2024 Blogging Statistics, Trends & Data – Ultimate List

When it comes to building your online presence, blogging still remains one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website and create content that resonates with your audience. In fact, research shows that approximately 7.5 million blogs are published every day! If that sounds like a mindblowing fact, dive in as we share more astounding 2023 blogging statistics, trends, and data in today’s post. 

Blogging Statistics, Trends & Data

General Blogging Statistics 2023: Astounding Trends To Follow

As of 2023, there are over 1.9 billion websites around the world, and more than 600 million of them are blogs spread out over different channels and niches. This means blogging sites cover almost ⅓ of the total number of websites. If you are a blogger trying to create your mark among all these, it’s important to ensure you know some of the latest blogging statistics, trends & data. 

  • People publish 70 million new posts on WordPress.com every month, with 22% of bloggers publishing content every week and 2% posting daily. Other statistics show that at least 1% of bloggers post multiple times a day
  • How-to articles are the most popular content for bloggers to write. In fact, 76% of bloggers now publish step-by-step guides, which bring in a lot of traffic and interest readers curious to learn easy ways to do new things – blogs have been rated as the 5th most trustworthy source for gathering online information. And so according to studies, 45% of bloggers provide long-form content like ebooks and tutorials.
  • And there is evidence to go with the previous statistics because blogs that are over 2,000+ words see higher SEO rankings and better analytics. 
Blogging Statistics 2023
  • Images or eye-catching visuals can bring a positive correlation when it comes to boosting blog engagement and page-view sessions. So, according to Orbit Media, bloggers who have added 7 or more images to their content have seen a strong result, with 94% more views compared to articles without visuals.
  • The most frequent and high volume of traffic is drawn to titles with 6 to 13 words. And in relevance to previous stats mentioned above, 17% of readers prefer to click on blogs that start with the words ‘How To’.

SEO Blogging Statistics 2023: How Sites Are Driving Traffic Today

We all know that search engine optimization is crucial for getting your content more visibility. And when it comes to ranking on the search results pages, long-form content or detailed blog posts can play an incredibly important role! 

Let’s have a look at some of the most important SEO blogging statistics of 2023 and see how websites today are ranking on top of the search results pages.

  • According to research from BrightEdge 68% of website traffic comes from organic search and paid traffic, making it more important than ever to ensure that your blog is optimized for SEO.
  • On average, the pages and content that you see in the top 10 list of search results pages are typically over 2 years old. This means two things: not only should bloggers be patient to see SEO impact on their content, but they should also regularly update old content to ensure that they provide accurate information to site visitors. 
  • In general, the more backlinks you get for your web pages, the easier it will be for you to rank at the top of search results. In fact, 90.63% of content that does not get any organic traffic does not have any backlinks, which is one of the most important SEO ranking factors.
Blogging Statistics 2023

Source: Backlinko

  • Despite the interesting SEO blogging statistic mentioned above, it turns out that only 50% of bloggers are doing keyword research for their content. If you want your blog posts to get more views, consider being part of that 50% of bloggers who leverage keyword strategy!

Blogging Revenue Statistics: How Are Bloggers Earning In 2023?

We’ve seen how SEO impacts the content bloggers create, and we’ve seen some general statistics about blogging and WordPress. Now comes the question: how much can you really earn from blogging? Is it a profitable side hustle or can you turn it into a full-time job?

Let’s take a look at these latest blogging revenue statistics below to get some answers and insights!

  • According to GrowthBadger, the most popular source of blogging revenue turns out to be Google AdSense, followed by affiliate marketing. However, 45% of high-income bloggers say that Google AdSense ranks third as a source of revenue for them. These bloggers have a tendency to sell their own products rather than rely solely on earnings from advertising.
  • Just as a business would need to target a specific industry, a blogger would also need to choose a specific niche. And the most profitable niche for bloggers turns out to be food blogs, with the highest median monthly income being approximately $9,169 as compared to bloggers from all major niches. 
Blogging Statistics 2023
  • A surprising blogging revenue statistic that we did not see coming: 42% of high-income bloggers say they create non-live videos while 31% rely on paid promotions. 
2024 Blogging Statistics, Trends & Data – Ultimate List 1

Blogging Statistics For Readability And Length: What’s The Ideal Word Count And Posting Frequency?

So now we know that blogging can be a great source for earning passive income, and we’ve also explored some of the most profitable niches for blogging. 

  • According to Medium, engagement for blog posts drops for content that has a reading time of longer than 7 minutes! So we can conclude that while long-form content is needed for ranking and backlinks, don’t write blog posts that are so long that your readers lose attention and focus halfway. 
  • Now with the blogging statistic given above, you might be wondering: so what’s the ideal word count for a blog? While there’s no magic number, and the length of your blog will definitely vary depending on the niche and topic, on average most blogs tend to be around 1300 to 1500 words
2024 Blogging Statistics, Trends & Data – Ultimate List 2
  • As for keeping your readers coming back for more, the quality of content seems to be the most important factor! This is immediately followed by attractive and engaging headlines, SEO optimization as well as your website design, appearance and performance. 
2024 Blogging Statistics, Trends & Data – Ultimate List 3

Strategize For Blogging Success With Top Statistics & Trends

And with that, we conclude our ultimate list of the top 20+ blogging statistics, trends, and data that we believe will help you power up your strategies to see success this year and rank higher than ever. Let us know if any of these statistics have been helpful for you; we would love to know. If you want to get more such insightful articles that can help you grow as a blogger, please subscribe to our blog. Also, don’t forget to join our Facebook community to stay in touch. 

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