WordCamp Kolkata 2022: WPDeveloper Was A Proud Platinum Sponsor

Finally, the much-anticipated, in-person WordPress conference in Kolkata has taken place after a long break. That’s right! The very successful and engaging WordCamp Kolkata 2022 just took place on 18th December. And we are happy to announce that team WPDeveloper was a proud Platinum Sponsor of this prestigious event! 🥳

WordCamp Kolkata

If you missed the chance to be at this grand event, no worries. This blog can be your perfect source to get the exclusive opportunity to know about every key moment that took place at this successful community meetup.

🚀 WordCamp Kolkata 2022 Was A Massive Success

The goal of organizing such WordPress conferences is to foster connections among users from across the world, in order to grow and improve the platform and the community. It all comes down to cooperation and communication, with the WordPress community exchanging creative ideas, skills, and expertise. WordCamp Kolkata 2022 was no different – it has been an amazing experience for anyone attending. 

The attendees got the opportunity to meet with tons of experienced individuals from the community – the Speakers, Sponsors, and Organizers – and learned how anyone can help make WordPress the best CMS platform. Besides, this event has brought the perfect opportunity for all the attendees to meet with countless, renowned organizations from the industry and expand their networks. 

🗓️ Where WordCamp Kolkata Took Place: Location & Time

WordCamp Kolkata 2022

WordCamp Kolkata 2022 was an entertaining and knowledge-sharing one-day event on 18th December. The conference was held at the grand and spacious AltAir Boutique Hotel’s Phoenix Hall 1 & 2 in Salt Lake City, right in the heart of the City of Joy, Kolkata.

But that’s not all, the WordCamp was preceded by an amazing day of giving back to the community, the Contributor Day. It took place the day before – on 17th December –  at Rabindra Tirtha, DG-17, Biswa Bangla Sarani, Kolkata. More details on the Contributor day will be provided later in this blog, so stay tuned.

🎯 2nd Chapter Of WCKolkata By The WordPress Community In India

This was the second WordCamp chapter hosted by the Kolkata WordPress Community, contributing to the worldwide WordCamp series. The WordPress community in Kolkata offers a warm, engaging, easygoing, and memorable experience for all WordPress enthusiasts across the globe.

They received official recognition in 2018 and are known to host multiple WordPress meetups. The first chapter of #WCKolkata was held in 2019 and was an amazingly successful event.

🏆 WPDeveloper: Proud Platinum Sponsor Of WordCamp Kolkata 2022

WPDeveloper at WordCamp Kolkata

In this grand event, team WPDeveloper participated in many ways. Sponsoring WordPress events and contributing to them is our passion and we are always excited to be involved in the community. And this time, we were the proud Platinum Sponsor of WordPress Kolkata 2022. 

Our team had a great time engaging with and meeting many WordPress enthusiasts, who attended WordCamp Kolkata 2022. At the event, we arranged a very fun Fortune Wheel that offered cool WPDeveloper swags for anyone who wanted to try their luck. Our booth was always buzzing with a large number of attendees, interested customers, and well-wishers.

⭐ A Token Of Appreciation For Sponsors Of WCKolkata

WPDeveloper at WordCamp Kolkata

Our company was one of the integral faces of this prestigious event and to show gratitude to our team, WordCamp Kolkata has awarded us with a beautiful, prestigious crest.  

🔍 Exclusive Highlights From WordCamp Kolkata 2022

After a lengthy hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kolkata WordPress community was excited to bring a lively event. Everyone at WordCamp had a blast while getting to know WordPress better and connecting with others who are passionate about the growth of this open-source platform.

WordCamp Kolkata 2022

👉 Insightful Knowledge From Many Speakers

WordCamps bring the great opportunity to be a speaker where you will get a chance to add extensive value to the WordPress community by simply talking about your experience in the industry. It was a great session of knowledge sharing on WordPress-related topics. At this event, multiple speakers from versatile sectors of the industry and the globe came together to share their valuable insights.

WPDeveloper at WordCamp Kolkata

The founder of our very own WPDeveloper, M Asif Rahman, was one of the speakers of WordCamp Kolkata 2022. Along with him, Afshana Diya – our CMO – also took the stage to present her ideas about WordPress in the upcoming years in a very engaging Panel Discussion. Among others, there were Akshat Choudhary, Founder & CEO of BlogVault, MalCare & WP Remote, and Amit Singh, founder of WPoets.com, and many others shared their valuable notes on WordPress. 

Attendees were able to hear from Speakers from different sectors and career paths, who shared valuable and insightful discussions that can help anyone boost their career in this industry easily.

👉 Attendees From Different Countries Gathered At The Event

WPDeveloper at WordCamp Kolkata

WordCamps are great for community meetups and to engage with people from different countries who travel from miles away to attend WordCamp events. This time was not different at all. In WCKolkata 2022, hundreds of attendees from different nations came together to enjoy the program.

💡 Contributor Day At Kolkata Was A Huge Success

17th of December, just the day before the event of WordCamp Kolkata 2022 was organized as the Contributor Day, and what a success it was. This time, it was held at Rabindra Tirtha, a cultural center of Kolkata. 

As WordPress is an open-source project, anyone can contribute. And this huge project needs everyone from every sector. Doesn’t matter if you are a developer, designer, writer, or marketer, there is a need for everyone. On the contributor day of WordCamp Kolkata, people from different backgrounds put their hands together to make WordPress even better. 

See You At The Next WordCamp In Kolkata

Finally, we would like to thank the Organizers of WCKolkata for organizing such an amazing event that gave hundreds of attendees a very memorable experience. Several members of team WPDeveloper attended WordCamp Kolkata and we want you to say heartfelt thanks to all who have come to our booth. 

So, even though WordCamp Kolkata 2022 is over, make sure to not miss the ones that are yet to come. We hope to catch up with you again at the next WordPress event. For more news, updates, and information about WordPress, subscribe to our blog or join our friendly Facebook community.

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