No Cost But Super Effective Marketing Strategies To Grow Online Business

No business can ever be successful without a proper plan in place. Before you start with a marketing tactic, you need to ask yourself a few questions: What are your objectives? Generate Leads? Boost Engagement? Drive More Sales? or something completely different?

Depending on the purposes, the strategy can vary from one company to another. Finding the right method is the key to get an edge over your competitors and take your organization to the next level. So, without further ado,  let’s have a look at some of the most effective Marketing Strategies to grow your online business without paying a single penny.

Marketing Strategies

Referral Programs to Improve Conversion Rate

Well, Referral Program is one of the most vastly used & cost-effective technique to gain more customers. If you ensure quality products or services, your existing users are more likely to recommend your business to their friends, family or colleagues. As a result, you won’t just generate new leads but will get loyal customers too.

First of all, you will have to provide great customer service and keep them happy enough so that they feel comfortable enough to bring new users. Through Referral program, you can offer them additional benefits such as discount offers, priority support or a chance to try out unique features before anyone else. A survey conducted by Neilsen suggests that before purchasing a product, 82% of Americans ask their peers for recommendations. This would give you an idea about how crucial the Referral Programs can be for any business.

For instance, in the initial launch of the Referral marketing back in 2016, Tesla offered $1,000 credit to their clients when they referred it to their friends. Throughout the years, they have changed their technique to reflect the user-base. Some of them include exclusive referral rewards like an invitation to a VIP party or even an opportunity to buy limited edition cars.

Marketing Strategies

Giveaway Campaigns to Generate New Leads

For years, companies from all over the world have been using Giveaway Campaigns to increase engagement & sales for their products or services. It is a very old but popular marketing strategy to grow your email list, interest, sales and most importantly, your overall business by creating brand awareness.

The Giveaway Campaigns can include offers such as limited edition products, gift cards, once in a lifetime opportunity or many other exciting things to easily grab people’s attention. To participate in the contest, you can ask the audience to provide their emails. As a result, you will be able to collect new leads & send them a newsletter about your business.

Through Giveaway Campaigns, it gives you the opportunity to gain more followers on your Social Media accounts as well. You can simply just ask your users to like/comment/share your post on their timeline to be eligible for the contest. This massively helps to create engagement on your online platforms. Thanks to participation from people, it will surely make some noise across all the channels & increase brand awareness as a result.

Marketing Strategies

Social Proof to Get More Engagement

If you are planning to increase the audience interaction, then you should definitely implement Social Proof on your website. It plays a very crucial role in persuading users to get attracted to your content and encourage them to engage massively. By adding Social Proof on your site, you are basically giving your business much-needed credibility.

For instance, displaying Testimonial from your clients can be a major factor for others to be interested in your products or services. By checking those reviews, people would get sort of an idea about what they can expect from your business. As a result, it would give them encouragement to get involved as well.

Marketing Strategies

Impact of Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, Influencer Marketing is a very popular approach used across all the platforms. By collaborating with top influencers, your business would get the much-needed credibility which would immensely help to establish trust with your target demographic in the process.

The main objective of Influencer Marketing is to increase brand awareness. Thanks to their significant followers on all the social media channels, you can reach a totally new audience & gain more engagement on your business as well. It will definitely boost your sales, leads, and traffic. So, this is why it is very important to be associated with influencers to build your brand’s reputation for the long-term.

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Influence of Google Reviews

Checking out Google Reviews before making a decision on a certain business is nothing new. However, it can play a major role if you want to take your brand to the next level. Google Reviews basically reflect the quality of your overall products or services in the client’s perspective. So, you should take this into account and deliver accordingly so that you can gain positive feedback from your customers. Otherwise, people can easily feel discouraged and you would lose lots of potential conversions, as a result.

marketing strategy

Add Instant Social Proof & Boost Conversions with NotificationX

If you are running a business based on WordPress platform, then you can easily display instant Social Proof on your website by using NotificationX. You can show the list of customers who have purchased your products through a beautifully-designed popup. As a result, it would immediately grab the attention of your site visitors. Since it displays the actual conversions, it would automatically add some credibility and it will help your audience to put their faith in you as well.

With the help of NotificationX, you can add social proof on your website by displaying the people who have subscribed to your newsletter or who are engaging with your contents as well. Thus, you can massively boost your sales & engagement on your website through this amazing plugin.

Marketing Strategies


Organic Social Media Marketing to Accelerate Business Growth

Organic Marketing is really important to increase your brand awareness across all the social media platforms. It is a content-driven approach to deliver quality posts on a regular basis for your users. The best tactic is to provide exciting & informative contents to get more engagement from your audience. Because of its non-promotional nature, it will add genuine credibility to your business & people would be able to trust your works as well.

Coupon Marketing Strategy to Drive Your Sales

It’s no surprise that people are more likely to buy a product if they get a discount. As a result, publishing your discount offers on online Coupon Directory websites can be essential to drive more sales. Besides, it allows you to highlight the key benefits users would be getting and convince them to place an order.

Through promotional campaigns, you can also send emails to all your user-base and let them know about new discount offers. If it’s done correctly, Coupon Marketing could even bring back previous customers as well.

Promote Free Consultancy To Collect Leads

Offering Free Consultancy on your website can be very beneficial for your company. Through it, people can reach out to you & ask for advice regarding the products or services you are dealing with. You can provide instructions to help them out and build a friendly relationship in the process.

Thanks to the consultation, you will be able to collect a whole set of the new userbase. As a result, it gives you the opportunity to easily reach out to them whenever you want to run any promotional campaigns too. This is how you can effortlessly generate more leads & increase your conversion rate by promoting free consultancy.

Affiliate Program to Generate Revenue

Affiliate Program can come very handy to get your brand a big exposure. Through it, other people would be able to promote your products and they would get a certain commission for each sale they make. This is basically revenue sharing to make more money. The most well-known example of Affiliate Marketing Strategy would be the Amazon platform since it allows third-parties to advertise the products which are being sold in the stores.

Final Thoughts

We have already talked about some of the most well-known & super effective Marketing Strategies that you can use to grow your business. Based on your goals & requirements, you will have to choose the suitable methods for your corporation.

Do you think we have missed out on any notable Marketing Strategy? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments Section.




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