Boost Your Video View With EA Sticky Video for Elementor

EA Sticky Video lets you pin a video to a corner of your  WordPress Website when your users scroll past it. That way your video stays visible to your readers all the time.

Readers are highly reactive to boring and lengthy video content. If you have created a video for your WordPress website in the past you can relate to this. Along with creating a quality video you also need to make sure your presentation of the content is outstanding. And this is where EA Sticky Video for WordPress comes into play. It lets you keep your readers engaged in your web content.

Boost Your Video View With EA Sticky Video for Elementor 1

How Does EA Sticky Video Work?

Videos are a widely used content type. They can be used independently as well as with other content types i.e. text content. Most of the time when we are embedding videos inside a blog, it is either to complement the text content or to cover a completely different aspect of the blog topic.

But the problem with embedding videos inside blog content is, it is static and stays fixed to a certain position. Scrolling ahead of the video means, you no longer see the video. In order to continue watching the video, you have to scroll back up to the section where the video is placed.

This is a problem as it kills user experience. To solve this issue we have EA Sticky Video for WordPress. Using this element you can pin your video at a corner of your WordPress website while scrolling. This way your visitors will not lose sight of the video even when they are scrolling past it.

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Who uses Sticky Video?

Here is a live example of Sticky Video on CNN, and now you could have this in WordPress as well with EA Sticky Video!

 EA Sticky Video, sticky video for wordpress, Elementor Page Builder, WordPress Website

How can EA Sticky video Help You?

EA Sticky Video comes with Essential Addons for Elementor, the most popular addon for Elementor. The first benefit of using EA Sticky Video for WordPress is you can reduce scroll time for your site visitors. If you create a blog post that has a video inside it, once you make it sticky, your readers will have the video on their screens at all times regardless of their position on the page.

As soon as your readers scroll past your video section, the video will float off and position itself at one corner of your page. That way your readers can continue reading your blog while the video continues playing. And whenever your readers are done reading your blog they can click on the video to expand it and take up the entire screen.

Another use of the EA Sticky Video is, you can engage your readers with both text and video content simultaneously. If you have a news agency and publish news articles regularly, you can give EA Sticky Video a try. For certain news coverage, you have a text description of the event as well as a video interview of a witness who was present during the event, you can use both these content type to highly engage your readers. You can make the video sticky so that your readers can listen to what the witness has to say while your readers read your analysis of the event.

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What can you do with EA Sticky Video?

Lets start off by answering what Video Sources you can use. EA Sticky Video completely supports YouTube, the largest video sharing service on the internet. According to a study, 300 Hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute. If you use YouTube for uploading your videos, rest assured EA Sticky Video will take care of it. All you need to do is select “YouTube” as your source and paste the link to your YouTube video inside the “Link” field.

 EA Sticky Video, sticky video for wordpress, Elementor Page Builder, WordPress Website

By default, the ‘Sticky’ option is enabled of EA Sticky Video element. You can use the toggle option to disable or enable it. Besides, you can adjust the position of the Sticky video as well. It is set to ‘Bottom Right’ of the screen by default.

 EA Sticky Video, sticky video for wordpress, Elementor Page Builder, WordPress Website

From the Overlay section, you can add an image overlay and change its size for your video. If you want, you can even change the default Play Button Icon as well. This way you are replacing the native YouTube thumbnail for your video. This is highly effective if your YouTube video has a very low-quality thumbnail.

 EA Sticky Video, sticky video for wordpress, Elementor Page Builder, WordPress Website

Wrapping Up!

If you are an active WordPress user you might have already noticed with every passing day more and more websites are making their video content sticky on their WordPress website. It’s become a trend. Starting from small blogging websites to big news agencies, Sticky video is helping writers present their content beautifully.
Do let us know if you think EA Sticky Video can help you with engaging more of your readers. In the meantime, you can check out the Demo for this amazing element.

Afshana Diya

Afshana Diya

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