How To Create Large Data Tables For WordPress using EA Advanced Data Table for Elementor

Failing to present your data in a proper way, means your readers will fail to interpret your findings the way you intended them to. This is where Tables come really handy. EA Advanced Data Table helps you to present large data sets inside your WordPress Website using Elementor Page Builder. If you feel Tables are a better method for presenting both numerical and alphabetical data, you are at the right place.

If you are writing a report where you have to compare multiple objects across multiple variables, you need to come up with an attractive method to present your collected data. And a better way to present it by creating a table that stretches multiple rows and columns according to your requirements. Moreover, if you are responsible for record-keeping and creating a table that contains information about hundreds of people, EA Advanced Data Table will make your work easier.

EA Advanced Data Table for elementor

Who needs EA Advanced Data Table?

EA Advanced Data Table, which comes with the most popular elements bundle for Elementor Page Builder, was built with the intention of serving those who have to present huge data-sets on their WordPress Website. Some instances where you might need to insert a huge data set can range a wide array of reasons.

You might have a Financial blogging site, on your site you might want to display Stock Index for a certain industry, or you might want to list down the revenue of a selected group of companies for a given fiscal year. Whatever the reason might be, we are talking about huge data-sets with hundreds of columns and rows. The row entries will increase depending on what intervals you are using i.e. Monthly, Annually or Quarterly.

However, if you are dealing with small data-sets you can use our other Data Table element. If you are a teacher by profession you can read our blog to learn “How You Can Create a Table With Varying Cell Sizes“. However, if you are not dealing with a small table, continue reading.

Other uses for EA Advanced Data Table is to display Loan Acquisition and Performance Report, Single Family Loan-Level Data-set for large Financial Institutions.

Moreover, if you have a large company with hundreds of employees, you can use the EA Advanced Data Table element to list down information about all of your employees in an Employee Table containing structured data.

Create Tables on WordPress with Elementor

You can create a Table from scratch using the EA Advanced Data Table instead of importing data from a CSV file. Moreover, if your Data Table needs frequent data updates, EA Advanced Data Table has you covered. You can input data when they are made available and thus lengthen the table over time.

Enter Data into EA Advanced Data Table using Inline Editing Feature

The process of manually entering data into the table is very simple as it comes with the Inline Text Editing feature. Elementor introduced the Inline editing feature back in 2017 for both its FREE and PRO versions. Inline Text editing changes the way you write content inside Elementor Editor. It has been over 2 years since this feature was launched.

How To Create Large Data Tables For WordPress using EA Advanced Data Table for Elementor 1

In-line editing streamlines content creation as it increases what you can do, job delegation will be easier for heavy-content based projects. This is true for large data tables as well.

If you can type in entries directly inside the Elementor Editor, you will need less time to complete inputting all your entries. Lets see how Inline Editing works for EA Advanced Data Table.

How To Create Large Data Tables For WordPress using EA Advanced Data Table for Elementor 2

Add Rows, Columns to EA Advanced Data Table

By default, EA Advanced Data Table comes with a 4*5 Table dimension. However, you can add as many rows and columns as you need.

In fact, from the Editor itself, you can easily add new columns or rows. If you want, you can even delete a certain row/column as well. Besides, you have the freedom to copy/paste/undo your data content too.

How To Create Large Data Tables For WordPress using EA Advanced Data Table for Elementor 3

Moreover, you can also add HTML codes inside EA Advanced Data Table. Paste the HTML code inside any row entry and hit the Preview option.

How To Create Large Data Tables For WordPress using EA Advanced Data Table for Elementor 4

How To Import CSV Data with EA Advanced Data Table

To import data sets externally you first need to save your spreadsheet file in CSV format.

What is CSV?

CSV is an abbreviation for Comma Separated Values. People also refer to it as Character Separated Values or Comma Delimited file. But whatever term they are using they are referring to CSV.

All CSV files are plain text files only. They do not contain any styling or formatting i.e. tabular structure for the entries within the CSV file. CSV files can contain both numerical and alphabetical entries.

CSV files are usually used when working with large data sets. Regular Spreadsheet software users don’t use huge data sets that often and chances are they haven’t seen one in their entire work-life. But big financial analysts and other big projects often have to work with data sets that has millions of row and data entries.

To import data from an external CSV file follow the below steps.

  • Save your spreadsheet data in CSV format.
  • Launch your CSV file with Notepad, copy (Ctrl+C) all data from Notepad

How To Create Large Data Tables For WordPress using EA Advanced Data Table for Elementor 5

Paste it inside the little box under the ‘Import’ option. If you want your first row as Header, then make sure to check ‘import first row as Header’.

How To Create Large Data Tables For WordPress using EA Advanced Data Table for Elementor 6

After you have successfully completed importing your CSV document, it will look something like this:

How To Create Large Data Tables For WordPress using EA Advanced Data Table for Elementor 7

How To Export Data

You can export your data from EA Advanced Data Table.

  1. To do so, first hit the ‘Export’ button.
  2. EA Advanced Data Table will be downloaded in CSV format.

How To Create Large Data Tables For WordPress using EA Advanced Data Table for Elementor 8

Wrapping Up!

But there is an inherent limitation of working with huge data-sets. It’s not easy to find the exact entry you are looking for unless you have a “Search” feature.

Looking the loud house by Nickelodeon
Looking at the loud house by Nickelodeon. Picture by nickelodeon on Giphy.

Don’t worry, if you create huge data tables with EA Advanced Data Table you can also insert a “Search Bar” at the top of your Table.

Moreover, if you want to reduce vertical scrolling for your users, you can insert a Pagination Feature. That way only a limited number of entries will be visible at all times, to see entries beyond that limit your users will have to navigate to the next page. Pagination is a great way to store huge data inside limited space.

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And last but not least, EA Advanced Data Table also comes with a sorting feature that lets users sort each and every column. If a Column contains only numerical entry, once you hit the sort option, your table will rearrange and display the biggest number at the top of the column. On the other hand, if you hit the Sort button twice for a numerical column, you will see the smallest number figures at the top of the column. See the Live Demo Page for EA Advanced Data Table to find out more about what you can do with this powerful element.

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