Best Elementor Template Packs #2: September Edition

Gear up for some amazing, beautifully designed Elementor template packs released this September. From professional career page templates to fun and up-beat gaming website templates, Templately brings you some fantastic ready templates for Elementor. 

Elementor Template Pack

Templately is the ultimate templates library for Elementor with over 400 ready templates. Using these templates, you can create any kind of website on WordPress instantly. No need to worry about codes or hiring professional web designers. You can stunning websites using the ready template packs from Templately in a matter of minutes.

Without further delay, let’s take a look at these new Elementor template packs released in September.

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Game Zone Elementor Template Pack For Gaming Websites

Elementor Template Pack

Gamers, get ready! This September, Templately gives you an absolutely breathtaking Elementor template pack for gaming websites. With Game Zone you can create stunning websites for your online gaming community, or set up your own online gaming studio website. Featuring an interactive, modern design and bold colors, Game Zone can also be used by game reviewers, game developers or publishers, or anyone who is enthusiastic about PC, console or mobile gaming.  

BeautyBuy Elementor Template Pack For Cosmetic Stores

WooCommerce Template Packs

The second Elementor template pack released this September is BeautyBuy. This is a gorgeous  Elementor template pack for Woocommerce. It is perfect for those who want to create a website for selling skincare products, beauty products, or cosmetics. It comes with a stylish layout, and several stunning premade pages with which you can create a beauty and cosmetic WooCommerce store on WordPress.

Careerly Career Landing Page Template For Elementor

For those who want to create your own career website, Templately gives you the Careerly landing page template. Fully responsive and compatible across multiple browsers, Careerly features an interactive, attractive layout. With this template, you get access to three different landing page styles, each with its own unique design. The color palettes used for each landing page style gives them a professional, modern look. This Elementor template is perfect for both startups or large companies to create their career pages.

Blue Orchid Hotel & Resort Template

Elementor Template Pack

For those who are running a hotel or resort business, you can now create a stunning website for your hotels and resorts with the Blue Orchid Elementor template pack. It comes with 8 ready pages to help you build your hotel & resort website in less than 5 minutes. These include an attractive Home Page, Gallery Page, About Us Page, Room Page, and much more. The versatile design of this Elementor template pack makes it perfect for anyone in the tourism industry.

EleCamp Virtual Conference Website Template

Best Elementor Template Packs #2: September Edition 1

This is yet another business related Elementor template pack. EleCamp is an attractive template pack designed specifically for conferences, events, event organizations, virtual conferences, and event organizers. It is fully responsive and comes with 7 gorgeous premade pages to help you design your virtual conference website without coding. 

StudioX Creative Agency Website Template

Best Elementor Template Packs #2: September Edition 2

Previously, Templately introduced the Delta Elementor template pack for those who wanted to create websites for creative agencies or digital agencies. This September, Templately brings you StudioX, a brand new creative agency website template. The appearance, design and layout of this template pack is refreshingly different from Delta. StudioX comes with a soothing beige and brown color palette, interactive layout and stunning Call To Action buttons to design your creative agency website.

D-Care Dentist Clinic Template For Elementor

Elementor Template Pack

This September, Templately has brought to you D-Care, an all new medical template pack designed specifically for dentists or dental health clinics. This beautiful template pack features a bright, eye-catching color palette, interactive layout, and 4 premade, ready-to-use pages and blocks. These include all the essential features that a dental health clinic would need such as a Services page, patient testimonials, Pricing page, and more.

Naturous Elementor Template Pack For Organic store

WooCommerce Template Packs

For those who want a website for an online grocery store, or an organic store, you can try the Naturous Elementor template pack. This WooCommerce template pack from Templately is perfect for anyone who wants to start an eCommerce business or online shop for organic food or farm produce. 

Kickstar Elementor Template Pack for Sports Club

Elementor Template Pack

Are you a die-hard football fan? Well, now you can create your own sports club website without coding using the Kickstar Elementor template pack from Templately. Share news and updates about players, future matches and even set up a store page with this sports club website template pack.

Space Hub Coworking Space Website Template

Best Elementor Template Packs #2: September Edition 3

Looking to start a business for coworking space? Then you can try the Space Hub Elementor template pack. This template pack lets you create coworking space websites for other businesses who want to rent a shared office space. You can also use this Elementor template pack for creating office space websites, real estate websites or other similar services.

Wrapping Up

That brings us to the end of September’s best Elementor template packs. Which one did you like best? Let us know your favorites in the comments below. For more fun updates, tutorials and news, subscribe to our blog and make sure to join our Facebook Community to connect with other WordPress enthusiasts like yourself.



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