPress website to these social media networks by going to the Social Profile tab. Here, you can add multiple social profiles for each social media network and get more engagement with SchedulePress.

Rebranding Announcement: WP Scheduled Posts Is Now SchedulePress 1

After connecting your social media accounts with SchedulePress, you can customize the appearance of your WordPress content when you share it on social media. You will find these options in the redesigned Social Templates tab. From choosing the content source, adding categories as tags, setting custom character limits, you can now enjoy complete freedom when customizing the social share templates directly from the dashboard.

WP Scheduled Posts Is SchedulePress

Similarly, now that WP Schedule Posts is SchedulePress, some of the advanced features have been slightly redesigned for better user experience. For example, you can create and manage your content schedule with the Auto Scheduler and Manual Scheduler, and even activate the Missed Schedule Handler to make sure you never miss a schedule, all in one place.

WP Scheduled Posts Is SchedulePress

Query Optimization For Faster Performance

SchedulePress is now faster than ever thanks to some tweaks we have made here and there to reduce the load time with query optimization. This means that less requests will be sent to the server, which will make the plugin work faster than before.

Added Support For WordPress 5.6

WordPress 5.6 was launched in December 2020 and is currently the latest update for WordPress. It comes with tons of improvements, fixes, and features, which you can read about in our blog post here. To give you the best experience with SchedulePress, we have added support for WordPress 5.6 so that you can manage your content smoothly without any problem.

Final Thoughts

Ready to try these new changes with SchedulePress? Share your experience and thoughts with us; we would love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions, feel free to visit our documentation page or contact our support team. 



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