How To Create a Impressive Travel Landing Page Within Minutes Using Elementor

Are you one of those people who is an avid Traveler? If that is the case, you must have hundreds of stories for the world, and one of the best ways you can document your travel stories is by posting them on a dedicated Website. With a bit of dedication and effort, you can create an interactive travel landing page that can generate enough cash for your next tour. If you are interested in building one, in this blog you will get a step by step guide to creating a beautiful travel landing page for your site in Elementor.

How To Create a Impressive Travel Landing Page Within Minutes Using Elementor 1

Why Should You Create A Travel Landing Page?

Travelling is no longer just a hobby rather it’s getting an exciting new way of life. People used to take a vacation each year but if we look around, we might know a lot of people who take vacations and go on tours each month. Along with that, we see a lot of dedicated travel websites where travel groups or individuals share their adventurous experience as a blogger, tour guide, or exploring their tourism business. But with a typical look landing page design won’t help them to get enough site traffic and make them invisible in online mediums. travel landing page Elementor

That’s why you need a compelling travel landing page to influence visitors on the spot to share your real travel stories, experiences, adventures, and more to grow site visitors instantly. And if you can make an outstanding online presence, you will be able to reach out to your targeted audience with ease and become a successful blogger, tour guide, or even an explorer very soon.travel landing page Elementor

Don’t believe if anyone tells you creating a website is a tough job. It isn’t. You can build a complete travel website in minutes just need to know the right path. Here we are to help you out completely providing the best solution. Take a look at the below section to get in detail.

How To Build An Impressive Travel Landing Page In Elementor Without Coding?

Get Templately – the ultimate template cloud for WordPress has introduced 800+ ready Elementor template designs, that anyone can now build a travel website to any just by inserting its templates on Elementor Editor, do a bit of modification with the content and publish it right away without adding any single line of code. Sounds engaging, right? travel landing page Elementor

Introducing Trivver by Templately, a complete, ready travel landing page template, travel magazine landing page or can say full travel website template pack for Elementor. Now you can quickly create a travel website in Elementor using this ready Elementor template design. This especially is built for travelers who want to create a stunning travel website, interactive travel landing page, travel magazine landing page/website, travel blog site, tourism site, or more without coding for free.travel landing page Elementor

Get Detailed About Trivver – Travel Website Elementor Template Pack By Templately

Trivver travel website’s complete template pack by Templately comes with three exclusive ready pages and four blocks. Each of its ready template design consists of engaging separate blocks, creative sections with animations, and more to display your amazing travel stories to the world in an outstanding way. That will help you to spread and make your travel website unique and interactive for your site visitors. This is why your site visitors can’t take away their attention from your travel landing page and get engaged permanently. Check out what it actually comes with:

✅ Get an interactive travel landing page/home page.

✅ Exclusively designed travel blog page.

✅ Beautifull travel blog details page, and more.travel landing page Elementor

Things You Must Need To Create A Travel Landing Page In Elementor

You need to get a few things done before building your travel landing page for free using the Trivver template from Templately. Let’s have a look at the Plugins you will require and make sure you have installed and activated all of these plugins:

🚀Get Started With Templately To Build An Interactive Travel Landing Page 

Assuming you have installed and activated all mentioned plugins above. Now just by following the step by step guideline below, you will be able to build and showcase an impressive travel landing page in Elementor using this complete travel website template pack Trivver by Templately.    

Step1: Create A New Page In Elementor

First, let’s create a new page from your WordPress dashboard and click ‘Edit with Elementor’. It will open with Elementor Editor within a few moments.travel landing page Elementor

Step 2: Pick Trivver Travel Landing Page Template By Templately

Afterward, you have to just click on the Templately blue icon from the center. It will show all of its available template designs on a popup window.travel landing page Elementor

Simply just search for ‘Trivver’ or ‘travel’, and you will get three ready pages and four blocks under that category. Here, you will be able to insert any of its ready template designs or single blocks. We will pick the Trivver travel landing page/homepage template designs, and hit the ‘INSERT‘ button to get started.travel landing page Elementor

Step2: Customize The Template Design

It will then load the entire page just within a few seconds and the inserted page will look like the image below. You can now customize the entire ready page design as per your preference and make it live on an instance just with one click. travel landing page Elementor

If you want, you can drag & drop any section, modify the texts or visuals with your own content, change colors, typography, and style it to make your travel landing page appealing for your site visitors.  

Step3: Save Template On Cloud Storage

Besides, you can save your ready template designs on ‘MyCloud’ storage by clicking on the ‘Save Page in Templately’ option. So if you are a multisite owner or planning to create more travel landing pages or travel websites to serve your different aspects, you can easily deploy the Trivver travel website template pack by Templately anywhere you want, just with a couple of clicks. travel landing page Elementor

Otherwise, you can build your own virtual workstation to manage, organize, and share your amazing creations with team members or others using Templately ‘MyWorkSpace’ to create a seamless cloud collaboration. 

Final Outcome

Congratulations! After successfully following all the above steps, you should be able to showcase your stunning travel landing page in Elementor using this stunning travel website pack Trivver by Templately.travel landing page Elementor

From now on, creating a travel landing page for your travel website would be one of the easiest tasks to accomplish, just with few clicks. You don’t have to take anyone’s help, nor to do any investment building it. The purpose of this blog is to teach you how you can create a landing page on your own by exploring Templately for Elementor. If you face any difficulties using the Trivver travel landing page or any other template collections of Templately, you can feel free to contact our support team for further assistance.

So if you didn’t use Templately ready template collections yet, Sign up now on Templately and let us know your experience by commenting below. You can read more exciting blogs, tutorials from this blog page here or can join our friendly Facebook community to stay connected all time with WordPress experts. 

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