Social Proof Growth Hacks: Leverage Traffic Count to Generate More Traffic [2023]

Social Proof can help you leverage your current website traffic count to generate more traffic! Yes, Traffic to your site is also Social Proof, and if used right, it can boost future traffic to your website.

Social Proof Growth Hacks: Leverage Traffic Count to Generate More Traffic

People Feeling More Confident Visiting Sites with High Traffic

How do you know if a site is getting high traffic? Everyone coming on the web and looking for something asks this question, and for very obvious reasons. A site with high traffic means it hosts high-quality content. Also, it means it can provide them with accurate and valid information that they are looking for.

But how can an internet user figure out which site gets high traffic? Most of them make the mistake of thinking the site which appears at the top of their Search Engine Results must have high Traffic. But that is not true.

See Google has many algorithms that modify its search results according to the demography. What this means is if ‘Site X ‘ ranks first for a certain search string, it is not necessarily gonna rank first in other regions of the world. Don’t believe me. Go ahead and search for the same search string on normal mode and then on incognito mode. You will see for yourself.

As a marketer, you can help such doubtful site visitors grow trust in you. How? By giving them what they are looking for and that is showing them how many times your site has been visited during a certain time span. It’s not necessary that you need to get 1M hits every day. If you can convey the message that your site has a real audience base, it should be enough.

Social Proof Growth Hacks: Leverage Traffic Count to Generate More Traffic [2023] 1

Leveraging the Social Proof Effect

We can try to understand how your website traffic can help in gaining user credibility and trust from the perspective of Social Proof. Social Proof is user-generated content that is publicly available. It can be a simple tweet on Twitter, Facebook Comment, Quora Upvote or a Like on YouTube.

Social Proof helps marketers to convey the message that neither their business nor their customers are fake. And Site Visitor Count is also a form of Social Proof and an effective one.

Eliminate the Feeling of Lone Ranger

Drawing from the concept of Social Proof, View Count can easily eliminate the feeling of isolation. See when a user lands on your Website, they can see information on your website, browse through your Web-Pages, read your blogs. But whatever they do, they don’t see that another hundred people might be doing the same thing.

Humans are complex. If you go to a store and find a shiny shoe that attracts your attention at first glance, your first instinct will be to buy it. But what if you look around and see no one else is inside the store, you are the only one shopping there. It will definitely make you give second thoughts about buying that shiny shoe.

And what if after looking over your shoulder, you see a handful of other customers roaming around the store, but no one is near the shoe you are staring it, it will also have a negative impact on your purchase decision. This happens in the digital shopping sphere as well.

For some websites, if we sit each of their site visitors side by side, we can fill an entire room. And for some other websites, we can fill an entire Football field with their site visitors. But from the perspective of a single visitor, as he can’t see anyone else browsing your website, it might alter their initial outlook towards your website.

Marketers can quickly eliminate doubts from the minds of their customers by displaying a short message at any corner of the screen stating ‘How many visitors are looking at a certain Webpage at this moment. This simple stat can immediately remove any doubts from the minds of your site visitors about the authenticity of your Website. It can do another thing.

Social Proof Growth Hacks: Leverage Traffic Count to Generate More Traffic [2023] 2

Creating Urgency Among Site Visitors

If your users are looking into your Pricing Page as you are running a new Discount offer, as soon as they see the message that ‘X’ number of people are looking at the same page with them, they will feel the urgency to go for the deal. Nobody likes to miss out on opportunities that they see has created a buzz.

Social Proof Growth Hacks: Leverage Traffic Count to Generate More Traffic [2023] 3

Marketers have a hard time growing their site visits. Every month they have to answer the same question, how many visitors did you have this month, what is the percentage increase. The struggle is real.

I believe there are two ways you can grow your audience. The first one involves continuous efforts and the second one involves deploying one-stop solutions. You must be wondering what the one-stop solutions are. If you have read the blog carefully, you already know the answer to that- it is the display of Website View count.

There is a proverb that says, “Money makes Money”. It is true in Digital Marketing as well. If you have healthy traffic to your website on a daily basis, you can leverage it to gain more traffic. It is only a matter of how you are able to present it. If you want to try how to visit count can positively impact your future traffic generation, I’ll leave a resource for you, and that is NotificationX.

Social Proof Growth Hacks: Leverage Traffic Count to Generate More Traffic [2023] 4

You might be already using this Plugin. NotificationX helps you leverage Social Proof by deploying Notification Pop-Ups throughout your website. Moreover, this plugin also lets you see the stats in real-time, so you know which Notification is doing better than others. And most recently it has included the feature to display Google Analytics Stats as notification pop-ups.

Social Proof Growth Hacks: Leverage Traffic Count to Generate More Traffic [2023] 5


NotificationX lets you present the View Count data in different ways directly fetching it from your Google Analytics Account. You can display your total site view count of the last day, month or year. You can also display page-specific view count and limit the notification to certain pages. You can also display a real-time display that contains the number of people looking at a certain page at this moment. There is a whole lot of other things you can do with NotificationX, why not try it out yourself. 

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