Introducing Crowdfundly: Advanced Fundraising & Donation Solution for WordPress

Since the beginning of the pandemic, millions of lives have been affected. Here at WPDeveloper, we wanted to help our community by doing what we do best. In collaboration with Joules Labs team, we have created Crowdfundly, an all-in-one digital fundraising platform.

Introducing Crowdfundly: Advanced Fundraising & Donation Solution for WordPress 1

Crowdfundly is a SaaS fundraising solution that also comes with  WordPress plugin so that our WordPress users can build their own fundraising platforms or donation websites straight from their dashboard.

With Crowdfundly, anyone can build a fundraising platform on WordPress and use its advanced features to create campaigns, raise and collect donations, collaborate with team members and effortlessly manage all fundraising activities

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Our hope is that by making it easier for people to create donation websites and fundraising platforms, it will be a lot easier to collect donation or raise fund to help people around the world.

Create A Fundraising Platform Effortlessly With Crowdfundly

Building your fundraising platform on WordPress can seem difficult. There are a lot of tasks involved when trying to raise funds for a cause. You have to keep track of your fundraising progress and handle finances, and you also have to keep spreading the words until you reach your fundraising goal. 


In addition to this, you may also have to organize teams, delegate fundraising-related tasks, manage the workflow and handle communications with contributors. It can be overwhelming to do all of these things without an advanced fundraising platform or crowdfunding tool.

That’s where Crowdfundly comes in. With this digital fundraising solution, you can manage all of your campaign-related tasks from one place and keep track of your campaign progress at the same time. You can create branded campaign pages to promote causes that are important to you, collect and track donations effortlessly, manage funds and also collaborate with your team members, all in one place.

Explore Advanced Features From Crowdfundly

Whether you are a web creator who wants to create a donation website, or a non-profit organization or simply an individual who wants to create a fundraising platform, Crowdfundly comes with all the features you would need to create campaigns and raise funds for your causes. Let’s take a look at all the advanced features that you get with Crowdfundly.

1. An Enhanced User Interface To Get Started Easily

Crowdfundly WordPress plugin comes with an interactive dashboard to help you get started easily and get a quick overview of all your campaign related tasks. Once you sign up for an account on Crowdfundly, you can easily connect your account with your WordPress website using Crowdfundly plugin for WordPress.


2. Create Campaigns & Raise Funds For Any Cause

With Crowdfundly, you have the freedom to create campaigns for any cause and raise funds easily. There are two basic campaign types in Crowdfundly. The first is a donation based campaign, which you can use to raise funds for charitable causes. The other is a reward based campaign, which you can use if you want to provide an incentive or a reward to contributors for helping you reach your fundraising goal.


Regardless of which campaign type you choose to create, with Crowdfundly you get the flexibility to create campaigns for many different types of causes. You can select these options from the ‘Campaign Category’. There are tons of campaign categories you can choose from. These categories will help your contributors to understand what your fundraising campaign is about.


3. Create Attractive Branded Pages For Your Campaigns

In order to launch a successful fundraising campaign, you need to create a campaign page that attracts donors and helps build credibility. With Crowdfundly, you can create eye-catching, branded campaign pages with just a few clicks. Using the ready themes for Crowdfundly and by adding images and videos for your campaign, you can effortlessly create a branded campaign page for any cause like the one shown below.


4. Customize Your Own Campaign Story

Non-profit organizations and individuals alike need to create a compelling campaign story to get site visitors to donate to their causes. With the Campaign Assistant feature in Crowdfundly, you can do this in a matter of minutes.

Not only can you set your fundraising target and deadline, but you can also create a captivating campaign story by adding an image gallery, sharing Youtube or Vimeo video links related to your campaign and use blocks to write your campaign story.


5. Raise Funds With WooCommerce Payment Gateways

If you have both Crowdfundly plugin and WooCommerce plugin installed on your WordPress website, you can enable WooCommerce payment in Crowdfundly to receive donations or funds for your campaigns. Simply configure your Crowdfundly settings in WordPress to start receiving donations with WooCommerce supported payment gateways.


Seamless Integration With Elementor Page Builder

https://essential-addons.com/elementor/In addition to these, there are some exclusive features that you can only get with Crowdfundly plugin to help you build your fundraising platform with ease. For instance, you can use Crowdfundly with Elementor to quickly create a stunning donation website without any coding.

If you have Elementor page builder installed, then you can easily create a donation website for your fundraising platform with just a few clicks. Crowdfunding is seamlessly compatible with Elementor & Essential Addons, and comes with three unique widgets for Elementor users to create their donation website.


Add A Page For Your Organization On WordPress

With the Crowdfundly Organization widget for Elementor, you can instantly add a branded page for your fundraising organization to your WordPress website. You simply have to drag and drop the widget anywhere in Elementor Editor, and Crowdfundly will automatically display your fundraising organization page for you.

Afterwards, you can play around with the options under the ‘Style’ tab to further customize your organization page any way you want in Elementor.

Introducing Crowdfundly: Advanced Fundraising & Donation Solution for WordPress 2

Display All Campaigns Beautifully With Elementor

You can create stunning campaign pages using the Crowdfundly All Campaigns widget for Elementor. Drag and drop the widget in any section of your page, and Crowdfundly will instantly display all the campaigns that you have created.

With this widget, you can add a search bar so site visitors can browse through all of your campaigns with ease, choose the number of campaigns you want to display and add a customized ‘Load More’ button to display all campaigns.


Build Attractive Single Campaign Pages In Elementor

Finally, with the Crowdfundly Single Campaign widget, you can create an informative and attractive single campaign page to provide details about a particular campaign to your site visitors. You can customize this page any way you want without coding in Elementor Editor by playing around with the options under the ‘Style’ tab.

Introducing Crowdfundly: Advanced Fundraising & Donation Solution for WordPress 3

If you want to take things a step further, then you can also use Essential Addons for Elementor with Crowdfundly to create breathtaking donation websites or fundraising pages. This is one of the most popular addons library for Elementor with more than 1 million active users. Essential Addons for Elementor comes with 70+ exclusive widgets, and is compatible with Crowdfundly, so you can create stunning donation websites with ease.

Full Integration With Ready Elementor Templates

To help you make donation websites faster, we have integrated Crowdfundly with several ready Elementor template packs from Templately

With these ready Elementor template packs, you can instantly build donation websites by simply inserting the template in WordPress and customizing it in Elementor.

Take a closer look at these ready Elementor template packs that are integrated with Crowdfundly below. 

1. TrustAid: Charity Website Template For Elementor

TrustAid is a fully responsive Elementor template pack for building charity or donation websites. It is seamlessly integrated with Crowdfundly and comes with 8 ready pages.

Introducing Crowdfundly: Advanced Fundraising & Donation Solution for WordPress 5

2. Hope: Non-Profit Website Template For Elementor

Another ready Elementor template pack that is fully integrated with Crowdfundly is HopeThis template pack from Templately is designed to help you create websites for non-profit organizations. 

Introducing Crowdfundly: Advanced Fundraising & Donation Solution for WordPress 6

3. DoNation: Ready Template Pack For Chairty Website

Crowdfundly is also fully integrated with DoNation, a ready website template pack for creating donation websites on WordPress. This template pack comes with 9 ready pages and is completely customizable in Elementor.

Introducing Crowdfundly: Advanced Fundraising & Donation Solution for WordPress 7

Sign up for an account with Templately to get access to these ready Elementor template packs and create your non-profit website or donation website without any coding. 

More Exclusive Features With Crowdfundly To Organize Fundraisers

Besides these, there are some exclusive features that you get with Crowdfundly to help make the tasks of organizing fundraisers even easier for you. With these features, you can build a complete fundraising platform on WordPress and be one step closer to making an impact on the lives of others around you.

1. Assign Roles & Collaborate With Your Team On Cloud

Managing your fundraising tasks can be overwhelming without a team to support you. After all, raising and collecting funds require multiple people to be on board, regardless of whether you are an individual trying to make a difference, or a non-profit organization.

This is why Crowdfundly lets you easily add team accounts and collaborate with your team members on cloud. This way you can streamline the entire workflow by creating roles in Crowdfundly, setting permissions and assigning these roles to team members.


2. Add Custom Domain & Email For Donation Websites

Another exclusive and premium feature that you get with Crowdfundly is the ability to add your own custom domain for your donation website. You can also add a custom email address to receive notifications or emails from contributors.


3. Track Online & Offline Contributions From One Place

Even if you build a fundraising platform on WordPress, it is possible that you may receive many donations in person rather than through online platforms. To make it easier for you to track all donations or contributions for a campaign, Crowdfundly lets you add offline contributions so you can keep track of your campaign progress from one place.


4. Monitor Campaign Performance With Analytics Tool

Being able to monitor your campaign performance is an essential feature for any fundraising platform. That is why we have introduced the option to measure and evaluate the performance of each and every campaign in Crowdfundly. 

With the built-in analytics tool in Crowdfundly, you can see the performance of your campaigns and get valuable insights and data about your campaigns.


5. Secured Payment Methord With Paypal & Stripe

To make donating and collecting funds easier for everyone, Crowdfundly supports popular payment methods such as Paypal and Stripe. You can easily configure your organization’s payment methods to connect your Paypal or Stripe account with Crowdfundly to donate funds, collect them, or manage refunds.


6. Share Your Campaign Brochure On Social Media

You can spread the news about any fundraising campaign by downloading the campaign brochure, which will contain a QR code that readers can scan to immediately visit the campaign link. You can also share a campaign on social media platforms with a single click.


Get Exclusive Lifetime Deal & Unlock Premium Features From Crowdfundly

As you can see, Crowdfundly comes with tons of features to help you build your fundraising platform on WordPress. If you want to get started with this all-inclusive digital fundraising solution, then grab our exclusive lifetime deal starting at only $59.00 per month.


There’s more! To help make it easier for people to build their fundraising platform during these challenging times, we have introduced an exclusive split payment plan for our Enterprise package. You can now easily unlock all premium features by paying in small amounts when you choose the Enterprise plan; simply contact our support team for assistance and they will help you with the process.

Get started with the free version of Crowdfundly today at no cost, or grab our exclusive Lifetime Deal. We are committed to making Crowdfundly the ultimate fundraising solution for you, so to contact us with your feedback or join our friendly Facebook community.

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