Best Elementor Template Packs #3: October Edition

This October, Templately brings you over 10 stunning, ready Elementor template packs for you to help you create amazing websites on WordPress without any coding. From spooky Halloween websites to a playfully fun online toy store website, you can create any kind of website you want in Elementor with these templates. Let’s check them out.

Elementor Template Packs

With over 400+ templates and counting, Templately is the ultimate templates cloud for Elementor. You can use the ready Elementor template packs from Templately to instantly build incredible websites on WordPress. In addition to this, you can save your template designs to MyCloud and share them with your team for cloud collaboration using Templately WorkSpace. All you have to do is insert any template you like, modify the content and save your design. 

Without further delay, let’s take a look at these new Elementor template packs released in October.

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Halloween Party Elementor Template Packs

October is the month for ghouls, monsters and other creepy crawlies. So this October, Templately brings you an amazing treat for Halloween. With the Halloween Party Elementor template pack, you can create fang-tastic, spooky Halloween websites on WordPress in less than 5 minutes.

This template pack comes in three different, unique styles. Take a look at them below.

Landing Page #1: Monster Mash Halloween Template For Elementor

Elementor Template Pack

If you are a fan of witches, pumpkins and black kittens, then the Monster Mash landing page template is the right Halloween template for you. Featuring dark colors, gorgeous illustrations and attractive Call To Action buttons, you can this use Halloween template to bewitch your site visitors instantly.

Landing Page #2: ScareScream Halloween Website Template  

Elementor Template Packs

With the ScareScream Elementor template, you can create a spooky Halloween landing page to host special Halloween sales campaigns on your WordPress website. It is perfectly compatible with WooCommerce, so if you already have an online business on WordPress, you can use this template for your Halloween marketing ideas.

Landing Page #3: Wickedly Elementor Template For Halloween

Best Elementor Template Packs #3: October Edition 1

If you prefer a lighter color scheme for Halloween, then check out the Wickedly Elementor template. This Halloween template keeps the traditional Halloween theme but with a more playful vibe. 

Blossom - Flower Shop Template Pack For WooCommerce

Best Elementor Template Packs #3: October Edition 2

If you want to create an online flower shop or start your own florist business on WordPress, then you can try the Blossom flower shop Elementor template pack from Templately. This lovely template pack is fully responsive and compatible with WooCommerce. It comes with several premade pages, including a ready-to-use Woo Checkout page.

Trim Bar - Elementor Template Pack For Barber Shop Website

Best Elementor Template Packs #3: October Edition 3

For those who are running a hair salon or barber shop, Templately now has a ready Elementor template pack to create your barber shop website. With the Trim Bar template pack, you can drive more sales to your business with a barber shop website. This template features a modern, stylish layout, and comes with attractive Call To Action buttons, interactive Team Members widget and much more.

Sparkle - Jewelry Store Template Pack For WooCommerce

Elementor Template Pack

With the Sparkle template pack, you can create a stunning website for your jewelry store business. This is a trendy, attractive website template pack that comes with 8 eye-catching premade pages to create a fully functional WooCommerce website for your jewelry store. You can display your jewelry designs and products with a beautiful Gallery page, showcase client reviews with animated Testimonials widget, and display your business’s milestones with an interactive counter.

Food Express - Elementor Template Pack For Food Delivery Service

Elementor Template Pack

Want to start your online food delivery business? Well, now you can do just that with the Food Express template pack from Templately. With this interactive, responsive Elementor template, you can create a website to start your food ordering or food delivery business easily on WordPress.

SEO Tab - Elementor Template Pack For Digital Marketing Agency

Elementor Template Packs

Templately has several beautifully made Elementor template packs for different agencies. For example, you can create a gorgeous digital marketing website by using the Digency template.

This month, Templately comes with a new website template pack for digital marketing agencies. This one is called SEO Tab and it can be used to create websites for SEO agencies, SEO marketing agencies, digital marketing agencies and other similar businesses.

Content Hub - Content Marketing Website Template For Elementor

Best Elementor Template Packs #3: October Edition 4

Another beautifully made template pack that you can use to create your marketing agency website is Content Hub. This template pack is made specifically for content marketing agencies, but any digital marketing agency or other similar business can also use this template pack.

Fun Zone - Elementor Template Pack For Toy Store

Elementor Template Pack

This month, Templately has added another WooCommerce template pack to its list. This one is called Fun Zone for creating your online toy store website. Featuring bright colors and eye-catching illustrations, this template pack has a joyful theme which is perfect for any kids toy store. You can use this template pack to create websites for children’s clothing stores, or other similar businesses.

Delibox - Courier/Delivery Website Template

Best Elementor Template Packs #3: October Edition 5

Previously, Templately had released a logistics and delivery website template pack known as DropShip. This October, you can get access to a brand new Elementor template pack for creating your courier or delivery service website. This new template pack is called Delibox and it comes with 7 beautifully designed premade pages. 

Greenzone - Plant Store Elementor Template Pack

Elementor Template Pack

Want to start your plant store or nursery business? Then you should try the Greenzone template pack from Templately. Beautifully designed and fully responsive, this template pack is perfect if you want to create your own online plant store business or indoor gardening business. 

Ebox - Electronic Store Template For Elementor

Elementor Template Pack

If you want to start your own electronic store business, then check out the Ebox template pack from Templately. Modern, stylish and compatible with WooCommerce, Ebox comes with 9 attractive premade pages to help you create your online electronic store website instantly.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, this October you get to try and explore several new Elementor template packs from Templately. Let us know which template pack you liked best in the comments below. For more fun tutorials, news and updates, subscribe to our blog or join our Facebook Community.

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