How to Showcase Your Blog Post Beautifully Using EA Elementor Content Timeline

The latest trend is to visualize content in a chronological form that would organize your highlights, blogs or important event timeline for your visitors. At a glance, people can see all the important stuff combining the past and present documents with text and image. That particular work simply is done by Timeline. Similarly, Content Timeline exists with the same purpose, where viewers can see all the previous and present contents by authors in a WordPress blog site. 

EA Content Timeline comes with this extraordinary and well-formed look. But guess what, it is the simplest and easiest way to showcase your blog posts beautifully and effortlessly.

content timeline elementor


Why You Need Content Timeline for Publishing Posts

Content Timeline is the visual representation of time to display content in line. You can easily show your present and past brand posts, company achievements, events or any personal write-ups there in chronological form. It is a fact that people will view your present blogs or write-ups. They won’t see the past blogs or very few will do so. So you have Content Timeline to revive your older contents and make it easy to find for your visitors.    

Like companies can easily share their previous blog history along with present blogs. Suppose any travel or photography site, they have previous offer posts for their packages and want to republish it again for their customers’ attraction. They can display their particular blogs easily with the customer by Content Timeline. 

Similarly, company achievements can display in Content Timeline by new articles along with previous blogs of website. By this people can see your success story easily in a tabular form. They no need to travel along the whole site to get this particular information!  

So in one place in chronological form, your desired audience can view all your past and present posts in a stunning way. 

Attractive Features Of EA Content Timeline 

  • Dynamic and Custom Post
  • Layout Customization
  • Styling with Ease
  • Soothe Animation  

How to Active Essential Addons Content Timeline?

If you are a beginner then we will recommend you to look up the post “How to Use Essential Addons on Your WordPress site”.

Content Timeline

First, Add EA Plugin to have the EA Content Timeline Blocks. After that, the left side in Elementor dashboard below you can see the Essential Addons Plugins. You can search on the search box or directly find out from EA Elements. 

Now just drag EA Content Timeline widgets like image in the particular section you want to focus. 

Quickly Configure the Content Settings for Content Timeline

Directly drop into the point to compose the content settings click on the timeline content to select whether you want a Dynamic or Custom Settings.

content timeline elementor

If you select dynamic settings, you just need to select the source of content and the rest will be done automatically. Accordingly, your posts will update as you update or upload new writeups.  On the contrary, if you choose the custom settings, you can manually create posts. Because sometimes you need to publish content to meet up the specific purpose. So, you can provide title, description or date to organize the post timeline. There you can choose the “Read More” button to link your original post. This custom setting will showcase the main purpose of your posts and holds the audience interest to read your whole blog. 

content timeline elementor


Moreover, in a custom post, you can highlight anything like showcasing achievements or current event post to put a spotlight on it. Another important thing for the custom post is to check the blog date when you are manually selecting your blogs. There is an option to give your post date otherwise it will by default select a date. Even if you forget to insert the date then no need to worry because in EA Content Timeline you can edit the date quickly just by one click! 

Impressive Layout Settings to Sort  Content

Next is layout settings where you have the option to enable or disable title, excerpt, read more button, edit button text or icon image for dynamic content. Also for Custom Content you can enable or disable title or excerpt. As you can fill up everything in custom settings as per your desire that’s why layout settings come up with two functions. There you can easily modify and handle your content specific section visibility with Layout Settings!


content timeline elementor


Style Your Content Timeline 

You can style your timeline posts as per your desire by EA Content Timeline elements. Many available features are there to construct your content in the Timeline.

content timeline elementor

Like Timeline Style, Card Style, Bullet Style, Color Typography style and Read More Button Style to effectively showcase the posts on Content Timeline for the audience. It will provide an amazing look with simplicity.  

content timeline elementor

For example, you can easily change the timeline content size or posting by Timeline settings. Again by using Color Typography Style, you can easily renovate your timeline view by changing title or excerpt color and typography to influence the audience.

content timeline elementor


Final Touch Up

After fulfilling all desired requirements, you will finally have a gorgeous looking Content Timeline to drag visitors attention to read your posts.

content timeline elementor

Wrapping Up

EA Content Timeline for Elementor main purpose is to visualize your site contents in a chronological form for visitors. Where they can view all your present and past contents with ease. Here you can select your contents in an automatic approach or manually as per your wish. You have the full authority to control your posts sharing with your audience. 

If you are a beginner, do not feel afraid to try this outstanding widget to ease your work! See how hassle-free it will organize your Content Timeline for your desired audience!

Syeda Sanjida Afrin

Syeda Sanjida Afrin

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