Put Spotlight In Important Data Using Counter Element for Elementor

Numerical or statistical facts are always capable of striking your visitors on the website. If you are considering to display your key company figures to grab the attention right after the visitor enters your website, the EA Counter would be the perfect choice for you. Haven’t heard about this before? There’s no need to worry. Because we are going to discuss in detail and walk you through on how to easily put the spotlight in important data using Counter element for Elementor.

Counter Element

What Can You Do with EA Counter?

By using the Counter element, you can now grab your visitor’s attention by emphasizing significant statistical numbers on your WordPress website in an instant. When you put a counter on your website highlighting your data what happens is that visitors get a quick overview of your company. If it is done correctly, it can easily turn your potential customers into real ones.

You can provide your noteworthy company information or milestones using this counter element. Showcasing the number of products and customers you have, your company would look more trustworthy to the visitors.

Counter Element Counter Idea 1

You can also add some facts about your business with a nice eye-catching background. Having a colorful background with the counter to all your key information is surely going to make this hard to miss.

Counter ElementCounter Idea 2

Not every data you are going to put using counter element has to be about serious achievements. There can be some fun facts as well. What this does is that it brings an amusing side and makes things very interesting.

Counter ElementCounter Idea 3

Key Features

  • Ease of use
  • Plenty of Attractive Layouts
  • Smooth Counter Animation
  • Customizable without any Difficulty

Activate & Configure Counter Element

Firstly, you need to activate the EA Counter element from the Elementor dashboard by dragging the element into the “Drag widget here” or the “+” section.

Counter Element

After the first step is done, you will be able to configure the element. You will see three tabs: Content, Style & Advanced. From the “Content” tab, you can modify your counter, add/remove the divider and change the speed of the counter.

You can use the drop-down menu to increase or decrease the number you want to display. There are also input fields to insert a number, prefix or suffix. Counter settings also give you the option to add a title and modify it. The title should be meaningful to comply with the number you are putting. Since this is what you are going to use to grab your visitor’s attention.

As per your preference, you will have the flexibility to choose any of the six layouts given. By enabling the “Divider” option, you can also create a divider between the number and title.

Counter Element

To set your preferred counting speed, you can simply increase or decrease the bar. By default, the speed is set to 1500 milliseconds.

Counter Element

Style all the Features

Below the “Style” section, you can add styling to the counter, number, suffix, and title. You will have the options to modify your number & title typographies, background color, margins, paddings and many more.

The styling is so easy to navigate that anyone can play around with it to get the desired result.

Counter Element

Final Outcome

By changing the background color for each column from the “Advanced” section, the following is going to be your final result.

Essential Addons Counter element gives you the freedom to customize your layout whichever you want. As a result, you can easily come up with your own unique and creative designs to make your Counter element look attractive to your visitors.

Counter Element


So, we have discussed the significance of using a nicely designed Counter on your WordPress website and how you can easily configure it. To wrap this up, we hope this article will help you out getting started with the Counter Element of Essential Addons.

To check this element in live-action, you can also visit our Demo page as well. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section.

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