How To Display TOC For Your WordPress Knowledge Base With BetterDocs

Knowledge Base articles are informative one that comes with a step by step guide. It effectively helps your user to know about the entire product, features, and functions just by reading it. You have to categorize, use tags, insert and organize your content with a proper Table of Contents (TOC) to make it understandable. And the main difference between technical documentation and random blogs are relying on these specifications.

Organizing your content properly with Table of Contents (TOC) sometimes being difficult on Knowledge Base. So to maintain that you need a perfect plugin that could solve your problem instantly. BetterDocs comes with this exclusive feature along with other advanced ones to create and manage your documentation site smoothly.

TOC for knowledge base BetterDocs

Why You Need Table Of Contents (TOC) On Knowledge Base?

Table Of Contents (TOC) is mainly used for documentation to break its important steps by inserting headings or subheadings. That would be categorized under the title and make the content more meaningful to the audiences. Because the focus is on whatever technical content you are producing that could easily digest by your users. While you are writing long Documentation then TOC should be used at the beginning. It would help your visitors to click on the desired title they want to know first to clear their confusion. They can navigate a long article easily with TOC for Knowledge Base. It seems meaningful to your customers. They can easily find your product functionalities and take a quick decision to buy it.

Step By Step Guide To Organize Content With TOC Using BetterDocs

BetterDocs will automatically create you a well-managed Table Of Contents(TOC) while you are writing your documentation. For instance, you insert the heading first then subheadings. It will then generate a TOC accordingly with the title, subheaders and link the particular portions. You don’t have to bother to add it manually. With an effective automated process, it will organize your documentation with its in-built functions.

TOC for knowledge base BetterDocs

Besides that, it comes with a Sticky Table Of Contents(TOC). Sticky one is helpful for readers because they are reading through the last. They can get the entire TOC for Knowledge Base on their side and click on the next part easily with this. Because it’s difficult for users to go to the beginning and find which parts they want to read next. With the Sticky TOC for Knowledge Base, they can get that help instantly. For more help, you can check out our BetterDocs Documentation site.

TOC for knowledge base BetterDocs

Not only that, BetterDocs premade template design and customization will help you to build your first documentation quickly and without any hassle. It also comes with an in-built advanced search option. You will get integrated exclusively with Analytics to measure and evaluate your customer performance live. It will help you to improve your content marketing strategy on the spot. After creating the Knowledge Base, you will get an automatic documentation ChatBots to help your users. They just have to type to get their text solution instantly. This process will surely help you to reduce helpdesk pressure.

Final Thoughts

While creating Knowledge Base, you need to be more focus on enlighting your active users with potential buyers. It will help you to successfully create your market place on the online medium. And to organize your online documentation site, you need to add proper title, category, tags, media files and defined it easily with Table of Contents(TOC). Your customers will then think, you value their time and satisfaction. This will make your product more credible to them and help you to grow your business.

Let’s explore your experience using BetterDocs, give us a comment below and share your valuable opinion!

Syeda Sanjida Afrin

Syeda Sanjida Afrin

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