Best Elementor Template Packs #1: August Edition

Are you in the search for creative and beautifully designed Elementor template packs? Look no further. Today, we will show you some of the best template packs from Templately that were released in August 2020. You can instantly create your WordPress website without any coding using these Elementor template packs. 

Elementor Template Packs

Whether you are looking to design a website for a non-profit organization, an e-Commerce business, a personal portfolio or even a design studio, we have you covered. Let’s take a deep dive and check out what you can do with these stunning, ready-to-use Elementor template packs.

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EleGift: E-Commerce Website Template For Elementor

Best Elementor Template Packs #1: August Edition 1

EleGift is one of the latest, free Elementor template packs from Templately to create your e-Commerce website. It is perfect for any WooCommerce store that sells gifts, toys, or souvenirs online. This responsive and flexible template pack comes with ready-to-use pages to help you instantly create a fully functional WooCommerce website on WordPress, including a stunning and interactive WooCommerce Checkout Page.

Watch this quick video tutorial below to find out how you can use this Elementor template pack to create a WooCommerce gift shop website on WordPress.

Tip: Want to find out how you can create a WooCommerce Checkout Page in Elementor? Click here to get the tutorial!

Blog Metro: Blogger Website Template For WordPress

Blog Metro Elementor Template Pack

The first Elementor template pack on our list today is made for WordPress bloggers. This stunning template pack is called Blog Metro. It features bright colors, an interactive layout and 6 gorgeous ready-to-use pages. 

Whether you are a personal blogger, a freelancer, artist or even a photographer, Blog Metro’s versatile and responsive design makes it the perfect template pack for anyone looking to create a blog on WordPress without touching a line of code.

Balance: Health & Wellness Template for Elementor

Balance Elementor Template Pack

Health and wellness should be a priority in everyone’s life, and so if you are looking to create a website for yoga or meditation, then definitely check out the Balance template pack from Templately. It features stunning illustrations, beautifully designed Call To Action buttons and 8 attractive premade pages. With this fast-loading and responsive template pack, you can create a beautiful website for yoga classes, relaxation centers or other health and wellness activities

Hope: Elementor Template Pack For Non-Profit Websites

Hope Elementor Template Pack

Templately offers several Elementor template packs to instantly create donation websites, or charity and non-profit websites. Hope is one of the most recent template packs released this August to help you create websites for charity organizations or non-profit organizations. This is a fully responsive template pack that loads quickly, and comes with 9 attractive premade pages, animated progress bars, testimonial widgets and much more.

BusinessCube: Business Consultancy Website Template

Business Cube Elementor Template Pack

Business consultancy firms have always been in demand, and that means creating a website for your consultancy firm can help you connect with clients much more efficiently and easily. To help you do this, Templately offers you Business Cube, a completely free Elementor template pack to instantly create a website for your business consultancy firm without any coding.

EleFolio: Portfolio Website Template

Best Elementor Template Packs #1: August Edition 2

For those who want to create a portfolio website on WordPress to showcase their skills, experience and projects, EleFolio is a great choice. This premium Elementor template pack is designed specifically for product designers and app developers to create their portfolio website, but you can customize it easily without any coding to suit your needs as well.

Creative Hub: Elementor Template Pack For Design Studios

Elementor Template Pack

For those who want to create a website for design studios, creative agencies, digital marketing agencies or other related services, then you will want to check out Creative Hub from Templately. This is a gorgeous Elementor template pack that comes with a modern and stylish design, bright and bold colors, an interactive Filterable Gallery widget to creatively showcase your work and much more.

Coffee Express: Coffee Shop Website Template For Elementor

Best Elementor Template Packs #1: August Edition 3

Want to create a stunning website that captures the warm, cozy environment of your favorite coffee shop? We’ve got you covered. With the Coffee Express template pack from Templately, you can create a beautiful coffee shop website in Elementor.

Wrapping Up

Which of these Elementor template packs did you like best? Let us know your favorites in the comments below, and make sure to join our Facebook Community to connect with other WordPress enthusiasts like yourself.



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