5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog Interactive Without Spending Penny

In this world of overloaded content, it’s very competitive to stand out. Differentiating your brand from others and making engagement with your audience, every step is challenging. Interactive content is one great way to improve the audience engagement and keeps people on the website for longer than usual time.

If you are using WordPress for creating content, you must have already noticed that if you can make your blog interactive, it’s quite possible to break through the noise and provide real value for your readers.

5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog Interactive Without Spending Penny 1

Make Blog Interactive To Attracts Reader’s Attention

Interactive Content has always been a better option compared to the traditional ones, simply because it engages the readers. By making a blog interactive, you can help your readers to execute a certain action. Which in turn adds value to user experience.

For example, simple text content might work best for certain scenarios. And if the wording, sentence structure is right it might bring you the desired conversion. But at other times, simple text will fail you. So what can you do to add value and engage your readers using simple text? Well, first of all, do not use Simple Text.

Use Magical Tools Like Elementor

In recent times, new WordPress tools are coming into the market such as Elementor which is changing the way people used to build Websites.

Using these tools individuals with near to zero coding experience can create and maintain their own WordPress Websites. But that does not mean their Websites will be any less appealing than the ones created by experts. Elementor replaces the need for writing CSS, HTML and other complex Coding Languages with tweaking some simple Bars and Toggle Buttons. Moreover, anyone can adjust their content to fit all three layouts- Laptop, Phone and Tablet by adjusting some bars and checking it on Live Preview.

5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog Interactive Without Spending Penny 2

What you see above is an Interactive Promo element which is included in the Essential Addons for Elementor. It is an elements bundle of only the top-notch but free elements for WordPress Website. In short, this element infuses simple text with appealing animation. And the best part is, the element has its own format, all you need to do is fill out the necessary information inside the appropriate fields. And of course, without having to write a single line of code.

The reason you are reading this blog is you want to stand out. You probably have a Blogging Website but aren’t sure about how you can create Interactive content. In this blog, you will learn about Elements for Elementor that will help you turn boring blogs into interactive ones.

Fancy Text

Add life to your content using Fancy Text. It comes very handy in the festive seasons. Add a playful vibe to your content without having to compromise its formal look.  

5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog Interactive Without Spending Penny 3

You can divide a sentence into three parts- Prefix, Strings and Suffix. You can add a viewpoint animation to the string part only. But here is the fun part, you can add Multiple Strings. You also get a dozen more customization options for the string part. Start from choosing a font family, move onto setting the font and background color. Then apply the more advanced customization options to put life into the simplest of sentences.

5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog Interactive Without Spending Penny 4

Dual color Headline

Emphasize on a single word in a sentence by highlighting it with a different color. Dual color Headline lets you do exactly that. Pick colors in the right contrast. And sure enough, you will invoke certain emotions into your site-visitors.

5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog Interactive Without Spending Penny 5

The EA Dual Color Headline element lets you create amazing layouts for your Header as well as use two different colors for it. The first thing you would want to do from the Content Settings is set the layout for the Dual Color Headline. The element holds a Title, Sub-Text, and an Icon. From the Content Style option, you can pick a certain arrangement for the three elements. Divide your title into two parts and edit them according to your requirements. You can pick a separate color for your sub-text as well. Finish it off by adding a relevant icon. 

Call to Action

You can set a button at any place of your website with a certain task assigned to it. For example, you can ask your visitors to buy your premium product using this element. To do so, set a suitable title, some text and assign a task to the button. If you are thinking about assigning a task to a button must be difficult, you are wrong. You can simply add a link to the button. Once clicked, the current page will redirect to the attached link where your customers can make their purchase.

5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog Interactive Without Spending Penny 6

Call to Action is very helpful as it eliminates the tricky part in the buying process. Your customers can directly jump into the payment checkout page directly from a blog, rather than spending time searching where they can make their purchase.

For your part, you just need to persuade your prospective buyers. And if you have EA Call To Action, your job is half done.  

Progress Bar

You can never be too creative while visually presenting content on your WordPress Website. But how do you present numeric values in style and attract your visitor’s attention? Simple! You can use the EA Progress Bar for WordPress to display any numeric figure with the right amount of styling and action.

5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog Interactive Without Spending Penny 7

EA Progress Bar comes with a handful of Styles. You can use the Fan or Circle layout to display percentage values or use the Energy or Stripe layout to display critical numeric indicators in a more eye-catching way.

Gradient Effect

We all have some idea about the Gradient Effect. In short, Gradient Backgrounds use two colors as its background. Previously you could use the Gradient Effect for your WordPress content by downloading dedicated plugins or doing a ton of CSS Guesswork. But those days are long over. Now with Elementor, you can add Gradient Effect to your WordPress content by simply adjusting some bars and tweaking some toggles.

Gradient Overlay in Elementor

Gradient has somewhat become a trend in Web-Design. One of the most popular users of Gradient is Instagram. They recently revamped their logo which uses a wide variety of colors fused together using the Gradient effect. But Instagram is a big company, they probably hired another big company to get their new logo done using fancy software. So does it mean you, as an aspiring WordPress Blogger, cannot add the Gradient Effect for your content without spending tons of money? Of course, you can.

Gradient Overlay in Elementor

With Elementor you can add the Gradient Effect all by yourself and without any coding. Now you might be wondering how you can do that? In short, the Gradient Effect does not come as a separate Element in Elementor, rather it comes as a Styling Option for Sections, Columns and Elements. Also, to add the cherry on top, you get to play around with the Gradient Effect in the most Visual way possible.

Wrapping Up!

So, what are you waiting for? You now know about the tools that will help you turn mundane and flat content into interactive ones. But before you leave, here is another way you can create interactive and visually appealing content without spending money.

Elementor comes with a handful of templates library. Although the majority of the templates come with the PRO version, there are enough templates in the Free version as well. So if you have very limited design ideas, you can check out the templates as well.

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