Create High Converting Landing Page for Your Consulting Business In 5 Minutes

Are you concerned about your Consulting Business and want to take it to the next level? If it is failing to attract new clients chances are it must be due to poor exposure. To persuade people who need consulting, you need to communicate the key features and benefits of your service. And what better way to do it by creating a high-converting Landing Page for your Consulting Business.

We are going to use Elementor to create high-converting Landing Page for your Consulting Business. The reason for using Elementor is, it comes with beautiful templates which include all key elements that make a high-converting Landing Page. For example, Elementor Template comes with a CTA button, a Features section that highlights the key features of your service, a Google Maps section highlighting your business location and so on. All these elements make the perfect high-converting Landing Page. This blog will teach you how to create a new Landing Page for your Consulting Business and set it as your new Landing Page.

Create a Landing Page for your Consulting Business

First, open your WordPress Dashboard and create a new Web-Page. For simplicity of use, it is recommended that you name the page Consulting Landing Page. Save the Page and launch Elementor Editor.

We will be using the Elementor Template for creating the Landing Page for your Consulting Business. Once you are inside the Elementor Editor, open the Elementor Library and search for Consulting.

The template comes with all the necessary sections that you will need on your Landing Page for your Consulting Business. Take your time and go section by section and fill all the elements with your content. It should be pretty easy. However once you are done filling the page with your own content, you need to add proper links to all the CTA Buttons on the Elementor Template.

Adjust the CTA Buttons

The Elementor Consulting Template includes a bunch of CTA Buttons. The first CTA button that sits at the very top is for the Brochure for your Consulting Business. Once you click the Button the Brochure will open in a new Browser Window.

In case you consider keeping that CTA button you need to add the link to your PDF. That way anyone can view the brochure of your Consulting Business by clicking on the button. The steps to make it all happen starts with creating a new Web Post for your PDF. After you create the new post, upload your PDF.

As soon as you upload your PDF, a Copy URL button will appear right besides it. Click on the Copy URL button. Now go back to the Elementor Template and click on the Button. Under the Content Tab, you will find a Link field, paste the link to your PDF there. Make sure you remove the “#” in the Link Field first. That should be it.

Adjust your Business Location

It is very important to display your business Location on your Website. In recent times, Google Maps is widely used for finding unknown locations, getting directions and placing markers. In order to help your potential customers find your Business Location easily always include Maps on your Landing Page. The Elementor Template for Consulting Business comes with Google Maps sections. All you need to do is update the location.

Type in the Address of your Business Location manually and the Google Maps sections will automatically load the Location. After you have updated the Address, adjust the Zoom level.

Wrapping Up!-Set the Template as Your New Landing Page for Your Consulting Business

Once you are done adjusting the Landing Page Template for your Consulting Business, you need to assign it as your new Landing Page. To do so, first, navigate to Settings>>Readings from your WordPress Dashboard. Under the Your Homepage Display tab, select A Static Page. Then from the Home Page drop-down, select the template, you just created.

Once you are done setting the Page, hit the Save Changes button and open the preview. Now visit your Website, it should now display the new Landing Page you just created with Elementor.

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