How To Increase WordPress Plugin Download Rates & Increase Sales in 2023

WordPress Plugins are great way to extend the core functionality of the WordPress Platform. This is why WordPress is still the most popular CMS platform out there. If you are a WordPress plugin owner or marketer with the responsibility of increasing sales for your WordPress Plugin, you might feel confident knowing the sheer vastness of your target audience, which is in the ballpark of 75-80 Million Websites!

Despite the huge user-base, you will find it hard to market your WordPress Plugins for various reasons. The most obvious of which is huge competition from rivals. So how do you overcome it? You do it by utilizing an alternative to mainstream media, leveraging Social Media can give you the opportunity to exploit new marketing concepts such as Social Proof and FOMO.

increase WordPress Plugin download rates

Marketing Tool for Companies Selling WordPress Plugin

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You might have a WordPress Plugin that you sell via your Website. Like all other WordPress Plugins, you must have a free version in the WordPress Repository and you might have a PRO version on your Website.

To encourage clients to get the PRO version you need to show them how many times your FREE version was downloaded. Once you make this information available, potential customers can evaluate whether or not they want to buy the PRO version or is the Free version enough for them. No worry. NotificationX has you covered. Using our solution you can display how many times your WordPress Plugin has been downloaded.

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How To Increase WordPress Plugin Download Rates & Increase Sales in 2023 1

According to a survey, if a handful of your customers leave positive reviews, ratings or any other form of Social Proof, more and more new users will feel motivated to buy your product and service. This is how powerful and effective Social Proof is while generating new customers.

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Moreover, you must have multiple tiers of Clients. Some of your clients must be well familiar with the WordPress Community and they need no assistance in picking the ideal WordPress solution for them. On the other hand, you might have some clients who aren’t that accustomed to the WordPress Community, rather they are solely WordPress enthusiasts. To make sure they are fully confident with your plugin you can show them all the 5-Star ratings you have on WordPress.org Repository.

How To Increase WordPress Plugin Download Rates & Increase Sales in 2023 2

Marketing tool for Any kind of Business

Now let’s answer the question of how can NotificationX helps you grow your other online business? Suppose you have a spreadsheet software solution for large corporations. Or maybe you are a major shoe retailer. No matter what kind of business you have, be it a service or a product, chances are you have a Website as a major Component to all your Marketing Campaigns. NotificationX helps you leverage the power of Social Proof to attract and retain new customers.

For example, if your business is selling Software Solutions you can create a simple message stating how many times your Solution has been downloaded from your Website. If new users see that your software solution is already trusted by thousands of people, they will feel more encouraged to buy your solution over other alternatives.

Another great way to boost your sales from your WordPress Website is by showing what people are saying about you via comments on your Blog Posts. Positive Comments might be the only decisive factor between a bounce count and a confirmed purchase. And NotificationX lets you do just that. Using this Plugin for WordPress you can display what people are saying about you via comments.

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How To Increase WordPress Plugin Download Rates & Increase Sales in 2023 3Wrapping Up!

NotificationX is a WordPress Solution. But this doesn’t mean this plugin is a must for only those who sell WordPress Plugins and Themes. Other business owners, be it a service or a product, can equally benefit from NotificationX by leveraging Social Proof on their WordPress Website. This plugin will help you boost sales as well as increase conversion rates.

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If you are already using NotificationX, did you know how you can check the performance of all your NotificationX messages? NotificaitonX lets you see how many times a certain NotificationX message has been viewed. NotificationX Analytics Board is a PRO feature. Also, NotificationX creates a Graph that helps you compare the performance of a certain NotificationX Message based on 3 Comparison Factors: ViewsClicks & Clickthrough Rates. You will have a separate Graph for all the Notifications you have created using NotificationX.


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