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Elementor Essential Addon currently has 30 top-end elements in its library. With version 2.4.0, released in the mid-November of 2017, we saw the inclusion of two widgets along with other functionality improvements. You can check the Changelog to see what you are missing out. But for the time being lets focus on the newest addition to the Creative Elements bundle of Elementor Essential Addons- Content Timeline.

What can you do  with Content Timeline?

Content Timeline for Elementor

The basic purpose of this element is to display pages/posts vertically. You can select how you wish to arrange these posts along the timeline. You have a dozen sorting criteria like- Date, Post ID, Post Author and so on. And it goes without saying, that you get the same customization options as any other Elementor element.

Getting Started

You can achieve more with this element than you think

When using this element,the first choice you would have to make is selecting a content source for the element. You can either pick Dynamic or Custom content source. Afterwards, according to the content source you have picked, the element will display customization options. 

Content Timeline Elementor Essential Addon WordPress Blogging

Using Dynamic Content Source 

If you select Dynamic as your content source, you will have more automation in the styling options. In simple words, you can get your design done by tweaking a couple of bars and using some drop down menus. If you are dealing with a handful of posts which are already categorized into separate types, go with this option. By following this method, you are actually building a timeline in true sense. You will see how this element can also be used-indirectly – to portray a difficulty bar for your blog posts. 

Display a Blog Series

The Timeline lets you display your blogs vertically. Naturally the length of your timeline is a great concern. It should not be too long  that it kills the vibe. Thus, you must ensure a moderate length. There are many effective ways of addressing a blog topic. You can write one single blog post including all the related ones. On the contrary you can also build sequential blog posts addressing related topics separately. In case you are trying to implement the later method, the Content Timeline element can come very handy.

Place the more basic blogs at one end of the Content timeline. Then keep adding blogs according to their required level of understanding. This way, as your readers progress through the timeline they will know the farther away they are from the starting point, the more advanced the blogs will get.

Another way can be to order the blogs as they are meant to be approached. Staring with the fundamentals and progressing to the more advanced discussions.

Required Fields

The cards that you see along the timeline has basically three fields. The title, excerpt and a date. The element will fetch the excerpt from your website automatically. However you can manually set the limit to the number of words you want to display in the Excerpt field. 

Getting the element to locate the kind of blogs you want to include in your timeline is very simple. You can sort the blogs according to a certain category. You can then add another layer of sorting by using the Order By option. You can pick to order the blogs by Post ID, Post Author, Comment Count, Title or Date. That’s not it. You can further add another layer to the sorting process by either placing the blogs in a descending or ascending order.

Lets look at an example

Blog Series-Building a WordPress Website from Home

A Quick Hack

Do you already have multiple blogs on your website which you want to display now using this Timeline element? Maybe you want to curtail the blogs and assign them a new category for easy sorting. Trust me this is not at all necessary. Assigning new category names to old blogs can be too time consuming. 
So here goes a quick hack for you, you can always use the Custom Content Source option to create random cards for the timeline,and then insert links to the original blogs. Scroll up and see the timeline above. Suppose you deice to insert this timeline on your website. The first card has the title “Registering a Domain Name for Your Website”. But it’s not mandatory to have such a blog on your website. Maybe you have an old blog named- “The basic of Registering Domain Name” on your website. As the topics are closely similar, you can insert the link of your old blog “The basic of Registering Domain Name” in the first card “Registering a Domain Name for Your Website”. In one sense you are getting chances to use your best two title ideas for one blog.

Using Custom Content Source

With the Custom Content Source selected, you can interact with the separate cards on your timeline as separate entities. Previously with the Dynamic Content source, you had to select between Page or Post. Furthermore you could sort these selected cards according to their Post ID, Post Author, Date or Comment Count. However with Custom content Source you do not have to rely on a common shared characteristics of the cards. In fact You can be as random as you want. You don’t even have to include real blogs in the timeline.  

Lets look at an example

In the above example, the timeline blocks has been used to display the sequence of a hypothetical WordPress Summit. As the readers scroll down they can see the Timeline light-up in green. This subliminally tells the readers that they are progressing through the line and at one point it would come to an end. This gives you an idea of how the Content Timeline can be used to graphically display the proceedings of an event. That’s just one example. 

Lets focus on the hypothetical WordPress summit again. You can see that there is a button below every timeline block. You can actually assign links to these buttons to help readers who would seek additional information about the hypothetical WordPress event. These links would take the reader to other pages on your website containing the sought information. For example you can upload your Event Promo video on Youtube and then assign the link to the first card button.

What Other Creative Elements can be used to complement the Content Timeline

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Lets look at the hypothetical WordPress Event once again. What else can be done to complement the Content Timeline? The Countdown element is a perfect match. Every event has certain deadlines. The most common one that everyone is familiar with is the Registration Deadline. Have you ever forgotten to register for an event that you were so excited to attend? We all have!  But then again as an organizer what can you do to prevent this from happening? Simple, send your candidates reminders. You may feel limited as there are not many creative ways to remind participants without  coming out as too desperate. But lets look at the gif below.  

Elementor Essential Addons Countdown Content timeline

You can see that the Countdown element perfectly complements the Content Timeline element.

Styling Options

Like any other Elementor Element, you will have 3 broad bundles of customization options-Content,Style and Advanced. You have the option of tweaking a few bars to get the result. On the other hand there is also options for Custom CSS for Advanced users.

Wrapping up

The Content Timeline comes with simple customization options that anyone can master overnight. This new addition to the Creative Elements Bundle lets you build the perfect timeline for your content. Let us know in the comment section what are the other creative ways Content Timeline can be used for. 

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