How To Display Key Information Outstandingly Using EA Info Box in WordPress

Do you want to display your key information briefly on-site Using Info Box? It can help you out to showcase your information briefly on-site to attract an audience. Whatever business or blog site you are running, it’s really important to show specific information in a way that people feel attracted to go through the whole thing. It’s really annoying for anyone to read the lengthy text on site, which is not at all effective and will waste time. So, people feel interested to see specific information on the site, and Info Box plays a vital role to showcase that particular information.

EA Info Box comes with this special element to showcase the important news like special events, services, products, sales or special discounts briefly but effectively on WordPress site.

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Where You Can Use the Info Box?

Any major information, notice or important announcement, you can display that specific news using Info Box. If you want to display any particular events on the site, your first priority would be showing the payment procedure for the event, starting date and event details briefly on site. So, when visitors will see this they feel interested to view the details, also attend the event.

The event description is very crucial to display on the event page. It needs to be a clear, concise message with a strong CTA that people feel interested to purchase tickets and a secure place to attend the event. You have to set your information simply but in a catchy way to drag your audience’s interest. Like, you have to place detailed information and address of your company, venue, date and time, speaker’s name or social media links of the event. So, you will badly need a CTA button to link your detailed event information page. 

Info Box will help you out by simply inserting your key points with the desired title. Below the information, you can enable a CTA button with a link to redirect the visitors to the event details, scheduled calendar or social media pages. They can view the whole event information by clicking on that. 

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Other than that, you can easily show your services, product features, or product installation details briefly to achieve the result using Info Box.

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This way, you can display your services beautifully by Info Box. This is how you can display your product installation steps amazingly by InfoBox. Essential Addons InfoBox comes with this stunning element to solve your content publishing problem on site.

How You Can Get Help By EA Info Box

Easy and Quick Steps to display your important notice using EA InfoBox for Elementor!

Content Feature Of EA InfoBox

If you use Essential Addons InfoBox element, you can insert your desired content on the Content feature section, which is divided into three parts like InfoBox Image, InfoBox Content, and Link.

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By clicking on the InfoBox image, you can select an individual icon for your individual content with lots of available options. Or, you can insert your desired image or number on top of the box with proper heading to hold your visitor’s attention.

info box elementor

In the meantime, by selecting the InfoBox Content, you can easily display your concise message with the required title to showcase your information for customers. You can also disable the description if you want.

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On the other hand, if you select the Link, you can easily show the CTA button that will pull your audience to detail page information of the site. You can insert separate icons on the CTA to create urgency to click on the box text.

Style Content By EA InfoBox

You can style your content with EA InfoBox Style feature. Where you can design your icons, CTA buttons or change the entire content look.

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Wrapping Up

In short, Info Box will help you out to showcase your services, product features, product installation, sales or any important announcements. You can easily display your content by proper heading, title and brief information with CTA.

So, don’t wait and Try out our EA InfoBox Element now! If you have any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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