Tips To Improve Your WordPress Editorial Workflow & Best WP Plugins

If you are using WordPress as a blogger, content creator, content marketer, you must have to know the creative tactics to improve your WordPress editorial workflow. To do that, you also need to get some exclusive tips and the best WP plugins to smoothen your WordPress editorial workflow. 

WordPress Editorial Workflow WP Plugins

Stay with us till the end to get all detailed information about improving your WordPress editorial workflow and amazing tips beautifully in this blog.

Importance of Improving Your WordPress Editorial Workflow

As an individual or a multi-author site owner, you have to utilize your time efficiently to manage your WordPress site contents, schedule them, and organize your overall editorial workflow. Efficiency is the main goal to become successful in content marketing. You can check this content management & marketing survey of Content Marketing Institute to know how it works as a business asset.  

WordPress Editorial Workflow WP Plugins

As Content Manager, You Need To Do The Following:

  • Finalize, schedule & publish blog posts
  • Ensure the SEO of your content is fully optimized before publishing
  • Monitoring the traffic, performance, and engagement
  • Distribute your blog content on the right channel
  • Social share, and marketing campaign for more exposures

Tips To Improve Your WordPress Editorial Workflow

If you want to improve and accelerate your WordPress editorial workflow, then you should have got the best all-in-one editorial solution. That will help you with scheduling, publishing on time, content sharing, moderate your work directly from the WordPress dashboard, and save a lot more. But the question is which one to pick? Don’t worry, here in this blog you can find your latest, amazing, automatic solution that will enhance your WordPress editorial workflow. 

WordPress Editorial Workflow WP Plugins

As there are many WordPress editorial workflow maintenance tools, but you can check and get the best ones to smooth your WordPress editorial workflow and be productive every time. Take a look:

SchedulePress – An All In One Content Planning Solution 

WordPress Editorial Workflow WP Plugins

SchedulePress is one of the best and an all-in-one content planning tool for WordPress users to make their WordPress editorial workflow smoother much more than before. It comes with lots of exclusive features both in its free and pro versions to automate your content marketing workflow as a muti blogger site owner, or an individual one. Take a brief look at the offerings and then the functionalities as described below: 

What Will You Get With SchedulePress?

  • A visually attractive and expanded content calendar.
  • Automatically publish your scheduled content with Auto Scheduler. 
  • Get a Manual Scheduler to set the exact time of publishing your blog posts.
  • Exclusive Missed Schedule Handler to manage your missed schedule blogs.
  • Auto Social Share feature to posts on multiple social media accounts.
  • Configure the social share templates in advance and as per your preferences. 
  • Email Notify features to enlighten your content writers about their blog status.
  • Organize editorial workflow by managing user roles, configure post types, and more. 

Visually Attarcted Editorial Calendar

Using SchedulePress you will get a complete editorial calendar that will help you maintain track of your published, unpublished, drafts, and can directly edit your content from there. This will help you to know at a glance which is available in a row for publishing, which ones are in the pending, and manage the overall WordPress editorial workflow calendar from one place.

WordPress Editorial Workflow WP Plugins

Automatically Schedule Your WordPress Content 

With the help of the SchedulePress Auto Scheduler advanced feature, you can ensure that your scheduled posts will publish with your preferred time interval with automation. All you have to do is to enable this feature from SchedulePress Settings and set up an exact time period in which your posts will be published automatically. 

WordPress Editorial Workflow WP Plugins

After that make sure to enable this Auto Scheduler feature from all the blogs that you want to publish for the whole month, or several weeks. This is it! Now you don’t have to bother about anything. SchedulePress will make all scheduled posts be published automatically by following the time interval that you have configured earlier from the settings option. 

Schedule Your Specific Posts On Exact Time

If you want to publish your blog posts at an exact time, you can even do this using the Manual Scheduler feature of SchedulePress. Because sometimes several posts are there which is good to share in specific time zones and helps to target an exact group of people. To do is you have to enable the Manual Scheduler advanced feature from the Settings. But one thing you have to be assured of that if you enable Manual Scheduler, Auto Scheduler will automatically be deactivated. 

WordPress Editorial Workflow WP Plugins

Manual Scheduler will help you to set the exact date, and time to make sure to enable this feature from your preferred blogs and that’s it. Your blog will then publish with your set time. 

Auto Republish Your Missed Scheduled Content 

Missed Scheduled Handler feature is one of the finest features of SchediulePress. This feature will check and publish your missed schedule blogs automatically from your WordPress Editor. It happens when you have scheduled lots of blogs, or several, there is a chance of missing one, two, or more that haven’t been published on time and being missed. 

WordPress Editorial Workflow WP Plugins

So if you enable this Missed Schedule Handler feature, it will automatically check after every 15 minutes that any of the blog posts have missed the schedule or not. If any then it will automatically publish your all missed scheduled blogs on time. 

Auto Social Sharing Posts On Multiple Social Accounts

If you want to share your blogs on multiple social share sites or accounts you can easily do that using SchedulePress. It can help you with the auto social share feature to share your latest published posts on your preferred social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Not only that, you can share your posts on multiple social share profiles, and groups too. 

WordPress Editorial Workflow WP Plugins

Besides, you can even share your published WordPress posts immediately by using its ‘Instant Share’ feature. Because sometimes you can feel the necessity of sharing your posts exactly right away after publishing your blogs. All these can easily be done by using this advanced content management solution. 

WordPress Editorial Workflow WP Plugins

With SchedulePress, you can even configure the social share templates of your content. You can change the outlook of how your social shares posts by configuring tags, categories, and more. So with one solution, you can do the rest. 

WordPress Editorial Workflow WP Plugins

Configure Display Options & Notify WordPress Users With Email

You can configure your display options by configuring your user roles, which posts types you want to display, default publishing time, and many more other advanced options are present in the ‘General’ Settings options of SchedulePress.

WordPress Editorial Workflow WP Plugins

Besides, you will get a separate option called ‘Email Notify’ that will help you to know your WordPress users about their published, reviewed, rejected, or other types of content by providing automatic email notifications. Those editors can easily be notified about their website content status and this handy feature can make your WordPress Editorial workflow smoother than before.  

WordPress Editorial Workflow WP Plugins

PublishPress – Editorial Calendar, Workflow, Comments, Notifications & Statuses

WordPress Editorial Workflow WP Plugins

PublishPress is one of the editorial WP plugins that can help you to manage your WordPress content with all advanced features. It offers you to create custom status, editorial calendar, provide updates, notifications, and more to make your WordPress editorial workflow smooth. It is fully compatible for individual and multiple users to maintain their whole site content planning with ease.    

What Will You Get With PublishPress?

  • Visually attractive Editorial Calendar. 
  • Provide a content overview, & custom status.
  • Manage editorial comments, metadata, & user roles.
  • Advanced solution to share your scheduled content and more. 

ContentStudio – Powerful Content Marketing & Social Media Management Platform

WordPress Editorial Workflow WP Plugins

ContentStudio offers you to manage your content marketing and social media in advance to streamline your WordPress editorial workflow. You can use this plugin for publishers, brands, agencies, startups, or others to share your content and help you to reach out to a vast audience. 

What Will You Get With ContentStudio?

  • Content discovery & insights option to optimize your content marketing strategy.
  • A multi-channel composer is there to compose fresh content, embed, & more. 
  • Streamline your WordPress editorial workflow with an advanced planner & calendar.  
  • Create an automation campaign, & measure data with detailed analytics support and a lot more. 

You can instantly improve and organize your daily WordPress editorial workflow by getting a complete all-in-one content planning solution. Just need proper information before selection. Hope this blog will help you to make your decision and you will get the best one that will fulfill your business needs. 

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