Efficient Ways Of Working From Home During COVID-19

COVID-19 working from home

At the starting of 2020, the entire planet went to a transformation by the pandemic and altered our life as we knew it. It’s been one heck of a year, right? Just like any other business, at WPDeveloper, we closed our office and started working remotely.

2020 was a challenging year for the economy, but the businesses that focused on the digital industry mostly flourished and so did we! 2020 is the year of growth for WPDeveloper. We got plenty of achievements within WPDeveloper to celebrate, our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to the WPDeveloper team, partners, customers and indeed, all the stakeholders from all over the world.

Year In Review 2020: In numbers

Let’s review a quick summary of the most interesting numbers and highlights that we celebrated past year:
million +
Websites powered by our products
Around the world using our solutions
Renowned publications featured us
5-Star Reviews we got for our products
Fans are following us on Social channels
Commits we have made in Github

Product update: We Launched 2 new products

The pandemic or other chaos aside, 2020 saw hyperactive developments in WPDeveloper than ever before. We got a pretty awesome community with our existing products and we wanted to give them even more but of course, with innovation and passion – something that can make their life easier in some way!

We had started working on Templately back in 2019 – with a dream to take page building experience to the next level including cloud collaboration features and a lot more. Templately is the ultimate WordPress Templates Cloud with almost 1000 ready-to-use landing page templates that lets anyone build a website within a few clicks! No design, no coding, no hassle – just install Templately FREE WordPress Plugin & insert the most suitable one from hundreds of stunning ready templates.

But that’s not all that it offers; Templately is the first free cloud storage for WordPress users where you can save your page templates and share them with team members to make the page building process faster than ever before. If you are planning to build a new website in 2021, let me personally invite you to try Templately (it’s free) and ping me if you are not impressed!

We have also released ReviewX recently, in the collaboration with another super passionate team Joules Labs. We know how important reviews and testimonials are for any eCommerce store to build credibility and we wanted to bring help there with multi-criteria review formats. From review reminders email to Seamless integration with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, Elementor, Oxygen, NotificationX; now ReviewX helps eCommerce store owners to boost online sales in many ways.

We have successfully launched these two new products in 2020 & collected tremendous response from our existing customers along with the new ones.

We acquired 2 popular WordPress products with million Users

Along with constant developments of our existing products and launching new products, WPDeveloper has acquired two popular WordPress plugins.

EmbedPress is the simplest solution to embed anything and everything on your WordPress website with one click. This super handy plugin was originally developed by the same team as PublishPress. In early 2020, we have acquired the plugin and took over for further development.

Just before 2020 ends, one of the largest and popular WordPress plugin Disable Comments joined WPDeveloper with its 1.7 million users. This is one of the biggest WordPress acquisitions in history and particularly for a noble cause. The core developer Samir Shah had no longer time to maintain it, so he auctioned it for a charity – the highest bidder would have to donate to Effective Altruism Funds (EAF), a charitable organization, in exchange for ownership of this popular plugin.

Disable Comments is a completely free plugin and there is no pro version. But at WPDeveloper, we always try to give back to the community as much as we can and are super glad to win the auctions.

After both of these acquisitions, we have revamped the plugins to improve user experience, fixed the existing issues & aligned them with our brand.

milestones we have reached in 2020

If you talk about hitting the milestones, 2020 was an astoundingly awesome year at WPDeveloper. From tripling our company’s size to breaking our own records, there are so many milestones to celebrate.

Essential Addons for Elementor Reached 900,000+ Users

March 2020

0 K

June 2020

0 K

August 2020

0 K

October 2020

0 K

December 2020

0 K

All our products evolved & Experienced hyper growth

Essential Addons for Elementor kept us surprising almost every other month which motivated us to keep developing constantly and improving the features in order to provide the best experience for Elementor users.

Besides this, all of our other products got up to 20X growth in 2020! The new product I just discussed – Templately is powering up almost 20,000 websites even before the official launch. 

BetterDocs and NotificationX reached 10,000 users before the 1 year of launch and gave us the confidence that the products we built is actually helping thousands of users everyday. 

Constantly evolving ourselves to do better

At WPDeveloper, we are constantly trying to improve ourselves. We have organized 5 in-house advanced training classes with more than 30+ participants.

Also, our team has successfully completed few specialized and exclusive online certification courses. 

Having Virtual Team fun Even During 'New Normal'

Besides regular online communication tools and daily conversation, we stayed connected during the pandemic and shared our moments of joy during weekly Zoom Town Hall meetings.

During the team meeting online, we didn’t just laugh but we already played virtual games, quizzes together and had lots of fun.

When the world slowed down, We Fast Forwarded Growth

During the pandemic, we adapted a lot, just like anyone else. But instead of slowing down, we utilized the time more efficiently.  

Even being separated from our teammates and friends came with certain advantages. For example, commutes were short, well, from the bedroom to the home office! Families are ecstatic and you can dress pretty much anything.

We used this advantages to improve our products and enhance user experience.

Team Members
Increments & Promotions
Videos Tutorials
Piece of Contents
Design Projects
Tickets Resolved
Total cup of coffee
Overall Growth

We Tried To help Small Business To Grow During COVID19

There is no denying this year has been hard on all of us. We showed our support and helped many nonprofits and small organizations by providing them free licenses of our products during the pandemic. 

We Had Some Amazing Adventures

From enjoying breathtaking views of hills at Nazimgarh wilderness, and an exciting river cruise to Sundarban, we made some unforgettable memories on our team retreats.

Nazimgarh Wilderness Retreat

Sundarbans River Cruise

Working hard, playing hard - WPDev Team Had Fun

It was not exactly a year for outdoor sports as we were under lockdown for almost 6 months remotely. Yet our super sporty team members played crickets before the corona hit and after lockdown, when we started office physically, having fun time together again. Anyone is welcome to come and challenge our WPDev heroes! 😉 

Cricket Matches
TT Matches Per Day
TT Tournament

Expanding diversity & inclusion with community contribution

We love open source communities and we try to get involved in all possible ways. In the regular world, we sponsored multiple WordCamps every year and traveled a thousand miles to get connected with the community around the world. But this pandemic made us hold on to it but wait, we didn’t stop! We organized online events, participated in multiple ones and contributed to WordPress Core too! We are constantly encouraging our team members to contribute to Make WordPress and help the open-source community.

In the last WordPress 5.6 release, I was lucky to be involved as a core contributor to the first-ever all-women release squad. It was a great experience to work with such a talented team and set an example for the community.

Contributing to WordPress Core

Hosting WordPress & Elementor Meetups

2020 WorldWide WordPress 5K Run

Among all of the offline events throughout the year, we have joined with the 2020 WorldWide WordPress 5K Run challenge. No, not from the treadmill, we decided to go for walk physically with teammates. Almost 30 of WPDeveloper team members joined and we had super fun walking together after months. 

Virtual Or Physical - We Had An Amazing Journey

In addition to annual retreats for the entire company, we also have sports, movie time, trekking, team buffet, games, and a lot more happy moments with colleagues. 

Looking ahead To 2021

Let’s wrap on 2020! While looking back on this year feels like a heavier task than previous years, however, it brings some great perspective and together we’ve accomplished more than we thought was possible.

Here’s to what 2021 brings to you, and at WPDeveloper, we’ll continue with our mission: helping you to improve your web building experience.



CEO at WPDeveloper. I love to build beautiful & complex front-end and stuff on top of WordPress.

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