How To Stop Spam Comments on Your WordPress Website

Before we answer how you can stop spam comments on your WordPress site, let’s discuss a few basic questions. What do bloggers love to do? Writing fresh insightful content for their readers. What does every blogger hate? Seeing piles of spam comments on their website. Yes, if you are a blogger, we know how annoying it might be for you to see spam comments pile up on your website. But know that you are not the only one getting bombarded with spam comments. Every blogger faces the same, and there are solid solutions to fend against spam comments.

Stop Spam Comments

Your avid and passionate readers will not take your word at its face value. They will look to validate your statement. It is not that easy to impress these kinds of readers. But their opinion is what you should value the most. They will help you grow.

Readers can leave a comment documenting their takeaway from your blog. Readers can leave a comment saying whether they liked or disliked it, and most importantly what are the area for improvement.

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

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