How To Display Content Precisely On Website And Save Space Using Elementor Accordion

Nowadays how precisely you can display your content using fewer spaces on the website, that really matters to attract your audience. Everyone wants to showcase their content in a way that would be effective. Somehow this way of thinking creates a competition to visualize information accurately on site. Essential Addons for Elementor accordion comes with this exact facility of displaying lots of information briefly but perfectly on-site to reduce your anxiety.

When you are representing your content in Accordion, it will help your visitors to see the exact information with less scroll time. Because visitors don’t need to go through the whole site for their desired information. They can find it in a specific place. It has the facility to collapse other information and show only the exact content which is clicked. It minimizes the excessive scrolling. So with less scroll time the user can view their desired content and save time.   

Essential Addons for Elementor comes with two different elements, one is EA Advanced Accordion and another one is EA Image Accordion. EA Advanced Accordion will help you to showcase the text content, and the EA Image element will display your media files beautifully but concisely on site.

 Essential Addons elementor accordion elements

These two elements of Essential Addons have an advanced facility to present your text or image in a way that saves the site space. The question is how? Like you can insert your long text contents or images in these two individual widgets. These elements will provide you a comprise look for your WordPress site. When visitors click on each text or image content, the other one will collapse automatically with amazing effects.

Another situation is when the information is restricted to very small spaces such as on mobile devices. On small screens, people often stop scrolling before reaching the end of an extremely long page. Because they lose their patience. In such cases, collapsing the information is a better alternative which helps to take minimal space on site. But it has the ability to showcase the long content in one place to facilitate visitors.

Both of these elements, EA Advanced Accordion, and EA Image Accordion comes with a lot of amazing features to visualize your text content and media files precisely on-site with a Free Version

How Elementor Accordion Will Help You To Display Text Content Amazingly

The Elementor accordion can be used to view any type of content of your website. But most of the cases, it used in showing the Query and Answer section of customers, Product-related documentation, highlights the special features and so on. By using EA Advanced Accordion Element, you can easily and quickly display and design your text content.

Suppose you have an e-commerce site, where visitors are frequently asked questions about your product. You can display these descriptive messages through EA Advanced Accordion. Which only shows the specific question title and hides the answer part. If your visitors want to have some particular question answer, they can click specifically and it will visualize the entire answer section. Again, if he moved to another question, it will collapse the other question and answer parts.

In the same way, if you want to display your product special features, you can insert the product feature name in the title and add a description of all the features. For example, you have a software firm, where your specific software consists of some special features to attract your customer attention. Now you can easily provide your product special features title and add a description by EA Advanced Accordion. Your targeted customer can view the specific feature they are looking for, click on that certain one and get benefited.

accordion elements of Essential Addons

This is how you can visualize your long descriptive content creatively with the help of this element. It helps to remove the hassle of your visitors, who search the whole website just to have a piece of particular information. You can save your and your customers valuable time by using this text Accordion element of Essential Addons.   

Let’s jump into the section of how EA Advanced Accordion actually works!

Display Content Beautifully By Essential Addons for Elementor Advanced Accordion

EA Advanced Accordion Content tab will help you to display the text content effectively for your visitors. You will see two sections in the Content tab, one is General Settings and another one is Content Settings. By using General Settings, you can select the type like Accordion or Toggle. After selecting this, you can add a bunch of content just by clicking on the Add Item section of Content Settings.

accordion elements of Essential Addons


Style Your Content By EA Advanced Accordion

In the Style section, you can create a stunning outlook of your text by using EA Advanced Accordion with hover and on-click effects.  

accordion elements of Essential Addons

Eye-catching Representation of Images By EA Image Accordion  

Image Accordion will represent your images in a unique way with an accordion effect. It will give a combined look of your images in one place. But when you click on each image you can see the innovation. EA Image Accordion comes with this above facility. Suppose you have a Photography website, and obviously you have a bunch of images to show on your website. Sometimes it’s not possible to visualize all images differently on-site because of space and arrangement. It will solve this problem beautifully like magic!

You can insert lots of images as per your wish on EA Image Accordion. What it will do, it will adjust all the images in one specific row. After that, if you click on your preferred image to view, it will expand that image with effects and collapse others.

accordion elements of Essential Addons

It comes with two effect hover and on-click effects. First, one is the hovering effect. it will enlarge the image when you put the mouse over on your specific image. The second one is on-click effect. After clicking on the image it will create an expanded look. Also, you can insert title and description for your all individual images with accordion effect. This is how beautifully, it will showcase your desired image on-site using less space and saves the time of your visitors.

accordion elements of Essential Addons

Now, have a look at how creatively Essential Addons Image Accordion organizes images in one place!

Amazingly Organize Multiple Images In One Place

At first, the content tab of EA Image Accordion comes with Image Accordion Settings. Where you can insert all your attractive images by Add Item. You can select effect, give title and description as per your requirement.

Style Your Images By EA Image Accordion

In the Style section, you can individually design your all desired images with special effects and colors.

accordion elements of Essential Addons

Wrapping Up

Advanced Tab is another element of Essential Addons that comes with quite a similar feature like Advanced Elementor Accordion. But it represents the content little differently on the website. It shows content both horizontal and vertical with the effect. It will give an advanced solution to display your information with a different look. 

accordion elements of Essential Addons

EA Advanced Tab works very smoothly. Like when you click on any specific section of the tab, it will collapse all other information and just showcase that particular part in line on site. This reduces the site space more. And, you can easily adjust your big text content in a unique outlook of horizontal view.  

So, what are you waiting for? Try out Essential Addons for Elementor accordion elements, EA Advanced Accordion, EA Image Accordion, and Advanced Tab, which are absolutely Free!

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