How To Use Essential Addons for Elementor’s Interactive Promo Element

Essential Addons for Elementor’s Interactive Promo holds a Title, Description and an image inside a specified area. The image works as the background, the Title stays visible at all times and the Description only appears when the mouse hovers over it. All of these combined will never fail to attract the attention of your clients.

How To Use Essential Addons for Elementor's Interactive Promo Element 1

Content For the EA Interactive Promo


The EA Interactive Promo, which is a PRO element, contains three types of Content- The Title, The Content and an Image. The relative position of these three types of content works better than using a single Button Text.

Are you thinking of having three different types of content is a handful? We haven’t even told you about the hover effect of EA Interactive Promo. The Interactive Promo has two states, one when the mouse isn’t over it, and the other when the mouse is hovering over it.

For example, if you use the Apollo effect for the Interactive Promo, when your users hover their mouse over the image, an opaque square object will cross from one side of the box to the other.

Alternative to CTA Button

EA Interactive Promo does all the things that a CTA button does, and honestly, it does it better. A CTA button redirects your users to a certain web page, and EA Interactive Promo can be used to do the same thing. But the key difference lies in how these two present the CTA message.

Every CTA button comes with a label. The core necessity of the label is to persuade users to hit the CTA. But often words might fall short. In those cases, using an image that complements the CTA text is a good idea. EA Interactive Promo does just that. But it doesn’t only place the text and image side by side, it fuses them together using a nice animation. There are a handful of Animations for the EA Interactive Promo.

How To Use Essential Addons for Elementor's Interactive Promo Element 2

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, CTA is a better option when you have limited space. The CTA might require one fourth the space an EA Interactive Promo requires. But the trade-off is you won’t get eye-catchy animation while using CTA unless you are using EA Creative Buttons. This element in our bundle lets you place useful CTAs where its necessary while including nice and fancy animations. The EA Creative Button comes with the FREE version of Essential Addons for Elementor. But in case you want other top-notch elements for your Website, try the Pro version.

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