Things To Consider Before Diving Into Page Builders

Now, WordPress users are no longer limited to a set of templates, rather they have a chance to create unlimited template variations without having to write a single line of code. Thanks to WordPress Page Builders.

Page Builders have gained much popularity in the recent times. They offer non-professionals the chance of creating websites using their own imagination. With Page Builders come a widget library. Every widget in that library is a building-block for creating a web-page. This is where WordPress themes built for a mass-target demography fail to satisfy WordPress users.

If you want to start using page-builders, there are a few things you need to know. But before going any further, you may see widget, module, and element being used in different places throughout the article. Well, these three actually refer to the same thing which is, building blocks for Page Builders.

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Theme Builders and Page Builders

Both come with the same motto-no coding needed. And it’s true. You can build your website without writing any code. But they differ in their functionalities. Theme builders let you create a completely fresh theme or build around a base theme. Whereas Page builders let you create pages and posts.

You can create layouts and themes for your WordPress website with Theme Builders. But with Page Builders, you are limited to creating posts and pages.

Who are Page Builders suitable for?

Page Builders are best suited for small businesses. This is due to the fact that, Page Builders are cheap compared to professional web developers. For someone who runs a blogging website, Page Builder is a great tool. As this gives the blogger a chance to create content and also place them on an actual web-page. This helps to maintain the same tone throughout the content and different elements on the web-page.

Due to the simple interface of Page Builders, anyone can teach themselves its usage. Let’s look at the widgets of Elementor.

Things To Consider Before Diving Into Page Builders 2
Elementor- WordPress

Drag and Drop makes it simpler

Every Page Builder comes with this feature. If you have used a Page Builder before, then you know how it helps you. Drag and Drop make the inclusion of a widget easier. You do not need to write complex codes to insert a widget. You pick a widget from the options panel, drag it onto the Elementor Page Builder Interface, and drop it in a section. This particular feature is very handy, as it helps you visualize the page that you are trying to build and break it down into small parts.

Do Page Builders encourage random inconsistent page building?

Page Builders will help a content writer build webpage for their own content. This way the content writer will definitely be able to pick the colors, fonts that will resonate with the gist of the write-up. However, this also creates a bigger issue. The overall consistency of the design of a website may be compromised due to input by multiple individuals. This can be dealt with by providing a solid template body and instructing other contributors to build upon that.

Widget library size and its diversity

Someone can argue that the more widgets in a library, the better. This is true to some extent. However, a correct statement would be, the more diversified a widget library the better.

Widgets are specific building blocks that let you add a specific feature to your content.  You need different widgets serving different purposes instead of multiple widgets doing pretty much the same thing. It is better to learn about widgets and their specific tasks before buying it.

The image below illustrates the comparison of three page-builders on the ground of their widget library size. Elementor is a lightweight page builder which offers 53 widgets. Then we have Divi Builder, which was built around the popular Divi theme. However, it can be used with any other WordPress theme as well. At last, we have Beaver Builder which has been used to build more than 500,000 WordPress websites.

Things To Consider Before Diving Into Page Builders 3
Widget size comparison

Time Issues

Many have faced situations where they missed a deadline because they got too carried away by the Page Builder. On the other hand, many are grateful to Page Builders as it helped them deliver within a deadline

Page Builders can be a distraction due to its infinite possibilities. You never will feel satisfied. But for someone with a clear vision and task in hand, they can get the work done in time.

Don’t forget to try out!

Page Builders can help you create web-pages easily. But you need to understand that Page Builders come as plugins for WordPress. This is why you should always test a Page Builder before making the final purchase.

Luckily every Page Builder comes with a free or demo version. The best practice would be to use the free/demo version first-hand and then decide on purchasing. Each Page Builder comes with little relative differentiation with the other ones. You should pick the one that best suits you.

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